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Google Beefs Up Cloud Security and Data Privacy Tools

Google has unveiled a slew of new business-focused data privacy and threat protection offerings, bolstering its cybersecurity arsenal in the never-ending war to stay ahead of attackers.

The tech giant's latest security enhancements are focused on Google Cloud Platform and G Suite. •
Google announced a new Cloud Security Command Center for enterprises, virtual private cloud (VPC) service controls for increased data privacy, and Access Transparency Logs to give organizations an immutable audit trail of what's happening to their data.

Google's ongoing machine learning advancements made an appearance as well in the more than 20 updates announced for G Suite, including new default-on phishing protections powered by ML. •
The company also tipped new partnerships to help protect against threats like botnets, cryptocurrency mining malware, DDoS attacks, and suspicious network traffic.

"Every second we mark 10 million [Gmail] messages as spam. Gmail has over a billion active users, which means we can see pretty much any spam campaign and spend a lot of effort to train machine learning algorithms to to recognize them automatically without manual intervention," said Urs Hölzle, Google's SVP of Technical Infrastructure.

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In case you haven’t been paying attention, Facebook has been getting hit hard the past couple of weeks and rightfully so. Here is the latest👇🏼

Last week it was reported that Facebook’s search engine had been suggesting child pornography and other sexual content to its users in the U.K when using the search term “video of”. Facebook was forced to apologize after users took to social media complaining about its vulgarity, particularly on Twitter. Facebook claims they would never allow such content on their platform but not too long ago they asked “users in a survey whether pedophiles requesting sexual pictures from children should be allowed on its platform.” (Fox News)

But it doesn’t stop there, MSM has been raging about the fact that Facebook “permitted a firm employed by the Trump campaign to harvest and exploit information from 50 million users of the social network.” (Fox News) While this was also done by the Obama campaign and is nothing new, what we do find concerning is Facebook’s willingness to sell its users information to outside companies. This is something every user opts into when signing up for FB and should probably reevaluate their use of the platform if one disagrees with it. Privacy does not exist with Facebook.

Lastly, it comes as no surprise that Zuckerverg sold some of his Facebook stock this past weekend before the news about Cambridge Analytica came out Monday morning. It almost seems as though he was forewarned? 🤔 Zuckerberg claims he is selling stock in order to fund the philanthropic investment organization, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, that he set up with his wife in 2015. This may or may not be true but one thing we know for sure is that Mark Zuckerberg is finally getting a taste of his own medicine. Spoiled and entitled globalists aren’t exempt from bad karma!

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