On this snowy day, thinking about summer fun.
#vanlife #overlanding #maine #northmainewoods #binginME

On a roll finishing up pieces that have been unfinished. This was a cabin on a lake in Baxter State Park, northern Maine. But it seemed kind of universal to me. 20x20 oil on canvas. #landscapepainting #northmainewoods

Even the snowshoe hares were caught off guard by the snow...they are still brown!!!🌲🐰❄️#mainethewaylifeshouldbe #maine #vacationland #northmainewoods #snowshoehare

Winter has set in! Almost 2 feet of snow north of Moosehead Lake❄️❄️#mainethewaylifeshouldbe #vacationland #maine #northmainewoods

A sneak peak at an article which will appear every month in Boot Life Magazine called, “ Memoirs of the Allagash”
written by Lois O'Leary. These heartfelt stories will take you back in time and kindle your own amazing memories of time spent outdoors with family and friends!! "As much as it appeared that my father loved me with the same amount of love he had for my five brothers, when it came to going places with him, unless Mom was going, I stayed home. I did not only note this as a young girl but it became an obstacle that I fully intended to overcome.
October rolled around, which in our world meant bird season. The rifles, boxes of shells, and winter jackets were brought out for the early mornings when my somewhat normal brothers turned into, in their minds, Davy Crocket, but in my mind they appeared more like Elmer Fudd. It was some kind of male bonding between my brothers and father that I had had enough of, and with the determination of Susan B. Anthony, decided to join in the male ritual of stocking and shooting partridge." Read this amazing story in full with a subscription of Boot Life Magazine at www.bootlifemagazine.com #bootlifemagazine

Can’t beat Northern Maine, no deer but memories that will last a lifetime #northmainewoods

1’ of snow here at Umcolcus Sporting Camps, deer hunting is heating up , contact us and come up and hunt 2 weeks left www.umcolcus.com #northmainewoods #deerhunting #remington #johnsonwoolenmills #garmin #remingtoncorelokt

Throwback to 160 miles of dirt in the North Maine Woods. No service, 3 forms of navigation and some wrong turns 😲

Winter is officially upon us here in the North woods of Maine! ❄ And we still have a long to-do list... just keep smiling, just keep smiling!

Is it January or November? 12” of snow yesterday and another storm on Friday! #mainethewaylifeshouldbe #northmainewoods #maine

Even the River otters are freaking out over the snowy cold weather! #mainethewaylifeshouldbe #riverotters #northmainewoods

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