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Adventure awaits. Will you cross?
PC: 📷 @mrdanielhan

Less is definitely More -- #MadeWild -- PC: @ashleyinwanderland of @britttten wearing our Less Is More vintage tank in silver

As we scrambled out of our cozy sleeping bags to soak in the morning light and sip on hot coffee, everything seemed to stand still.
Away from the hustle & bustle, the only sound was the soft rustling of wind through the alpine trees and the distant singing of birds awaking for another glorious day 🙌🏻

Here is something pretty different for me! Let me know what you think! I grabbed this shot up near Sunrise Visitor Center last year around summertime. We had spend the night down by Tipsoo Lake and after waking up in a sea of fog I knew we had to try to get higher. If any of you have driven the road up to Sunrise Visitor Center you know it’s not one that you can “rush” and unfortunately we got to watch the best colors of sunrise from the car as we did our best to prevent getting carsick going around the sharpest corners you can imagine. The colors had faded, but early morning light was just starting to kiss the mountaintops as we arrived at the visitor center. I grabbed my back and started running up the hill to try and get a good vantage point. After what felt like forever and nearly dying I finally reached the top and views like this were in all directions. What an amazing morning!
Shot Info:
Nikon D610 w Nikon 70-300 f/4-5.6
ISO100, 300mm, f/8, 1/1250
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finding snow on the last day of summer, like...

I’ve been sharing more photos and stories over at my other account @mylifeinstories. This account shares more about what I’m learning, inspirational thoughts and more about the people in my life. Follow along and join the journey. I would love to hear from you all! #mylifeinstories photo by @jontaylorsweet

Canoeing into your DMs like 🛶

🎥NEW VIDEO ALERT🎥 super fun video I made with this chick @h_keeves going up Wednesday. Be ready⚡️👣


winter is coming

Just walking looking for the sunrise 🌤

I can't help that I like weird things 👽

a bugs life

24/9/17 | 2:10pm

The seasons have changed, you can feel it in the air 🌬 | @angulife
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You guys, the elephant exhibit at the Oregon zoo should be the standard. It's amazing to see these animals not only have a TON of space, a huge water pool, food and toys but they're able to make their own decisions about what they choose to do throughout their days. I followed this guy into this indoor area where he got some food out of these holes and gave himself a dirt bath. They seem happy and stimulated which make this elephant lover very, very happy. Can't wait to go back and spend more time hanging! #oregonzoo #elephant 🐘

Adjust your altitude 🏔 2/💯 #174flights

Oh how fast trends come and go in a blink of an eye 👀

Each one, teach one.

We took a gamble on whether the "mostly cloudy" forecast meant Rainier would be socked in, or that she would just be wearing an awesome cap cloud. So glad we got up before dawn and headed to the mountains for what turned out to be a perfect fall day.

Highkey missing the falls. Bouta fall into this school year though

hidden gems are well worth gettin sendy on the cliffs

Fresh Sheets - Py.

Having a drone is cool because I get to explore outside in a way that really wasn't accessible when I was a kid. I love ascending and watching the hidden landscape slowly reveal itself.

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