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..z Małecką na Trollstigen😉 round trip part 2!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
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Day 6 is a day off in Gothenburg so we mostly sleep and cook pasta. Day 7 is off to Oslo sadly our only show in Norway this time. We get up and leave hostel far too early and end up at the bus station far too early. So Craig busy out the Guitar and keeps us both entertained. He’s working on a cover... sounds good already! I won’t ruin the surprise. We then get on the flix Bus (Yeap they are everywhere now) and arrive an hour late cause the tunnel to Oslo is shut. After quick stop in the hotel it’s off to meet my friend Petter who has sorted the show. Jade Haeverk is lovely place (I played there with slack bird last year) and Petter super nice guy. Quick sound check doing my sound man thang and then it’s off for a curry. The food is lovely but both of us have eyes bigger than our stomachs and over eat. Which makes playing tricky. Craig plays first trying not to bring up his lovely curry despite that he nails it and the audience in oslo love him. I’m next and I play most quieter set as the audience are very respectful and every time I play a louder song worry I’m going to throw up. It goes really well and I do love playing these nice mixed up sets showing different sides of my songs. In the audience tonight was Toby who haven’t seen in ages and a Norwegian couple who lived in Lewisham who where very nice and got me a couple whiskeys. Which in Norway is insanely expensive! After those it’s a fairly early night as our train to Stockholm is at 5.56am! Ouch! #timholehouse #oldseed #norway🇳🇴 #oslo #tourlife #kafehærverk #toomuchcurry

Just bought some zirconia (fake diamond) it's going to be fun incorporating them in future projects

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