It may take a village to raise a child, but each parent out there has a world full of parents behind them, going through the same thing. We are all in this together. #noperfectparents #realparentingalltheway⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Tonight I had to apologize to my youngest child. Because I lost my temper, because I was overtired, irritated, and just done with doing stuff for the day. It wasn’t her fault what happened and yet I still yelled. She retreated. I try and sometimes fail. I apologize and hopefully she will go to bed knowing that her mother loves her more than she loves herself, it isn’t her fault and we can start over again tomorrow. #noperfectparents #stillworkingonme #slowlygettingthere #sometimesyouneedtosaysorry

Parenting 101
Biology is the least of what makes you a parent, and if you ask your partner, they don’t care what gender you are, or are not, or how you got there. They care that you are there with them, doing dishes, changing diapers, driving carpool, doing laundry. They care that you share the responsibilities and joys of parenting. .
It really does take a village to raise a child, and most of us only have a village of two. Encourage and support each other in this most important of endeavors, creating and raising a human being.
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HAHAHAH Karma ain’t pretty #noperfectparents #noperfectkids

Pray for them too

#pray🙏🏻 for the kids who will turn into adults who are emotionally scarred by the rejection and abandonment

There is a flip side to this
When dads or moms are absent

It could make the child be determined to be excellent regardless

The child could use the hurt as


Generational Curses

There are no pity parties

The child could use the rejection as
To Channel their

Ministry to others
Counseling Career

The bottom line is #pray for everyone involved w/ out WHITEWASHING the truth.
We all have room to grow...in the meantime... #WhoGonCheckMeBoo



Parents, enjoy your littles while you can and don’t think for one minute life will ever get easier... Babies will soon hold their own bottles, toddlers will soon be potty trained, school agers will become responsible and adolescents will remind you why alcohol exists! #noperfectparents #greatestauntdaisy

A little Saturday morning prayer inspiration! Our children do need to hear us pray for wisdom and direction, but I would also add discernment to it. #momentsformoms #noperfectparents #onlygodisperfect #prayers #wisdom #direction #discernment #godsplan #blessedmoments

"Parenting toddlers can push our buttons. It can trigger us and take us to a place in our head and our heart that we didn’t even know existed.
You can become that screaming, yelling, frustrated and irate parent you said you’d NEVER become.
You can start to become your own mum or dad, but not in the way you wanted.
In times of turmoil, you as a parent can feel stuck in repetitive patterns that are unproductive and negative - far away from the loving, supportive, nurturing relationships and characteristics you envisioned when you began your role as parents."
An exert from my 'Tuning into your Toddler' eBook.
There are NO perfect parents. We are doing the best we can with the knowledge that we have.❤️
My passion lies within intuitive and conscious parenting, from birth onwards…. If you would love more support in your 'Toddlerhood' journey, and this resonates with you, you can purchase my eBook via the link in my BIO👆🏼
I would LOVE to connect with you within my private and supportive 'Tuning into your Toddler' FB page!With your purchase you have an opportunity to be a part of this heartfelt and supportive space.
A space where we can connect, interact and discuss ALL things toddler!!❤️.
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On top of a move to a new military base and a new homeschool community this young man was sickly sick for about two and a half weeks with the flu and a double ear infection but by the grace of God he made it to finish up his Science project and present it this afternoon. He wasn’t a big ribbon winner, he didn’t even place but he finished and he realized that the process is more important than winning or getting the top prize. He was so very gracious even after I showed up at the very end of the science fair due to a time mix up. I was in tears when I realized I missed the entire thing but he leaned in right away and was the first one to lend comfort to his weepy momma. Grateful today for the journey I’m on with this young man. He teaches me so much but what I learn more than anything from him is that forgiveness begins right away and without conditions. #samtheman #thanksbetogod #ringraziodio #toknowgodandtomakegodknown #noperfectparents

🌹🖤 My Mini WCW’s 🖤🌹

The other day I took the kiddos to the Houston Zoo lights. After not so cheap tickets that didn’t include expensive food & drinks, horrendous traffic & parking, & extra long lines just to get in...these kids had the NERVE to be disappointed because they didn’t see any animals 😡😩😂. It’s just a light show at the zoo but all the animals were put up. Needless to say they were over it after 15 minutes of just walking around looking at lights lol. I asked myself why do us parents even put ourselves through this stuff. Trying to be perfect parents & do over the top things to make our kids happy when honestly kids are SO easy to please. My daughter has a room full of toys and will find the most random thing in the house like a box to play with for hours 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s SO happy for me to just put my phone down & let her play in my hair or do my make up. It’s the simple things with kids. Don’t put so much pressure on yourselves, stress yourselves out, and go broke trying to be the perfect parent. Keep it simple & love on those babies! #Motherhood #Daughters #MatchyMatchy #OldNavyStyle #CarringtonBrielle #ChanningBlake #NoPerfectParents #KeepItSimple #BeIntentional

My marriage isn't perfect nor we are perfect parents. But, I serve a mighty God who is perfect in everything. He doesn't make mistakes nor he forsakes me. He gives us love and wisdom to be more in love than ever and guidance to be better parents. We are the clay and you are the potter ❤️👌🏼 #Godisgood #Iamhisdaughter #hisprincess👑 #youlovemeLord #blessed #noperfectmarriage #noperfectparents #youareperfectinallofyourways

Breakfast of champions: #noperfectparents 🤒🤒

Parenting is always full of surprises. Some days can be so stressful. Some of them are moments you laugh when you probably shouldn’t. Some days are just pure bliss. Parenting isn’t easy. It isn’t perfect. It isn’t full of perfect parents. Parenting is not done to perfect kids. Through the ups and downs, we sometimes need to laugh at things and see the world from their point of view.
If you need a laugh today, here is 10 of over 400 pictures I found on my phone this morning courtesy of my 4 year old’s point of view of the world.
If you are struggling today as a parent, know you are not alone. None of us are perfect and we all struggle. If you need a talk, feel free to DM me. Parents, you’ve got this! Keep doing your best. Remember (and feel free to remind your children) that the only perfect father is God. Give the struggles to Him today and take the days moment by moment. He is with you. 💗
Redefining how I choose to embrace motherhood. On the blog I have an account of some of my struggles with motherhood. Link in bio!
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