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Snow came early this year in the mountains and I had an amazing weekend trying to find some scenes to really take advantage of the great conditions. Rain is expected in most forecasts so it looks like the fresh snow will likely be gone soon. The weekend started in the Mt Baker area where we enjoyed a peaceful sunset and freezing sunrise. We then headed to Mt Rainier for a sunset at Tipsoo lake along with a crazy 3+ hour pre-sunrise snowshoe hike up the Tatoosh. After making our way back down we headed off to the North Cascades to try and find some Larch trees and were quite successful!
My favorite spot was Blue Lake which is pictured here. The early snow created a perfect combo of Fall and Winter helping the Larch trees really pop. We had the entire lake to ourselves for this sunset outing and it couldn’t have been better! I can’t recommend hiking Blue Lake in the North Cascades enough if you are nearby. The Larch trees are starting to fade, but they should hang around for another week or so! The last half mile of the hike takes you through endless golden Larch trees which look even better in the late afternoon light. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Shot Info:
Nikon D610 w Nikon 16-35 f/4
ISO320, 25mm, f/14, 1/30s (higher ISO than normal because I was running around taking most photos handheld)
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stormy diablo lake. north cascades. washington. It’s the stormy days where you wait hours for the storm to clear, that move me the most.

Happy #TOT and a big grin from Fitzroy - smiling because we found the perfect fall hike with snow for dogs and sunshine and views for Mom = Score! 👍🏻🍁❄️👌🏻 ***********************************
Many thanks to @mountainsmith for featuring Miss River Queen of Drool - that girl needs more attention (she sez) 😂

The crazier the idea, the quicker my response to say 'yes' is.
Should we get up at 4:30am to go for a day adventure = yes
Should we drive a total of 9 hours in one day to hike = yes
Should we spend 19 hours together, full of giggles and silliness = yes *If you've got a wild adventure idea, I'm all in and I can say this beautiful human is too @lanajankovic

And it begins ☃️
A 5,000 mile long "atmospheric river" is about to drop up to 15 FEET of snow on Mt Baker in Washington over the next week. Hello winter 🙋🏼
📸: @snowbrains @nasa

Forest through the trees - North Cascades National Park
Photo by: @alexspaeth
Visit his feed for more amazing shots.👌
Tag your favorite National Park photos with #mappinners to be featured!
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While I watched this sunset last week in the North Cascades, I was borderline giddy as fluorescent hues morphed the sky around me, lighting up peaks and snowfields in fiery pinks and oranges. But a few moments later, on our descent from the pass in the dark, we came across a party of climbers wearily returning from a nearby peak, who had left the body of one of the group's climbing partner up on the mountain--he'd passed away earlier that day after a fall on a mild scramble. It was an incredibly sobering experience that stuck with us as we finished our hike out and for the days that followed. I spent a lot of time thinking about how, at the same time that I was experiencing the utter peak of joy that comes from time spent in the mountains, just a mile away in an adjacent valley someone was experiencing the deepest depth of tragedy that same landscape can bring about. Why do we feel so alive in a place that harbors such a potential for death? Why is it that the most vivid and joyful times in our lives occur when we're walking that knife edge (literally and figuratively)? These are mostly just rhetorical questions that have been simmering in the back of my mind since that encounter, but it's served as a reminder to me to treat my time in the wilderness with the gravity that it deserves, both for its capacity to give life and to take it away.
Glacier Peak from Maple Pass; October 2017

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Larch madness is real 🍂

the plants are very psychic, but they can express it only by silence and beauty

These past two weekends in the mountains have fully satiated my appetite for Autumn. The larches were great, but now it’s time for Winter. Let it Snow! ❄️❄️⛷❄️❄️
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Can’t help myself... more from Gothic Basin. Too pretty not to share. .
#northcascades #mountainloophighway

Another day off with an awesome forecast last Sunday which meant it was time for another road trip! Headed to North Cascades National Park 🌲such an amazing place. Need to spend more time here and I know who to call next time!! @skagitguidedadventures

After this past weekend, I understand #larchmadness 💛💛💛

Making the most of the last warm days before the rainy season really begins!

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 | 35mm f/2 | Custom Portra 400 Preset

One hundred larches on the Liberty Bells. Autumn in the North Cascades does not suck.

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir
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24 hour countdown until we change up our normal PNW scenery and head to Europe 😋 Toodleloo mountains, hello castles & countryside.

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