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@faithboundsa is so grateful for the opportunity to be chosen as one of the nonprofits to wrap gifts during the holiday season @nordstromlacantera
We will be wrapping our hearts away again Friday Nov 30th & Saturday Dec 1st from 12pm-4pm. Thank you and many blessings. Bring your gifts #nordstromlacantera #wrappingforcharity #satx #lacanteramall #lacantera #donate #wrappingforacause #helpingthehomeless #faithboundstreetministry #lovelocal #christmascheer #christmasgiving

I always have to take pictures with my work family during these rec meetings. I have no clue what I would do without them #nordstromlacantera #workfam #theykeepmesane

Words cannot express how thankful I was on Saturday for our entire store showing support in honor of breast cancer awareness day. La Cantera truly has the biggest heart, and has shown me that you are never alone, especially when you are trying to do something good. I love all my trailblazers for showing mad love and support. Thank y’all!! #onsaturdayswewearpink🎀 #nordstromlacantera #lacanteracomeback #nordstrom #breastcancerawareness

Henna Brows!
I tailor every Henna service to your Brow preferences and your natural shape. Your Brows will look filled in for 5-7 days.. .
📆Book an appointment with the BOOK button on my IG Profile
🎅🏽My books are open through January 1st. Schedule your Holiday appointment ahead of time to secure your spot!

We’re thrilled to be @nordstromlacantera Saturday 10/20 from 12-4pm! We’ll be debuting our boutique gift options for the holidays. Stop by, show us some love, and enjoy a gorgeous shopping experience! .
#nordstrom #nordstromlacantera #shopatlacantera #eilan #sanantonio #satx #shoplocal #foodie #foodies #gourmet #allnatural #popcorn #VivaPopcorn

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did! Welcome to The Nordy Club! 🥂 Ask any salesperson about our revamped loyalty program. #nordyclub #nordstrom #nordstromlacantera #cheers

Can’t even explain how much I love my job 💕 #dreamcareer

Henna Brow Tint will be great for you if you have sparse areas in your Brows that you would like to fill in. It will fill in the gaps and make your Brows look nice and full for up to 7 days!

“Have you heard about our Fall Made-to-Measure Wardrobe Event going on October 5th through the 28th?! Get our newest suit, sport coat, trouser, and dress shirt fabrics hand tailored to your measurements up 15% off regular pricing! Come to our Men’s Clothing Department on level 1 to see what it’s all about!” #mtm #madetomeasure #mensfashion #men #nordstrom #nordstromlacantera

I’m ready to lift lots of lashes tomorrow!

You know I had to take pics with my work babies. We are only missing a few people (they know who they are) but here are some with my work family #idontknowhowtheyputupwithme #workfamily #midyearmeeting #nordstrom #nordstromlacantera

Cut down your morning routine with Brow Henna! Here’s a peak at the application process. #peaceoutbrowpowder

Bombshell Henna Brows! After your Brows are waxed the Henna sits on the skin for 15-20 min. Meanwhile you get to relax while wearing some hydrating under-eye gels! 💥

And even when I’m exhausted I’m always reminded that a friendly face is all you need. #chocolategirls #blackgirlmagic #nordstromlacantera #curlyhairdontcare #mac #lancome

Im probably going to be posting pics for the next few days but the team at Nordstrom La Cantera constantly amazes me with their talent!! All of our looks yesterday were inspired by trends for fall (mine was pastel play and 80s haze). I normally ask for opinions here or there when it comes to my overall look but yesterday the team took over completely and did their thing. Big shout out to @itsconnorobrien for my hair, @gemineyes from Mac for my makeup @sesame_plexer for my outfit (and everyone else’s outfit too. Girl y’all did your thing)!! And the cosmetics team is just amazing! To pull off a show like this is everything!! Go check them out for the last day of triple points! #nordstrom #nordstromlacantera #mac #blackgirlmagic #dvf

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