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my brother! norwf Memphis! (from another mother)
blood don't mean anything!
we understand each other.
we know each other from head to toe.
we bonds.
we loyal to each other.
only family I have here.
I love this boy from my heart๐Ÿ’—
we argue like real brother n sister.
we love each other like real brother n sister.
sometimes things work for mystery way... this is one of it... he came in my life and we just grew together. I am so proud of him!!!
he changed in good way !! he is not old him any more. he finally see it.
I just wish you were here my brother
you knew you had to take care thing but you didn't. now you paying for it... but this is much needed it for us!!! you see who is your true friends and who is going to be behind you no matter what!
I will make sure you good... well we good.
I can't wait till I see you in this house!!! I miss you so much!
free my brah!!!! LOVE YOU Brah... stay up and see you soon!!! #freemybrother #stayup #changedisgood #nomoreoldyou #youhaveateamnow #teamgimini #mybrother #myheart #iambehindhimnomatterwhat #thiswontbelong #japanesegirl #realsiblinglove #bigsister #iseeyousoon #wegonebeok #wegotthis #loyalty #babybrother #imissyou

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I was tagged by @ashleyj_bbg to do the #widn tag. โ˜บ๏ธ currently I am watching the Ellen Show and strolling through Pinterest under Health & Fitness. I nominate @bbg_hungry4change @steph_pacca @stacey.loses.it @daringsarah ( If you have already done it, no need to do it again!) โ˜บ๏ธHow is everyone's day? Do anything fun or exciting!? I had school, butttt tomorrow I do have a field trip! So excited! #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #thekaylamovement #workout #nomoreoldyou #deathbykayla

I love this! When someone people have bad days, they eat bad food, or just sit around the whole day. I know from experience. Not anymore. You and I won't anymore. When I have bad days now I'm going to stretch and listen to calming music. Also eat healthy that day, along with everyday I live. There should be no change when you have a bad day. The only thing that should change is your mind set on positive vibes and your attitude is in place. I wish everyone luck tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘™ #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #moveyourbutt #workout #bbg #monday #tomorrow #nomoreoldyou #onlynewyou

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