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#ToDrawIsToSee inspired by the great #NormSchureman #PencilCase

Today is a goodbye party for one of Norm's boys leaving for college. Ive known these two kids since they were toddlers when their dad was bringing them to the classroom. After his passing, I've tried to be a part of their lives as best I could. Im sure they will be fine. #normschureman


#ToDrawIsToSee inspired by the great #NormSchureman #PencilCase

Stopped by the grave site for my mentor and friend #Normschureman with his wife and boys, been 7 years and time moves too fast. I always like to drop off a pen and have a beer~ cheers

Shirt of the day~ My bro Kurtis runs his own brand @marrowcalifornia got this awesome shirt with a cool lil van on the pocket. His tribute to his uncle and my teacher Norm. #shirtcollector #normschureman

Insect studies I drew for Norm Schureman's "Dynamic Sketching" class at @artcenteredu . Norman Schureman was one of the best teachers I've ever had. His curiosity and excitement about drawing and what drawing can do for people was contagious. "To draw is to see" he would say. Needless to say... he is missed. #drawing #observation #study #insects #dynamicsketching #accd #normschureman #drawingisseeing #pasadena #california #miami #wynwood #art #reiniergamboa

Regardless of all the craziness of this year and the irony of this holiday. Im glad to be able to surround myself with the people that bring so much positivity in my world. This is Bob and Mary, they are such open minded people and the parents of my mentor Norm. To be assimilated into this family is more then I could have asked for. Cheers to family. #normschureman

This drawing I did in 2003. I remember doing this one in class when I took visual communication 4 in the product dept with my mentor Norm, not realizing that class was a sponsered class by Acura, and I had to try designing and rebranding a major car brand that I had never had experience of as a student. I did this in class early in the term during lectures lol. Man that was a looong time ago....#normschureman #artcenter

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