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Okay momma friends...what have you done for yourself lately? Have you told yourself your amazing? Because you are! You're amazing in everything you do and you are appreciated!
Sometimes we all overlook how important it is to tell the people we love most how much we appreciate them and I think as a mom especially we just DO, we do the dishes, we do the laundry, we make dinner, we are the first ones up and the last ones to bed. Even on the days where our kids say 'thank you' or our husband says I appreciate you, we often don't even hear it because we are too busy DOING and thinking about what our next task is.
So I want you to know you are amazing, you are appreciated, and you are loved and it's okay to take time and DO something for YOURSELF!
I'm looking for 5 🖐🏻 mommas that are ready to take 25-30 minutes a day and make it their 'ME TIME'. To focus on your health, fitness, and mentality. To rejuvenate your wellbeing, to invest in yourself so you are better able to invest in your family and others.
Join me! My next health & fitness group starts August 21st! I'll be right by your side sharing my successes and struggles and doing my best to overcome my constant 'mom guilt'. #momlife #nomoremomguilt #healthylifestyle #investinyourself #mothersday2017

For many moms getting back to their pre baby weight is an uphill climbs that seems almost impossible. I've climbed that hill 3 times now and it was harder each time. We tell ourselves it's too hard, I don't have enough time, I feel guilty leaving my kids. As mothers, wife's, sisters and friends we give of ourselves with out hesitation. I'm asking moms to give to themselves. You must feel full yourself before you can help fill others up. Fitness is one of the very few things in my life that is just for me. That I can call my own. A wonderful by-product of this is the opportunity it has given me to be a strong, healthy and active role model to my kids. Filling them with dedication, motivation and inspiration. Thank you to @resilience_fitness for keeping me in the game of health and for allowing me to share my story with other moms in your amazing community. #nomoremomguilt #loveyourselffirst #encouragement #resiliencefitness

It's ok Moms!
Sure we just celebrated 'our'day on Sunday...But please don't feel guilty when you want to take time for you!

Honest to goodness when I exercise daily, even for just 30 minutes, I am a better mom! I have a clearer head, I have more patience, I have more energy and I am healthy!
Your kids pick up on ALL of that!

Try it for just a week. Take some time every day to get in a quick workout - walk, run, cycle, press play like I do, find a workout online or on YouTube. JUST MOVE!
#nomoremomguilt #taketimeforyou #move #beanexample

I hereby now and FOREVER release myself from ANY guilt about feeding my kids macaroni and cheese made from a box.
Every time I make it from scratch, my kids object.
They just don't seem to LIKE it.
Which is a bummer, seeing as it took a lot of WORK to make this stuff, and when they don't eat it, its up to mommy and daddy to finish it, but mommy has mild issues with lactose & daddy doesn't really like leftovers.... Last time I made this, it went bad before we could finish it. (So... Does anybody want some macaroni and cheese? Seriously. You can take it.) All that being said, I'm not making it again (unless we are having guests and they request it when I ask what they're wanting). And, from this point forward, I'm totally okay with my kids eating the boxed macaroni and cheese instead, because I buy quality, organic stuff anyway.

So I'm not a failure as a mother. My kids have preferences in their tastes, and I have preferences in my workload and the battles I'm willing to fight.
#NoMoreMomGuilt 😉❤👍

Yes, I deserve this. Working hard to hardly work. Catching up on some emails after a day at the beach, surfing and playing with the kids. Now, sitting on our balcony, watching the whales go by. You too deserve this. What's your next adventure? #elevatewellnesscenter #southlaketahoeacupuncture #nomoremomguilt

It's happy hour!! Baby is napping, hubs is at the gym, and mommy is squeezing in some me time. I used to have a hard time justifying me time after becoming a mom and felt guilty bc there is always so much to do. But I have found I am way more productive and a whole lot happier when this happens. After a quick kettlebell sesh, some quiet cool down is fabulous! #nomoremomguilt #releasethestress #healthyandhappyfamilies #peaceandquiettimeout

The muumuu quilts are getting quilted today. Almost done. #nomoremomguilt

To all the #mom out there... this is what you should be doing, making an impact, having purpose besides hovering over your children, teaching them how to think, to be confident! #nomoremomguilt #noguilt it is an energy suck!

Backyard tic-tac-toe session courtesy @mcdonalds. A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do. #NoMoreMomGuilt 😂


Got my mud mask, my chocolate and toffee covered pretzels, in a hot bath with lavender Epsom salts. This Mama is getting her self-care on in full force tonight! Time to relax today’s stress away... 🛁🍫💕

I was texting back and forth with a friend this morning, criticizing myself for my stellar barely existent parenting over the last few days while I've been sick, referring to myself as "mom of the year." She stopped me in my tracks and said that what she heard from my story was that I was raising a girl who is smart and independent and thoughtful enough to think to bring her sick momma some dry toast in bed. Period.
Thank you, sweet friend, for making me give my head a shake and stop being so dang hard on myself.
Moms! We need to stop being so dang hard on ourselves. We need to uplift other moms! Support each other! #uplift #empower #validate #nomoremomguilt! #lifteachotherup #lovemore

What's on your to-do list today? Oh, that's right. ALL the things. While our fresh, organic soups can't fold the laundry or pick up the kids, they ARE delicious and ready in just a few minutes. Look for them in the refrigerated section of your local store!
#todolist #MadeInNature #nomoremomguilt #soup #dinner #soupseason #organic #instayum #momstress

And this is the exact premise on which I started Root to Rise Wellness. Moms want to take care of everyone, yet always put themselves last. “You cannot serve others from an empty vessel”. When you do not care for yourself, there is no way you can care for others. You can fake it till you make it for a bit, but eventually your cup will run dry, and so will you ability to care for others.

This week I have pulled a card from this beautiful deck each morning, asking God, Angels and guides for their message for me on that day. Today's card is "I surrender to a power greater than me". This message for me means turning to God for strength and focus to get back on track with taking care of ME. Becoming a mom has resulted in me putting myself on the furthest back burner possible. Today I ask God to help me find time for myself to exercise again. With a very busy job that limits my time with my son I often feel guilty doing anything before or after work other than spending time with my son...and I rush home at the end of each day to see him before he goes to bed, then try to protect time with my hubby after that; however, I know myself better than anyone and I know I'm my BEST SELF when physical activity is part of my routine. I feel better, have more energy and I'm much happier, thus more fun to be around 🤣🙋🏼💗 So my prayer today is to discover time for my time with Spirit, time for activity, time for my son, my husband and other responsibilities. Here's to taking back YOUR time! What's one thing you need to start saying "yes" to for yourself?
#lisakcoaching #metime #nomoremomguilt #surrender #spirit #godsgotthis #workit #getfit #prayer #meditation #spiritspeaks #acim #expectmiracles
#theuniversehasyourback card deck is by #gabriellebernstein

Teaching class tonight at 7, not just for warrior mamas, but our whole amazing DojoFit team! Let's slam the bags & celebrate what our bodies can do. Who's in tonight?? http://www.americandojo.com/mobile/events.asp #belongbelieveachieve #americandojo #dojofit #kickboxing #waukeshamoms #nomoremomguilt via @RiplApp



One more thing before I head to my business retreat in Utah tomorrow morning: a strep test for the brand new 10-year old. 😷 I hate to see my kids sick!! I am so super grateful to be building a career that goes anywhere I do, especially when that's the doctor's office or the couch for sicko snuggles. If you're a mama and sick to death of the mom guilt, too, let's talk. 👇🏻 #pleasedontbestrep #goldengirlssnugglesontap #andicecreamtoo

Mommy's art collection from Zach (aside from the tons of selfies of him in my phone). These are simple things for some, but for Moms like me it is the grandest structure. Have you seen the sequence? No one taught him about it, Im just lucky I caught it thru pictures. His game, his rules. #lifewithatoddler #nomoremomguilt

This past weekend I UGLY CRIED. Like snot uncontrollably bubbling out my nose eyes leaking tears like a faucet kind of ugly cry.
I have this flaw... the flaw of being extremely hard on myself and lately I've been piling it on. I piled it so high I no longer could see where I was going in life. I was feeling lost.
So this is me. Crawling out from underneath that pile and walking away from it. I WILL BE FREE from the bondage of unreasonable expectations I put on myself.
FREE INDEED. John 8:36

#befree #nomoremomguilt #boymom #toddlermom #freefromexpectations #theuglycry

It looks like she (Mila) lives here now!! This last 15 months have been so busy that I hadn't put one single photo up. The mom guilt is real folks! It bothered me every day. Thank you @becca.kate.rich for Mila's sweet birthday gift which was actually a gift for all of us! @lady.and.gent is the best and we are so fortunate to be blessed by them! #ladyandgentphotography #milamarianneellis #presleykateellis #wearefamily #nomoremomguilt #hallelujah #gallerywall #makesmesohappy #sighofrelief #nowtogetthemperfectlysituated #alwayssomething

Your Thursday reminder! This is something I have to remind myself, too. #suitesassypants #suiteheartsofthewest #wordstoliveby

Because there was a time in my life when I hated Mondays, dreaded the week to come, moved through my days very sluggish, was on survival mode until the weekend came.
Now... My days are full of energy, mind clarity, excitement, purpose, living and not just surviving.
Because living a lifestyle of health has changed my quality of life. Now I know what's it's like to really live because I learned how to take care of me first.
#goals #goalcrusher #gainz #goaldigger
#fitmom #boymom #fitfam #fitmom #toddlermom #getitdone #getfit #gethealthy #sahmlife #sahm #workit #youareworthit #yougotthis #momofone #loveyourself #noexcuses #chooseyourhard #sisterhood #motherhood #befree #nomoremomguilt #breakfree #breakthebondage #spreadyourwingsandfly #improve #growyourmind #youregrowingoryouredying

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