Almost home🖤Bringing the clouds with us 🖤 #noplacelikehome #rural #australia #countrylife #onedayclosertorain

If there was ever a photo to describe my dad as a person this is it. #noplacelikehome

Beautiful Mid-Century modern home, located in the serene surroundings of Leona Valley. 3bd 4bth 3,976 sqft home sitting on a little over 10acres. The asking is $799K! This is a definite must see to truly appreciate. Outdoor spa, sauna, loft are all included with this split level hideaway. Contact me to view! You will not be disappointed!

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I'm all caught up on Bojack Horseman and now I don't know what to do without the sad horse show.

Madison was nice but its nice to be back home and within 2 miles of about 5 whataburgers... #noplacelikehome

Good morning everyone!! I am back, finally!!! I missed my flight due to a fatal accident on the Melbourne Fwy into the airport, and I was 5 minutes past boarding time. With 25 minutes (all checked in) to still get onto the plane, they still refused and refused. More money later, and a flight was booked to come home on the 1.30pm flight, I ran like a cheetah and got on that plane ✈️ , only to land in Perth to find out they’d sent my luggage (all of yours, and my goodies) to Adelaide!! 😭😭 My luggage and I were reunited at 11pm last night! I’m still trying to adjust to the time difference, because I was up since 1am (Perth time) Monday morning and didn’t get to sleep until 1am Tuesday morning, which was like 4am for my body clock! I also lost 24 hours flying over there, so I’ve had very little sleep in 5 days, I slept all day yesterday, and now I’m ready to jump back in, full steam ahead!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’ll get some pictures up of some new glassware for you, and I also have a couple of other little surprises to show you too!! 😍

It’s great to be back with my family in one piece, and I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you guys really soon also!! ❤️ Keep an eye on the page, as we’re going to be having a massive clearance sale this week, we need to make room for new stuff, and for our 2 big events coming up!! 🎪🕯💰
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What happens in Maui stays in Maui... Well unless you’re in Santa Monica.... Thanks @elephante for taking care of us! #mauisquad #whathappensinmaui #noplacelikehome #gno #thestore #reunion

What if there was a place where the sun shined almost all year? The days would be warm and the evenings cool! And what if you could see snow capped mountains in the distance while you walked along the seashore? What if the coastline was lined with not just palm trees but pine trees, cliffs and caves? What if you could feel miles away from everyone and everything but you were in fact not far away at all? What if you could reach those mountains! What if you passed through deserts and valleys along the way!? 🤔 I’d want to see such a place.

san diego state of mind.


We've just gotten home from our road trip to the GC. We stopped at Bonny Hills for a night on the way up, & a night at Forster on the way back. The weather was not good but what can you do! We made the most of it. Most importantly we kept to our budget and even have money left. Yay.
For dinner I've raided our vege patch - spinach, coriander, rocket, basil (as there is almost nothing in the house), and have pulled some chicken out of the freezer for a quick stir fry 👍
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