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Having a coffee early this morning and out of the blue my mom sends me this picture by Norman Rockwell. First, it reminded me of what an incredible artist he was. Secondly, it reminded me of when I was young and my parents bought me books and pictures by all of these amazing artists. It inspired and fed my artistic passion and compassion immensely at a young age. It made me want to create. We must continue to have art in our lives. Maybe that's part of the fountain of youth? #normanrockwell #art #passion #creativity

This charming calendar from 1961 (my birth year, yes I'm old!) arrived from a very dear IG friend! Filled with stunning Norman Rockwell prints for each season. I'm planning on framing them! Thanks Mary! @itfollowedmehome_vintage #normanrockwell #vintagecalendar #winter #skiers #igfriendsarethebest

#FreshOffTheBoat fans! Here's our Season 3 poster, inspired by #NormanRockwell's "Going and Coming". Join our #Premiere on Oct 11 (Tue) 9|8c.

What is your favorite #NormanRockwell painting?

I'd like to get a print of this for the Star Wars room. #starwars #normanrockwell #mashup


Assignment: pick a painting and recreate it live. Tarea: escoger una pintura y recrearla en vivo. This is the painting my group and I chose. Esta es la pintura que mi grupo y yo escogimos #normanrockwell #johnsolis #art #painting #losangelesfilmschool @johnsolisactor @victoralfredo

Well tried to get my entire #tie #necktie #necktieknot in the picture. The tie is a #normanrockwell Have a great day. #tiepin #tieclip #businessattire #dapper


Saw this and I had to copy it! I love #normanrockwell 👌🎀 #mood took more then 3 days....Not sure if it's done. Color doesn't quite match up. Working on that.

누가 이 귀여운 아이 좀 그려주세요 플리즈😢 #그림 #낙서 #노먼록웰 #drawing #normanrockwell #doodle

Setting up for my "Illustration Flashcards" for History of Illustration ft. Howard Pyle, Jessie Willcox Smith, Francisco Goya, Thomas Nast, Frederic Remington, Violet Oakley, Winsor McCay, Charles Dana Gibson, Norman Rockwell, and Rose O'Neill ✏

#tbt Wow found this in the archives! Several years ago I sketched this. Never imagined it would be the beginning of a series that would give me more exposure than ever before in my career. Never imagined it would lead to the blessing of being able to sell and share my work with people all over the world. Then MTVnews.com wrote an article, so did yahoo Canada and others too, and I thought "what is going on, why me? I'm not that good." The exposure and recognition helped me get into my first big comic con show. And when one of the biggest animation studios in the world approached me at an expo I remember feeling less concerned about how I depict these characters lol. Now a couple years later I look at this sketch and it reminds me not only to make good art. But to make things you enjoy without overthinking it and wondering what will come of it. Draw and paint like a child in the sense that you just wanna make COOL SHIT! Forget the rest. Stay passionate and true to yourself my friends. Thank you to EVERYONE who's shown me love and #embracethemadness .
#themaddhattr #followyourheart #followyourdreams #dowhatyoulove #blessed #normanrockwell #pinup #inkedup #inspired

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