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How long will these buildings on Norton Folgate be standing ?
#NortonFolgate #london

Principal Place on Norton Folgate. 50 floors of apartments on the old goods yard, just outside the City boundary.
#NortonFolgate #london

Out of all the things I’ve seen in #London in the past 6 years of living here, @dennissevershouse was definitely one of the most magical. It’s like travelling back into the past. Each room, with its smells, colours, lights, temperature, throws you back into a different era, a different life, a different person’s story. The place is arranged to make you see something different or, as you will read throughout your tour, “You either see it or you don’t.” I was really glad I couldn’t take pictures inside - it stopped me from looking at my phone all the time and helped me focus on my surroundings instead. I really wanted to share this though so here’s a picture of me outside the house and in front of @waterpoetspitalfields as an excuse to talk about it. Taken with @hujicam

Just a very quick sketch of Ianto & Norton in 'Outbreak'. Heck, I still can't draw, but I can have fun trying! (I'm on a @bigfinishprod binge right now 🎧) @mrsamuelbarnett #bigfinish #iantojones #NortonFolgate #torchwood #fanart #drawing #Istillcantdraw #IloveNortonFolgate #ThatSassyGayPoshTotty #samuelbarnett #garethdavidlloyd

Norton Folgate, looking towards the City

#old car next to old building. Around the #NortonFolgate area area in #shoreditch #vscocam #vsco

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