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Got a new set of wooden hair sticks (sorry, they are wet from the snow, the color is even throughout) and my fav shampoo & conditioner.
I think these are the safest and best performing shampoo & conditioner you can get for that $. They are about $15 each. No nasties, herbal formula created many years ago by my fav american herbalist, Dr Christopher. Now his family is continuing his work, they have a huge farm where they grow herbs, they have amazing "school of natural healing". I really recommend their stuff. I use a lot of it, mostly tinctures and salves. Everything is made in USA, cruelty free.
Wooden hair sticks and forks do not damage your hair or the environment, look great, last forever, go with any outfit. They can be made out of different types of wood, so their natural colors can vary from black to very light yellow and even cream. I've bought different kinds from different companies and they are all pretty good. Each is hand made. I've gotten some that are made in Hawaii and some from Asia. I bought these hairsticks and hair products through amazon

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Who wants something for FREE? You can sign up as a #MONAT market partner for $99 or you can get ELEVEN full size products plus the starter kit all for $299 (a $633 value)! Work the business and make extra 💱 income💲 OR do it for the 45% discount on these products and just get an awesome deal. This sale lasts only until August 31st, contact me for more info

Here is what you get for $299:
🌿Revive Shampoo 🌾Revitalize Conditioner ☘Renew Shampoo
🌻REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive
🍃Refinish Control Hairspray
🌱Restyle Instant Sculpting Tay
🍀Tousled Texturizing Mist
🌼Intense Repair Treatment
🌱S3 by MONAT
🌳MONAT BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner
🌺Replenish Masque
🌴The Business Starter Kit (includes samples to kick start your business, marketing materials, starter guides, a website and support/tools to help you make money and have a successful business)
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Finally! @kerastase_official has come out with a 98 percent natural haircare range—free of sulfates and silicones! 🌿🍃
Just reviewed it + 16 more important launches lately...
✦ High-pigment matte eyeliners 👀
✦ Weightless bright lip stains 💋
✦ Multitasking sheer lip and cheek tints 💄
✦ Luminous bronzing powder ✨
✦ And more!
🌟 Head to beautyeditor.ca or click the link in my profile for all the news and reviews ↓

My hair is tough to style. It is very thick, super long, wavy and tends to be frizzy. Most days you will find me with my hair in a pony tail or braid, because it usually is easiest and looks the best.
I used to straighten my hair
E V E R Y D A Y! It was such a pain and made my hair so dry. Alternatively, the convention hair gels and mousses I would use to wear my hair more natural made it crunchy and stuck together-not cute.
I am SO happy to have found the @captainblankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray! This is especially perfect for Summer to achieve that 'just from the beach' wave in my hair--but the BEST part?! It does not make my hair frizzy OR crunchy; it creates great texture and leaves my hair feeling and looking great! I like to spray this on damp or dry hair 👍🏻
I wish the scent was coconut rather than rose, but that is my only complaint!
Have you tried this spray? What are your favorite Summer hair styling tricks?
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I used the balance line shampoo and conditioner yesterday with the rejuveniqe oil, pulled my hair up in a ponytail wet🚿, worked all day🕕, slept in a messy bun🌒 and my hair is still this happy when i just woke up, pulled my hair down and a few swipes of a hair brush!!! Nope that did not happen with my naturally coarse and dry hair, before Monat❤❤❤ #iwokeuplikethis #healthyhair #nontoxichairproducts #excusethesleepstillinmyeyes 😴

|NEW BLOG| A brand new post is up and it's a glimpse into my hair diaries! This entry is all about styling products. It's a shame I don't talk hair more often-after all I am a cosmetologist. Finding natural hair products that work is hard-like really hard but I've rounded out my faves and I'm here to dish! ⠀⠀

The best part?? I have 3 sisters that have completely different hair and I've tested products on them! So 4 different hair types-there's bound to be something that works for you. I even have pics of 3 styles on myself and how I achieved them, plus styles on two of my sisters, and how I achieved them and pics-you don't want to miss this! Scroll through for a sneak peak😉

Full post with all the juicy deets is linked in my profile. Tell me, what's your fave non-toxic styling products that work?


30 Day $ Back Guarantee. If you have #thinhair #thickhair #straighthair #curlyhair #goodhair #unrulyhair or just prefer #nontoxichairproducts we have products for the whole family. Try it today. www.mymonat.com/amberkirk

Tomorrow's the last day for our wicked deal.
If you become a market partner you recieve a FREE hydration system!! So on top of getting your product pack for half off you get $130 dollars worth of free product.
It's crazy to miss out on this.
Even if you are just using monat product and want to get a load of product to have for yourself for half off...this is the only way to go. Product packs aren't available to anyone elese. Just new market partners.
So if you've been on the fence come talk to me...we can get you saving a crap ton of money.
Either way, making money washing your hair is really very simple.
Join me! I would be so excited to have you on this journey with me.
It's one of the BEST decisions I have ever made.
Everyone likes Anti aging products for their face...this is the new way to care for your hair as you age.
Whether it's healthy or crazy. Scalp issues like dandruff or psoriasis. Flat or poofy. Thinning or bald. Male, female or kids.
We have something suited for everyone and their hair type.
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✅Top Row- Monat Shampoos. ✅Bottom Row- Monat Conditioners.
What's your favorite combination❓

All Monat products work synergistically together! 💯

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Non-toxic eyelash and eyebrow growth rockstar🎉💗🎉 #productsthatwork #nontoxic #nontoxichairproducts #tophaircareproducts #hotcompany #besthaircareproducts #love
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Can you believe this was box colored black in January???? 🙀 #7monthspeople #4appointments #doesnthappenovernight #olaplex @olaplex swipe to see some of the progress photos😘

Monat's products are free of parabens, sulfates, DEA/MEA, phthalates, PEG, phenoxyethanol, ethanol, petrochemicals, glutens...
Message me today to hear more> www.Toni.MyMonat.com

Does your blonde ever get a bit brassy in between appointments? @blmvan came in to get a toner today and left looking as beautiful as ever! You would never be able to tell it's been 2 months since her highlights were last done! #hairbychristinaansems #tonethatblonde #notaboxblonde #kevinmurphy #transformyeg #yeghairstylist #yeghair #yeghairsalon #acceptingnewclients #lovewhatyoudo #kmcolorme #yegstylist #trending #cleanbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #nontoxichaircolor #nontoxichairproducts #balayage #hairpainting #nontoxic
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