Hi Guys go and check out @going.zero.waste page Kathryn is doing a giveaway !!! Sharing my #zerowastegiftidea if anyone interested. For the past 6 months I’ve been finding hair ties all over New York, so now I have much of them ( they are all steamed and washed 🧟‍♀️🤪) that I will bundle them and give away to all my ladies! #use #reuse #recycle what are you zero waste gift idea for coming holidays ? #nochemicals #noplasticjuly #homemade #zerowaste #reuse #compost #gogreen #lesswaste #recycle #cleanliving #bamboo #happy #вкусно #nogmos #dope #veganlifestyle #alchemist #nature #noexcuses #fattofit #newyork #здоровоепитание #худеемвместе #noplastic #vegan #newyork #bestforbest #ukrainiangirl #zerowastehome

Veggie stir-fry with tofu and ginger! Yum. Easy and healthy!
I know it is #NoPlasticJuly ...But I did not buy the Ramen🍜, it was already in the pantry. (So I used it and did not use the seasoning packet. Saving it for when I need broth.) #vegetarian #vegan #savethefood #nofoodwaste

Custard you may think! Nope, it's the pouring of Lemongrass soap by @sparrowsoap "I love that Lemongrass essential oil lends a natural yellow hue to this soap.
Being #noplasticjuly you'll be pleased to note that my soaps have zero plastic! They are made, cured, wrapped, stored and sold without any plastic touching them!" splendourbox.com.au

A big shout out to @aquapax_kw for bringing this #ecofriendly water to Kuwait! We really appreciate your efforts to offer people green choices here 💚

#Repost @aquapax_kw
By the time a #plastic #bottle has been made, it has already needed more #water to make it than it can actually hold! Aquapax #paper #cartons are one of the most environmentally friendly packaging options available - recyclable, refillable and re-usable. #ditchtheplastic #noplasticjuly #saynotoplastic #GoodVibrationsq8 #Kuwait

@kabadiwallaconnect is an award winning waste management solutions provider based in Chennai, India.
With a mission to help divert 70% of urban India's waste away from the landfill, helping to avoid the emissions of close to 80 million metric tons of CO2 every year.

In doing so, they also empower stakeholders in the informal waste ecosystem; helping to create better incomes and provide a more effective sourcing mechanism for small waste-pickers and kabadiwallas in urban India.

We love getting feedback from our stockists, and we especially love @loveluvo ethical traders in Seddon Victoria 💚♻️💚 Reposted from @loveluvo using @RepostRegramApp - One way to reduce the amount of plastics in our life is by refusing to buy plastic kitchen and household brushes. Instead, opt for one of @import.ants Eco Max biodegradable brushes and brooms! Using 100% natural vegie fibres 🍅🌽 these brushes scrub up well and don't need to end up in landfill. Chuck them in your compost, and watch as the fibres breakdown! 🌿 - LoveLuvo ❤
#loveluvo #seddon #seddontraders #seddonvillage #notforprofit #socialenterprise #eco #envirofriendly #noplasticjuly #biodegradable #kitchen #home #clean #green #sustainable #vegan #ecomax

In a Linear Economy, waste is a logical consequence of the take-make-use-dispose model. In a Circular Economy, however, we no longer think about 'waste' as something without value. Instead, we regard waste as a resource for new processes. Metaphorically speaking, in a Circular Economy waste becomes 'food' for new processes. Words such as ''roundput'', ''remake'', etc., can become part of the narrative behind the Circular Economy.

Can you think of other word pairs (linear -> circular; efficient -> effective; etc.) that describe this transition from linear to circular? Post in comments below.
Source: #circulareconomy by #delftx on #edx

Sharks invaded the shallows so we couldn't swim, so decided to do the @5minutebeachcleanup for #noplasticjuly 💙
Nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. More than five trillion pieces of plastic are already in the oceans, and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish, by weight. #5minutebeachcleanup

We live in a supply and demand economy — we, the consumers, are in TOTAL control of the demand side of the equation. Whatever we demand, the market will supply.
We agree with Yvon, if you want to change businesses' practices, the best way is to shift your dollars to companies in line with your values. ✊🏾
#purchasingpower #DoneGood
#Repost @donegoodteam

//PLASTIC FREE JULY CHALLENGE: 28. TAKE A BAG// It may now be August but we still have a few more tips to share from the wonderful @myorganicchildd
Recently in the news there was an announcement that Australia's two biggest supermarket giants, Woolworth (including Big W) and Coles, have confirmed plans to phase out single-use plastic bags over the next twelve months.

YAY! If you aren’t already start now by saying no to terrible plastic shopping bags.

Y llegó el final del mes de #juliosinplástico 💚💚💚

🌿Plastic Free July es una iniciativa que surgió con el objetivo de rechazar el plástico de un sólo uso, pretendiendo generar una mayor conciencia sobre el uso de plásticos, animando a la gente a eliminar el uso de este material de un sólo uso durante un mes.

🌿Te animamos a que continues con esta iniciativa, y continues rechazando el plástico al menos una vez a la semana con el#noplastictuesday 🚫🍾 ! •
🌿Dejamos los siguientes tips para continuar con las prácticas sostenibles del #noplastic:
1- Rechaza las bolsas plásticas y reemplazalas por bolsas de tela.
2- Reemplaza los utensilios plásticos por unos de metal, madera o bambú.
3- Usa viandas /contenedores de metal para tus comidas.
4- Para las bebidas utiliza siempre vidrio.
5- Evita comidas procesadas, al hacerlo evitas la generacion de desechos por sus envoltorios.
6- Analiza el empezar a producir tus productos de higiene personal en casa, como la pasta dental, jabón y shampoo, no solo evitas la generacion de residuos, pero también evitarás la exposicióm a químicos y generarás un ahorro $$$. 7- Compra al granel. En Ecuador no es muy común aún, pero al menos las frutas y vegetales si pueden ser adquiridas de esta manera si vas a un mercado local.
8- Al comprar te o café, preparalo en casa, asi evitas el vaso descartable.
9- Y al comprar café o te, procura comprarlo al granel.
10- Haz lo mejor que puedas, recuerda este es un estilo de vida y los cambios se van generando poco a poco! •

Feliz inicio de semana y continuemos con los desafios de #noplasticplease
#noplasticjuly #freeplasticjuly #nostraw
#sustainability #zerowaste #nowaste #juliosinplástico #porunmundosinplástico #cerobasuraecuador #cambiandoalmundounapublicacionalavez

Had a workshop on last sunday for #noplasticjuly with @nurture_with_nature_byron_bay !! We learnt how plastic and rubbish affect our mother of nature .
Kids were very interested in what terrible things are happening in the ocean then coming back to us after all . Hope they understand we need to try reducing rubbish (like single use cup, wrap , plastic bag, bottle and etc...) and make our life no waste ... I believed Teacher Mari did such a great job☺

At last, we made own beeswax ecowraps ! Kids loved their own 😍 Their reaction melted my heart ❤❤❤ By the way, I was extremely shocked balloons last forever!!!😨😱😵 #beeswaxwraps #ecobeeecowrap #ecowrap #reduceplastic #saveourearth #nowaste #savetheocean #kids #workshop

Heaps of lovely, newly made Bee Blest Apiary Beeswax Food Wraps all ready for packing and labelling. My house smells divinely of beeswax and tree resin 💗
#naturally#tasmania#handcrafted #beeswax#bee#waronwaste#noplasticjuly#compostable#nochemicals#keepfoodfresherlonger#healthyliving

Wow - the young world has pretty much forgotten about hankies! As a child I just loved my pretty hankies. And really, it doesn’t take much to through them in the wash with the clothes!!
**Reposted from @myorganicchildd **
It might seem old-fashioned, but a hanky works just as well and is less waste, less environmental impact and less plastic too. .
And speaking of tissues, Who Gives a Crap! WE DO! honestly, if you haven't heard of these guys... you need to check them out! .
These loo rolls from @whogivesacraptp are more than just super cute - made from 100% recycled paper fibres, bamboo or sugarcane in our products (and no plastic packaging!), they're making the world a better place and they don't cost the earth.

Plastic Free July Day 31: Time to Celebrate! 🎉(No balloons🎈 or other plastic though, please!) When we start something new, it can feel like we have so far to go that it’s easy to forget to celebrate how far we’ve come. Let’s forget about the work we still need to do for a second, and celebrate our wins so far! 👊 Don’t stress about how far you’ve got to go, feel good about what you’ve begun to change. Share in the comments below 👇 - what's one thing you've changed since taking part in Plastic Free July this year?😀

It's been a month of sincerely trying to not buy any plastic. When going about this many people said, "Good luck! There's no way." And I'll say it was hard. But it was a lot easier to create THIS much plastic waste than what would have EASILY been 5 times this much. Less is better than giving up because perfection doesn't feel attainable. Going to try for another low/no plastic month. Water protectors, earth defenders, we gotta all work to reduce the plastic, the oil, the animal agriculture. #noplasticbags #noplasticjuly #waterislife #waterprotectors #earthdefenders #tryingsomethingdifferent #try #plasticisoil #saveouroceans

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