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The whole Towns Clan was able to attend my art opening, which is amazing because Caleb usually has to work. Thankful for any amount of time I get with these two, they really make life great. Friday was a fabulously fun time! Thanks to everyone and their support to help me get my art going again, it feels so good to create again.

Big thank you to @themusecoffeeco for letting me hang up three of paintings in your coffee shop for a few months. I hope it's served you well. These paintings have seen and heard many conversations and thanks you for letting them be a part of it. Hopefully their journey doesn't end there. #nonsensicalcreations

I got mail today! Invites stacked upon invites! It's wedding season.

Come to the opening of my art show, "Human by Day, Artist by Night" @renaissancetheatrelynchburg they will be selling wine, I'll be there, and you could grab yourself a limited edition tiny art business card! Reception is 6-8pm #downtownlynchburg #firstfridayslynchburg #nonsensicalcreations

The Riverviews Baby.

Primary Mission: Escape created by me, Victoria Towns - made of Ink, watercolor

So glad I was pushed into creating this series, it's already opened up not only doors in different ways to show my work but it helped open my creative mind again and just got me back thinking and working. #nonsensicalcreations

Snapchat filter is on point! I might never have to do my makeup ever again! 😝


Turned in my entries for #rvasclownshow @riverviews_artspace in October. Just look who's floating now. #clownart #nonsensicalcreations

Got to see my art @renaissancetheatrelynchburg today so I could show the parents my show. Still looks pretty good in there. If you haven't seen it, never fear it's hanging up until October 30th. #nonsensicalcreations

I've been working on Art to the People, a project that gets @larrybassett art collection out into the world for people to see, so that we can remind people that art is for everyone. I get to meet people and get to know organizations within the Lynchburg community, share art with each of them. It is also wonderful to work with friends, hanging art with Brooke is my favorite! #nonsensicalcreations #arttothepeople #riverviewsartspace #larrybassettcollection

What a super cool opportunity, I got to not only hang up my art and share it with @downtownlynchburg at @renaissancetheatrelynchburg but I got to be interviewed and photographed for the paper! Thanks for believing in me and my art all you supporters! Let's make more! #nonsensicalcreations

I don't know about you but I'm feeling blue ... see what I did there, happy hump day. #nonsensicalcreations

The lighting could be better. #nonsensicalcreations

Surround yourself with art, become art. #nonsensicalcreations

Thanks to everyone who came out to Riverviews for Hurricane Relief. I heard all good things! Lynchburg has been a wonderful community to collaborate, connect, and share art. Glad to be apart of it! #nonsensicalcreations

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and donated to Riverviews for Hurricane Relief. #riverviewsartspace #nonsensicalcreations #artfordonation #ourlynchburg

It isn't much but these two paintings have been donated to @riverviews_artspace for Hurricane Relief! 100% of proceeds go to one of three charities of your choice! Don't worry if you aren't into these paintings there will be lots of other art from local artists. Thanks to some amazing people for making this happen! Check out the Riverviews Artspace for more info. #nonsensicalcreations

Trying my hand at wood burning ... I have a long way to go, but I have ideas! #nonsensicalcreations

Working on digital manipulations of my own paintings. So far ... I'm loving the colors. #nonsensicalcreations

Coming soon ... Clown 🤡 Art for a pop-up show at Riverviews Artspace, Sideshow Clown Extravaganza. :
#riverviewsartspace #rvasart #sideshowclownextravaganza #nonsensicalcreations

Who knew I loved green so much! Thanks @lillianbrueart for hanging up the art in @renaissancetheatrelynchburg so I could see it in a different way. #nonsensicalcreations #lynchburgart

Successful Art Opening! Thanks to @renaissancetheatrelynchburg for hosting the show and @lillianbrueart for finding me! It's been a lot of fun! Hope anyone who goes to see a show there enjoys the current art in the lobby! Support local arts and business! #nonsensicalcreations #downtownlynchburg

Come to the opening of my art show, "Human by Day, Artist by Night" @renaissancetheatrelynchburg they will be selling wine, I'll be there, and you could grab yourself a limited edition tiny art business card! Reception is 6-8pm #downtownlynchburg #firstfridayslynchburg #nonsensicalcreations

Tonight's project: making business cards. Why not take a tiny work of art with you? #nonsensicalcreations #artcards #letshopethisworks

Well..Bcoz I like noticing details that no one else sees.. That's why When I saw this pic I thought that
@romach111 & @kashini_tiwari are missing..
And at sudden I remembered that they both were busy ordering Spring rolls and Chilli potatoes 🍝
So a special thanks to them for their services..❤❤🎀💐
I hope you guys are in school and when you'll come back you will get to know I was absent 😁

Thanks to @michellinehall for the light diffuser trick, however this was still probably the lamest photo studio ever. I ended up having desk lamps on my fridge and in my kitchen cabinets to make it work. But all in all, I have nice photos of my art work now. #nonsensicalcreations #brokeartistproblems

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