🍂 Look at that yellow/orange spot on the leaf and the brown line that runs through it. I believe that is one of the larger veins on the leaf that has been destroyed by the fungus/bacteria that has diseased this leaf. Because of that, the flow through the vein (water+minerals) looks to be altered, and the surrounding area of said vein is a paler green than the rest of the leaf. Not only that, but the corresponding edge of the leaf to the vein has shrunk to create a hollow, whereas the other side is round. It's the little things that I don't notice in real time, it's not until I sit down to edit where I realize that even this rather mundane leaf carries its own little story. 🍂 #normansandboa

I haven't posted in over a week! I ran out of pictures of Norman, and the weather wasnt quite nice enough this whole week for me to take him out. Today was hot, around 28°c (82f) so I took all my African species out to get some shots in the woods. I am not going to risk a respiratory infection by taking my snakes out in weather that is cooler than their cool spot in their enclosures, even if for only a few minutes. Often that is what can cause delays in my photo posting when I am doing outdoor photos (that, and them being in shed). One thing that is super annoying with taking outdoor photos are the mosquitoes. I don't use bug spray when handling the snakes AT ALL due to the toxicity. Which means I end up wearing thick sweaters and pants in hot temps when taking photos of the snakes outside to protect as much as I can from mosquitoes. Although they still bite my fingers, hands and face and can usually go through my pants lol. Y'all pray that I don't get West Nile or something bc I'm half mosquito bites 😂. Luckily they have never even landed on my snakes, I think they prefer a soft skinned warm blooded creature like me. #normansandboa

Norman ❤, this was actually a picture from last summer but he's been in shed and it has not been warm enough to take him out now that he's out of shed. Not only that, but I am not going to handle him until likely Friday due to him eating last night (I like to give my snakes 48 hours after eating before I handle them). #normansandboa

Love those sand boa googly eyes 👀 ❤. He looks so tiny in this photo! #normansandboa

Norman is back! It's been a month and a bit since I posted him but he will be regularly posted again ❤ I love this little monkey. The second picture was just an interesting filter effect #normansandboa

Taking Norman to the vet tomorrow. I'm concerned that he hasn't been gaining much weight despite eating and have concerns about a respiratory infection. A couple weeks ago he started clicking and popping occasionally but only if I picked him up. Since he was in early early shed I didn't want to stress him out with a vet trip, plus I wanted to be sure it wasn't because he was going into shed (I don't know if that was the right choice or not!!). Well, he shed and for about 5 days I didn't hear any clicking or popping. I even checked the inside of his mouth a day after he shed and there were no bubbles. Well, this past weekend he started clicking and popping again and displayed some minor bubbles when I checked his mouth. So I booked him in once the exotic vet opened on Monday and the earliest I could do was tomorrow. Wish the little guy luck. Now I'm concerned that the last picture of Norman wasn't a yawn but was mouth breathing since his head was dangled down and although it looked like a yawn (it was short and looked like a big stretch) I'm not sure. I took it probably day 3-4 after his shed when I thought he was okay. Anyways, hopefully everything can get sorted out for the little guy and I can find out if it was something I did wrong in his husbandry. RI's are usually due to husbandry problems and my best guess would be humidity problems as I probably make it a bit too humid during shedding to compensate for how dry it is here. Last month's shed I noticed that there was a bit of mold. Replaced all his bedding and disinfected but I don't know how many hours he was exposed to the spores. He did eat the other night for me, along with hasn't displayed any symptoms other than the ones I have mentioned. #normansandboa

My face when I captured a yawn on camera for the first time 😮!
I have seen my snakes yawn like...twice? Never Norman or any of my KSB's. So I am excited to have captured this photo of #normansandboa

I accidentally posted Saoirse the other day instead of Norman so my algorithm is kinda messed up 😭. Usually I have a pattern of who I post so there is not only an equal amount of each snake, but also so you don't see the same species back to back #normansandboa

Little chick 🐣 #normansandboa
I originally planned a more exciting Easter photoshoot today but have been out of sorts today so unfortunately that won't be the case. Still, will post a couple more Easter shots of my snakes 🐰

Norman 😻 Gotta love those cat eyes #normansandboa

A charmingly coral color pallete 🐚 #normansandboa

Using "Breezy" from #acolorstoryblush pack ❤ @acolorstory

🌼lavender boy🌼
One day I need to take a picture of my three Kenyan's together. Since Kenyan Sand Boas aren't known to be cannibals (or at least not that I have heard of...some keep them communally although that doesn't interest me whatsoever) I would feel comfortable taking pictures with them together. Nonetheless they will be supervised. Definitely wouldn't do it with my other snakes, especially my kingsnake 😂 #normansandboa

Norman & the stone elephant 🐘 #normansandboa

For this #macromonday , I zoomed out a bit more than usual! Don't forget to swipe to get a closer view of this picture ⬅
For Norman's size reference, his eye is 2mm and the size of his head that's in this shot is 1.5cm. Tiny little #normansandboa

The poll for next month's theme is up! Please vote, you can choose what color theme you want to see for March. Nonetheless, I promise to create interesting photos no matter what theme wins. Hope everyone enjoyed this month's "Warm&Cozy" theme. #normansandboa

Norman, who is currently in shed again (yay my boy is finally growing again). It feels like one of my snakes is always outgrowing their skin 😜 #normansandboa

I like your rice vermicelli tongue, Normie-worm 🍜 #normansandboa

The petite Normie-worm 🐛 #normansandboa

EDIT: he ate for me tonight 😂.
My lil guy. He has been my troublesome one lately. I'm trying again tonight, but he has been the only one of my snakes who is rejecting food (other than Raku for a hot minute but that was a while ago). Tried everything! It's been about 2 weeks, so not the worst food strike. But still, he has hardly gained any grams the past couple months. Worried about him a bit, if I get him eating good and he still isn't gaining much weight I'm going to take him to the vet. He used to eat great, but ever since he has turned a year old, he hasn't. Luckily he isn't getting skinny, and has remained hydrated. If anyone has any tips, I have tried the usual things to try to get him to eat. I'm trying to avoid live at all costs. Tried both rat and mice and it's the same. Also tried braining. #normansandboa

I finally cut my hair today after 3-4 years of growing it out. Measured it, and I have 17" to donate! Anyways, I was excited to post this picture. My #normansandboa and a bunch of seashells, fossils, old pottery, and some sea glass

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