I’ve finally posted a new video and I’m really excited about this one! The link is in my bio! 🧡

Hello details, we’ve been paying attention to you! 😉 Ladies, we know you’re all about the details, but we also know that you’re total bosses and probably don’t have the time to fuss over every single one! We’ve got you! We have already poured over every detail in every design package we have - let us show you how easy it can be! Come to a Wednesday tour!

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It’s not every night you find a conga line in #PBRNorfolk! It’s shaping up to be an interesting night! You coming? #norfolkva #cowbowbar #goodtimes

The first picture is the day I met Reema and the second picture is the last day I got to spend with her in Norfolk. Reema was the first friend I made in Norfolk and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her constant presence over the past two years. She is one of the best things to ever happen to me. I’ve never felt a more instant connection with someone and from the day I met her I knew I’d love her for a really long time. Reema is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met and came into my life when I most needed her and has been a blessing since the day we met. Reema is funny, kind, intelligent, beautiful inside and out and what I will always think of when I think of what made Norfolk a home. I could write paragraphs and pages about how great @ramin215 is and how much value she adds to everyone’s lives but I think most of us already know how special our little mouse is. #norfolkva #firstfriend #illinois #newyork #newyorkcity #byejigisha

As concerts ought to be: free, outdoors, the sun setting, boats sailing by, and void of all negative emotion
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Hi, my name is Cori and houseplants are life. I love repotting and growing and finding which ways my babies enjoy the light. This sign made my day. #tbt @seldenmarket @colorfleurva #pottedplants #housepets #plantlife #growandglow #norfolkva #seldonmarket #shopsmall

October, I see you & I’m here for you. all of you. 💀🍂🎃

Will we see you tomorrow at @oconnorbrewing for @_nomarama_ Munchie Market?! We can’t wait to end the week with this awesome event! 4pm- midnight! #hrva #hrvahomes

I’ve also been practicing taking photos of things that aren’t people. I am excited to start working on more landscape work, but for now here’s a friendly bee I found today

Pink dreams 💕

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Let your living room's architecture determine where to add a splash of pale pink blush color. Sometimes a little goes a long way!
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