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Week 37: Hermana Schmid wishes everyone a Happy Halloween in this traditional Peruvian Santiago attire that her pensionista, Erika, kindly let her and her new companion, Hermana Aramayo (from Bolivia) try on! Karissa is loving Huancayo and all the conveniences of a city including the chance to have tests done with a doctor and discover that she doesn't have parasites - just a bacterial infection which is now being treated with new medication and a strict diet for the next 30 days! Thought from Karissa: "Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives. As we look for humor, seek for the eternal perspective, understand the principle of compensation, and draw near to our Heavenly Father, we can endure hardship and trial. We can say, 'Come what may, and love it.' " - Wirthlin
My weekly challenge is perspective. Come what may, and LOVE IT. :D"
#noparasites #perspective #ldssistermissionary #peruhuancayomission

#vegansushi - bottom corner:: spicy crab roll (cauliflower, just mayo, sriracha, kelp and old bay seasoning).. Above that:: veggie roll (carrot, cucumber, avocado and homemade pickled radish).. Next to that:: teriyaki portobello roll.. Below that:: sweet potato roll (roasted sweet potatoes with sesame oil and sugar/salt and green onion) and finally some teriyaki portobello nigiri. #noparasites #vegan #veganfoodshare #eatlikeyougiveafuck

Welp here goes 🙄. I'm just going to apologize to anyone I might curse out during these next 17 days😩. Sorry in advance. To my bffs taking the parasite cleanse challenge with me (even got the hubbs on board) we got this. #healthyfriends #noparasites #guthealth #healthytummy. YOU CAN BUY FROM @_healthforce directly or thru Amazon. We bought all ours from Amazon as Healthforce was sold out at the time. Call them, great customer service it may be restocked now. Or get from Amazon ($61).

Sezonun kapanışını yaptık #noparasites #goodlife 👍🏻👍🏻 @sra_uzunn

this is the realist homie I know!! this girl is my life and she's about to go leave this corn state for 14 weeks and go make change on the other side of the planet!! get ready Southeast Asia. thank you for being my everything and changing my world, go change others🤘🏻#noparasites #jesusisrad

She makes me feel all warm and tingly inside... just like Mexican street food... #noparasites #blessed #truelove photo cred: @robertwheatley

Swing em if you got em #noparasites #noleeches


.Never value another person's opinion more than your own. In most cases, many people will not comprehend or support what your trying to accomplish, due to the fact, that God did not bless them with the same vision as you! Their assignment in life may be totally different from yours and that's ok. Be still, be steadfast, and be ruthless with your dreams! Only you can mold them into reality! PEACE! .
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The new life style I'm working, involves a higher salt intake.
Gasping?! Stop that! Salt is a needed and *required* nutrient. Please note: table salt, white salt and sea salf is not nutrition and IS the salt you should never let pass your lips.

Fermented Kale and Cabbage, has significant increases in Vitamin C content up to 675mg's per cup. If you're drinking a gallon, that's around 1gram of natural Vitamin C (not an isolated form) you're getting. And heres some interesting facts one person illustrated on good Salt and Vitamin C.
The Science of Salt/C
What is the Science behind Salt/C? How does this simple protocol help people with Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, when so many other protocols fail? I think the most accurate answer is that nobody really knows. But there are many possible explanations. I have collected some that I find most interesting. Here are a few scientific explanations that seem plausible.

1 – The Salt/C dose temporarily elevates blood salinity, which causes osmotic shock to certain vulnerable bacteria (they are dehydrated after being forced to take in more salt than they can excrete)
2 – Salt powers certain white blood cells, particularly the neutrophils, which use the salt to kill certain bacteria
3 – Salt alkalinizes the blood slightly
4 – We are salt deficient due to an infection that alters aldosterone/adrenal levels, perhaps because the bug prefers a lower sodium environment, and the salt/c improves that situation
5 – Salt has a detoxifying effect at a cellular level, as this is a player in osmotic processes (this may be very helpful with intercellular infections like Borrelia or mycoplasma, as the salt gets into the cell and may work against those pathogens)
6 – We are somewhat dehydrated due to infection/toxin load, and the salt allows us to absorb more water (this might be particularly helpful for the lymphatic system)
7 – Salt addresses gut dysbiosis, killing many pathogens and promoting growth of good bacteria (the same effect as using salt in fermentation of some foods)
8 – Some parasites, particularly nematodes (as shown on LymePhotos.com) are known to be sensitive to salinity levels and will continue in comments

Natural Anti parasitic remedies. #antiparasiticcleanse #noparasites

Sezonun kapanışını yaptık #noparasites #goodlife 👍🏻👍🏻 @sra_uzunn

In the words of Cardi B:
Know yourself enough to know who or what throws off your energy and respect yourself enough to walk away. Sometimes it feels like its just too hard to let go of certain relationtionships/friendships/situationships/whateverships but I'm telling you it's SO much harder trying to breathe life into something dead/toxic. If it's meant to be, it will always be. Trust your gut and walk away from what doesn't help you grow 🌱🌻🌻🌻 .
#bodakyellow #cardib #femalerapper #catchysong #keepitreal #phuckaphony #unfollowed #irl #relationships #friendships #situationships #justmytwocents #positivevibes #positivity #positivethoughts #helpmegroworgtfomyway #noparasites #happiness #stateofmind #notadestination #soitgoes #knowyourself #respect #love #growthgame #toostrong

(For those who want to) Become vegan in stages, give your body time to adjust and making lifestyle changes easier. Gradually eliminate meat, dairy products, then all animal products over many weeks, while adopting alternatives. #vegan #healthierchoices #healthymind #healthyenvironment #fortheplanet #fortheanimals #veganlifestyle #nodiary #nomeat #healthiswealth #noparasites #parasitecleanse #cleanseyourbody #cleanseyoursoul #cleaseyourmind #vegansofinstagram #healing #vegansofig #healthyfood #nutrition #animalfriendly #earthfriendly #plantbased

"Where you goin?" They asked...
I said "on to bigger & better things!" New opportunities arise and you gotta grab em and hit the ground running! You gotta do what's best for you and your family & to hell with anyone who tries to get in your way of that!! Some people act like just cause you work for them, they own you, and can dictate what goes on in your everyday life. Cut ties with those negative parasites, they have no right to tell you how to live your life, what you can and can't do, where you can and can't go! Karma always comes back on those who warrant it and people like that always get what they deserve in the end. As for myself, I'll treat this as any other situation in life, as a lesson. A lesson to never work for those type of people again, a lesson to read between the lines and to go with my gut when I see someone's true colors instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt; and a lesson to listen to my wife's "intuition" when she tells me her negative feelings towards someone when she's only trying to look out for me.
This is not a speed bump or detour for me, more like a slingshot in another direction; I'm starting off flying!!! #anewstart #slingshotintosomethingbetter #nonegativity #noparasites #familyovereverything #familyfirst #nodictators #mylifemyway #newthingscoming #hitthegroundrunning #neverstopping #reapwhatyousow #bigthingstocome #cantholdmedown

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