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Comparison between my most recent edit and my first Noragami edit

alien sisters ?
「we made it to 500!! Tysm!
happy one year on this account uwu
(my audio)

Clip from the J-Pop Battles at SacAnime! It's been weeks yet I still haven't shared it yet, lol.

I'm so happy we were able to perform Yoi Yoi Kokon-- one of my favorite dances thus far. I'm also happy we were able to do it in Noragami cosplay! I think our parts fit surprisingly well, considering how we're paired most of the time, haha.
The music turned out to be a pitch lower than we expected, but luckily nothing that threw us off haha.

More clips to come!

Yato - @shiragin_
Yukine - @emilytsoup
Kazuma - @frisqiii
Bishamonten - ✨ 📹: 24hrKpop

dt @eliteanimeedits for being the best 😤

Anime/Manga: Noragami
Alias: Yato
Real name: Yaboku
#yaboku #yabokugod #noragami #noragamiaragoto #anime #animeboy #manga #mangaboy #yato #yatogod

it's not the 20th yet but happy birthday ten ❤️congrats on turning eleven! @kuroshii__ (this is v simple and dark srRY)


Yukine is one of my favourite cosplays, first because the wool hat was the first one I've ever knitted myself and second because I can look grumpy and it's fine 😂
Photo: @bluebloodphotography

Notice!: I'm on a trip in Rome from September 20 - September 25.(The announcement is a bit late, I know I know. But I thought I'd let you know anyway)

#yukinecosplay #yukine #noragami #noragamicosplay #noragamiaragoto #noragamiaragotocosplay

The final was really bad I’ll post it tomorrow
-#watchmeedit #noragamiaragoto #norgamiamv #noragamiedit #noragamiaragotospoilers

I can honestly say that this was my favorite thing I saw at Anime Midwest. It was so cute & just so pure & shows how little things like cosplay can really bring people together. I love it, & i love all of you & I'm so thankful to be a part of this community. ❤️❤️❤️#Yato #anime #yatocosplay #yatocosplayer #yatogami #yatogod #animecosplay #animecosplayer #noragami #noragamiaragoto #noragamicosplay #noragamicosplayer #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #yatoandyukine #yatoandhiyori #cute #animemidwest2017 #animemidwest #noragamiaragotocosplayer #noragamiaragotocosplay

If this spam is starting to annoy you guys, I'm sorry but I'm spamming because I like interacting with you guys HAHA
Oh, and also! I'm still looking for people to tag in my posts! So far I have 7 wonderful people who are somehow okay with being spammed so if you like spam and listening to me ramble about my life, lmk if you want to be tagged! :'))))

I'm just curious about something!
How many of you guys have post notifications on for me?
This post isn't a promotion to get you guys to turn them on if they're not already on LOLOL tbh I find it kind of annoying when accounts who don't interact with their followers ask for them to turn post notifications on :'))))

So who else has been watching the series Tsurezure Children?
That series was so cute it hurt my heart so many times BUT IT ABSOLUTELY BROKE IT WHEN I FOUND IT ENDED AT 12 EPISODES
The series was so good UGHHHH why'd they have to end it it made me look forward to Tuesdays LMAOOOOOO

Alright guys so, time to begin my ranting sessions MWAHAHA
To start things off, I want you guys to know that the girl you've heard me rant about so frequently will now be called Ant so you guys can follow along
So if you guys didn't already know, Ant is the president of the orchestra at my school and she FRIGGIN PISSES ME OFF
She's been so pushy lately, she's like oh you guys need to do this and this because you guys are part of the team and you signed up for this job so you better do it!!!! I'm just like what?! How can you be so rude to the people on your team and expect respect from them?
There was also this other girl who I'm on the executive team with for this club and she literally told me to my face the other day "I knew I couldn't trust you" WELL GUESS WHO REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO WORK WITH YOU NOW
Honestly, one of the most difficult things about school is having to do with really poor leadership ngl
Can you guys relate?! Do you guys even have struggles like this at your school?

Okay but srsly so much has gone on these past 3 days I've been gone!
I took a stats test on Tuesday and got a 90% on that so that was great
And then I had an essay for English on Wednesday BUT I BOMBED THAT SO BAD LMAOOOOO
Then today I had a test on psych but with extra credit I got like a 96% or smthing?
I'm just talking about the good things that have happened so far I'LL POST ABOUT THE BAD THINGS IN MY NEXT POST HAHAHA GET READY GUYS

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