Change can be hard...especially because staying the same requires no extra effort.
Transforming your life requires courage, commitment and effort.
But life doesnt get better by luck or chance...it gets better with change.
It is very tempting to stay in your comfort zone but sometimes the places you are used to is not the place you are meant to be
The ladies in my nutritional group CRUSHED it last week! They all took that step out of their comfort zones and the results are AHHHHMAZING!
Not only did they ALL have weight loss but they also had these amazing emotional and non scale victories...check it out ☝️☝️
It not just about a number on a scale! If you are ready, I am here!

Check out my #sweetmoves .
Getting my resistance band on..who knew a rubber band could kick it up a notch. Going to be feeling this is the AM! .
I started a new program today that focuses on the AAA. Ams, Abs & #datassthough .
All the right moves for #alltherightplaces 😉
Currently accepting enrollments into my June accountability group until 6.29❤
Ready to make your #milkshakebringsalltheboystotheyard? Comment below or DM me!!

So many awesome things are happening this week!
♡Emma turns 7
♡My husband has started his wellness journey ♡My first 30 day accountability group is finishing up
♡My 2nd 30day group is set to begin!
If you have fitness goals and need that extra push or support, I got your back! There is still time to join. I have 5 available spots! Comment below or DM me so we can chat!

#hellojune .
My fitness journey started just 6 months ago. Yes, I tried lots of things along the way: fad diets, the gym, yoga studios, zumba...but this time it was different! I actually saw RESULTS! What I was doing was actually WORKING!
Its not just about losing weight. Its about increasing confidence, being part of something positive and living an a happy and healthy lifestyle!
Are you ready? Join my next 30day wellness accountability group. #happinesslooksgood .
Message me for more info !💗

I gained 65lbs during my 1st pregnancy. I had a traumatic emergency c section resulting in a T cut, blood transfusion and pneumonia. It took a full year for my body to recover from that trauma and it took me 2 additional years to get close to my pre baby weight...and then I found out I was pregnant again.
I dont even remember how much weight I gained with my son. I just remember being 209lbs at the end of my pregnancy.
As soon as I was cleared to workout I did. I would start something but never finish it and then I found accountability and support!

Its taken me 135 days to see the changes that I have tried so hard to obtain in the past 6 years.
Interested in learning more?
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