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North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius ♊️ ♐️ 😊 || #northnode #gemini #southnode #sagittarius

I am thankful. Every bit of growth in my life has come from unanswered prayers, closed doors and plans that failed. Here's to the challenges still to come.. may they knock me off my feet, shake me, wake me and propel me towards my life purpose. #northnode #truenode

LOVE giving Astrology readings. Such insight!

Our biggest freedom lies in our passions and obsessions that we are willing to let go of. It is the capacity to embody without attaching. Tricky stuff. 😎🤔😁😮 "Obsessions" - thats a super important part of the astrological chart; it shows the areas of ones chart that are part of our purpose. Its what we are trying to master. Its opposite of the area of natural talents. For me my obsession is being able yo serve in a creative way. (North node on virgo, in 5th house). Do you know your obsessions or north nodes position? #passions #attachment #virgo #northnode

No filter needed, found the end of the old Crawford Creek trail again today and the view made it worth the bushwacking. Got a clearer day today and as you can see in the second pic it allows a view all the way across Lake Dauphin. The 24 Km's return has Lucy snoozing hard. #dauphinparkway #ridingmountainnationalpark #northnode #wehaveviewstoo #trailrunning #hikingadventures

Güney Düğüm Balık Burcunda: Aşk hayatında beklentilerin gerçekleşmemesi, beraber olduğu insana haddinden fazla verilen değer ve hayal kırıklıkları. Zorluklar karşısında geri çekilme ve haklarını koruyamama. Kendinize güvenmeli ve daima planlı hareket etmelisiniz. Aşk ve sevgi konularında ise size verilen değeri düşünerek karşılık vermelisiniz.
Kuzey Düğüm Terazi Burcunda: Dengeli, adil, uyumlu bir yapı. Asil, sevecen ruh haliyle kazanılan saygınlık. Yetenekleri ve azmi sayesinde kazanılan maddi zenginlik.
Güney Düğüm Koç Burcunda: Sabırsız ve aceleci tavırları sonucu karşılaşılabilecek zararlar. Fevri davranışların ilişkide olumsuz etkileri ve bunun sonucunda duyulan derin pişmanlıklar. Ben merkezci davranışlardan uzak durmalı ve finansal konularda sabırsız hareket edilmemeli.
Kuzey Düğüm Akrep Burcunda: Disiplinli, duyarlı ve sezgisel. Sabrı ve zekası sayesinde istenilen hedefe ulaşan; kararlı bir yapı. Kuvvetli ve sağlıklı bir bünye. Risk almaktan hoşlanan, analitik düşünen, zorluklarla baş edebilen bir karakter.
Güney Düğüm Boğa Burcunda: İlişkiler konusunda sabit düşünceden hoşlanmaya bir yapı. İstekleri konusunda ısrarcı ve bencilliğin getirdiği problemler; haksız olduğu konuları kabul edememe ve aşırı inatçı yapının geliştirilmesi; ilişkilerin dengede olmasını ve iş hayatında başarıyı getirir.
Kuzey Düğüm Yay Burcunda: Sezgisel ruhsal olarak fazlasıyla gelişmiş olayların arkasında yatan gerçekleri görebilen; ailenin kutsallığına inanan ve değer veren bir kişilik. Hedefleri için mücadele eden mutlu ve huzurlu bir yapı.
Güney Düğüm İkizler Burcunda: Çevresindeki insanların kıskançlıkları yüzünden yaşanan sıkıntılar ve engelleyici durumlar. İnsanların etkisinde kalarak verilen yanlış kararlar. Kişi kendi sezgilerine hissettiklerine güvenmeli ve kendi inandığı doğrultuda ilerlemeli. #bilgiicin05432061959 #bilgiicin02125833275 #astroloji #astrology #northnode


No filter needed, found the end of the old Crawford Creek trail again today and the view made it worth the bushwacking. Got a clearer day today and as you can see in the second pic it allows a view all the way across Lake Dauphin. The 24 Km's return has Lucy snoozing hard. #dauphinparkway #ridingmountainnationalpark #northnode #wehaveviewstoo #trailrunning #hikingadventures

1)super into this lunacy candle by @burkehareco 🕯2) I focus a lot on the Moon in my astrology practice. The Moon often symbolizes emotion & intuition (the way it's expressed varies depending on your moon sign) Luna is a prefix for lunacy. Being highly emotive is often feminized and/or stigmatized. People who identify strongly with their emotions such as artists, intuitives, caretakers, those who provide emotional labor, etc can be misunderstood or undervalued in society. It's important to remember that everyone has a moon sign, regardless of gender, and attention to this part of your chart can help you to identify & express your nurturing style and emotional needs in ways that are authentic to you 🌒🌓🌕🌗🌘

Bad timing.
I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times. I’ve said this phrase a hundred times. You meet the perfect guy but he’s just broke up with his girlfriend & not ready to start something new. You find a job you absolutely love but you’ve just started elsewhere. The girl you always thought you’d marry pops back into your life but you’re married with kids. You’ve just started a new job & discovered you’re pregnant.
So many times we describe these situations as “bad timing”. As if the perfect version of our life eludes us, beyond our control. It’s not that it’s bad timing for the universe, it’s bad timing for how we've envisioned our lives.
Here’s the thing - the Nodes of destiny (North Node in your chart) move backwards through the signs. That means we act moving forward, but we understand the reason for everything as we look back on it. When the Node completes its journey through a sign, it arrives at the beginning of that sign. So yes, something may seem like “bad timing” to you, but that’s only because you haven’t seen the whole film yet.
The idea that we have missed an opportunity can keep us focusing on it, daydreaming over it, & unsatisfied with what we have. This is highly dangerous because it keeps up focused on the illusion instead of nurturing the reality. The idea of bad timing leaves us always wondering “what if?”. Nothing is more infectious than a festering, unfilled desire.
Imagine that everything in your life happens to you exactly as it was supposed it, when it was supposed to. Trust in the process. Believe that the story will be revealed to you in time and all will be clear when it is meant to. Hindsight truly is 20/20.✴️
Session info 👉🏼🔗 in bio.
#tarot #astrology #northnode #nodesofdestiny #evolution #spirituality #kierkegaard #growth #expansion #lifecoach #hindsight

This day's Sun rise on the Equinox at 1:02 pm EST ~Jupiter in Libra Sun going into Scorpio; and Leo beings destiny amplified, Venus ( #regulus") and Mars of our divine feminine and masculine energy calls us to commit to intimacy #scorpioseason. The New Moon in Virgo that past on 9.20 had energy split and abruptly move so much away from us so NOW we can recreate our partnerships on next level because of our dedicated self journey progress. However, If you continue to choose lower #vibrational #relationships, then you are fully #responsibility of not #creating your #destiny. #Solidarity is tuning IN to no longer have poverty or fear Consciousness. 🌎🌿🌊🔥
#nomorejealously #nomorepossession #behappyforotherstosucceed #limitlessmastery #abundantlifeforall
#jupitersaturnsquarepluto #northnode
#truthilluminated #facerealityofpresentexperiences.
#soulunion #soulcontracts
#matrixhologram #createwhatyouwant

Life is in a continuous state of renewal. Moment to moment, we are in a brand new state of being along the immense and mysterious unfolding our soul's #evolution. With #EvolutionaryAstrology, we have a profound lens into this incredible journey our souls have embarked upon. Join me at #NewRenBooks in #PDX to explore this realm of the soul through the #archetypal and #planetary landscape of #astrology.
✨ Readings today, 9/21 from 10:30-3:30
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The amount of self-defeating that comes with astrology and people looking into it is certainly one of my most major pet peeves. The amount of times that it's mentioned on forums that someone has "difficult placements", a "difficult chart", a "difficult transit" etc. is through the roof. I can't have Love because... I can't have X because... I'll never... It is one thing: immensely disempowering!
None of it contributes to any type of solution.
I feel placements are often used as an excuse. And it's also not true since you can use astrology as a tool to get insight into gifts, talents, create understanding, point out the pitfalls and opportunity & solutions that are ALWAYS THERE. And then use that information to your advantage.
In general in life (and in astrology) one can easily stare at all considered bad and choose (it's a choice) to not acknowledge what is actually working and blame it on the chart instead of stepping up and healing whatever it is you bumps into.
Life can be created in a way that is suiting to you. The own, inner power is always present & can be called in at any given time. Even if there was no awareness of that before and you are just learning that things do not happen to you, but you play a part in it and can choose and even take control of where you are headed.
Same with astrological information. What to do with it, is totally up to each individual. You can sit and complain about a "bad" chart/placement or you can look at the opportunity of the chart and get up and start addressing what's bothering you, heal it and create new outcomes for yourself.
You can have love, the house in the sun, soul-based living and whatever you personally desire. You have to be willing to do the work though and willing to step up for yourself.
You can book astrology-sessions with me starting from $69 or go for the Astrology Roadmap package in which we dive in deep about purpose, direction and how to utilise your gifts. Blessed day - xx

first #newmoon since the #greatamericaneclipse #moon in #virgo with a #grandcross moon squares #gemini Gemini squares Chiron in #pisces Chiron squares #blackmoonlilith and #saturn which square the new moon in virgo and a #starofdavid Gemini Saturn #southnode #northnode Uranus #sagittarius all following a #yod pointing to #chiron from the day before #jupiter opposes #uranus #sun quincuxes uranus sun opposite Chiron #regulus heart of #leo moon sextile #ceres

What is your North Node (karmic direction) my North Node is in Capricorn!!!!! #northnode #capricorn

SONG: Anything We Want
ARTIST: Fiona Apple
ALBUM: The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do

#virgoseason #venus #leo #conjunct #truenode #northnode #fionaapple #astro #astrology #horoscope #zodiac

Just a reminder for those with #NorthNode in #Leo and #southnode #aquarius and the #solareclipse (Full video at youtube.com/paradoxreport) that we just had and what the #focus is for us and how we can utilize this #energy. #previouslyrecorded on #facebook

SEE FULL VIDEO "Who Great Mother Is" ON YOUTUBE Great Mother Speaks Oracle Deck inventor, life coach and soul, Tammy Taylor aka "Manifestation Muse" channels the mystery and mythos of Yin innerGYS for those of us who are highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive.

WE TALK TABOO: Mama Drama Trauma, Daddy Drama Trauma; the blessings and responsibilities of being Gods and Goddesses made in the image of Great Mother Father God.

KNOW YOUR MOON SIGN: These are moon sign readings. To find your moon sign, Google "birth chart calculator" or use this one https://alabe.com/freechart/ If you live by intuitive guidance, or are soul aligned, Google "Vedic birth chart calculator", or simply subtract 24 degrees from your western moon sign.

KNOW YOUR NODES: Jot your north and south (rahu & ketu in vedic) signs down from your natal chart to understand Great Mother's specific messages for you.
#northnode #southnode #moonsign #greatmotherspeaks #sensitives #intuitives #empaths

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