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[ 2017 • 037 ] Serious #TunnelVision at #NorthernSpark. #🌪

Great shot of our train designed by local artist Andrea Carlson in partnership with @northernlights.mn #northernspark.

Last night, Tiedra, a random man who Velcro-ed himself to her, and I went through a climate demo where we choose the more sustainable path to walk in the tunnel. 🌿 I am working on this but eating plant based food and not supporting fast fashion (retail cheap clothes). Thus far I've successful with fast fashion since January, and have picked up really cool ideas on reseating basics in different ways, and customizing clothes. Up next is zero waste, stay tuned ✊✊✊ #northernspark

Join us amidst the art and the people tonight at @northernlights.mn's #NorthernSpark. New this year- we've got a Fulton beer garden off the corner of 4th & Portland on The Commons. But grab those cold ones quick, we're only open 9-12.

I had a blast volunteering from start to finish at #collectiveaction at Northern Spark! It was so much fun playing with everyone for 8 hours straight! (Things kinda died down after some time) my legs and arms hurt to move but it was all so worth it!! Thank you to anyone who joined and thanks to Ben, Sara, and Tyler for all their hard work making it! It was a fantastic night overall. 🌬💦☀️🌊
@northernlights.mn @bmoren @saradellefowler @tstefanich #northernspark #northernspark2017

What are best friends for? Spontaneous trips to @northernlights.mn all night art festival, that's what. @melissa_peirson I'm thinking we need to make this a tradition. #round2 #northernspark

Here's a bunch of sad kids because it's these trees going away party. #Goodbyebiome ▪️
#Goodbyebiome #northernspark #climatechangeisreal #calmthechaos #UNEsummer17

↪️repost from @linseyschad on instagram, such a gorgeous photo of tony the scribe + ananya dance theater #NorthernSpark project Just Breathe. We are still feeling the tingles from the night--are you??

Throwing it back to #NorthernSpark


Northern Spark with a friend I hadn't seen in years and kept falling into by chance day after day.

Mornings are cold here in Perth but the sun is still shining for your solar panels... #northersparksolar #northernspark #perthsolar #sunshine #perthwinter

[ 2017 • 037 ] Serious #TunnelVision at #NorthernSpark. #🌪

[ 2017 • 036 ] In my last post I shared my recent experience at #NorthernSpark and how amazing it was to see the Twin Cities educate on the effects of #climatechange. It was 4am by the time we dragged ourselves home, blurry-eyed from our adventures.

The Soap Factory co-presented #NorthernSpark project Alien Technology II by Monira Al Qadiri, alongside Mizna, and now it currently lives in its new home right outside of the gallery! Stop by the Soap Factory this summer to get a closer look at this incredible sculpture. @mizna_arabart @thesoapfactory

Two of the #iamawaterprotector Murals painted at #northernspark at the Indigenous Roots Cultural Center for The For Directions summer solstice celebration. Looking to be touched up and installed on their permanent walls soon! @indigeroots @gretamclain @candida612 #goodspacemurals #communityart #summersolstice

We have some amazing photos from Northern Spark already on our Flickr! More to come soon. Go take a look and experience the magic of the night all over again ✨
Photo by Bobby Rogers @bobbyrogers_ #NorthernSpark 2017

My mantra for #clementine is grow grow grow! This letterpress GROW from #northernspark fits perfectly with the picture that hangs where her food and water bowls are. Thank you, #proofpublic @fontlove

Throwing it back to #NorthernSpark

Perth is finally experiencing that gloomy winter weather today, with all that rain Northern Spark are keeping off the roof. Stay dry wherever you're working today & we'll be back out there tomorrow for another solar install #perthsolar #perthwinter #rainydays #workingonaroof #northernspark #northersparksolar

Xicinctli y Tita. #northernspark

@arecaroe I managed to take this photo during Nothern Spark and send it to a friend without knowing it. I think it's hilarious 🎉 #northernspark2017 #northernspark #goodbyebiome #knowaforest #environmentalart #arecaroe #minnesotaart #globalwarming #happyaccident

We were so lucky to have photographers from the Minnstameet instagrammer group join #NorthernSpark and capture some of the energy of the festival! This shot is taken by Kim Depablo (@kimdepablo), of Un:heard Resonance at the Weisman Museum @minnstameets

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