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Anyone else feel like they are raising the most "strong willed " child in the world? I straight up had to take a week off from almost everything in my life to focus , read a parenting book ( which I never do) and catch my breath🤕!! Nobody said raising future leaders would be easy , And sometimes you can't do it all. Learning to just do what I can and trying to focus on what's important ... like talking Juliette into switching her clothes only 2 or 3 times a day instead of 7 and that the color of your socks doesn't determine your day . Really 💖 my crew and all the challenges that are teaching me so much. #nomoremomguilt

This. This weekend of family & love was so wonderful! My heart is so grateful to have @tonidsullivan & @slimwarner bless our lives in so many ways. Laughter, love & happiness. Is there anything better than family? I think not. And... May I just say...My Goodness!!! I have just discovered the power & simplicity of #projectlife! Are you using it?!? That #projectlifeapp is seriously going to help me cherish our memories, stay on top of special moments and have access to the THOUSANDS of pictures we take (rather than on a drive or in the cloud somewhere.). WOWZA. #gamechanger #icanscrapbook #nomoremomguilt

Ok so let's talk about "Mom Guilt"... I know I'm not the only one that is plagued by it, but I'm not gonna let it get to me this time, even though Mila has to look at me like a puppy while I pack. 🐶
Next weekend I'm going to Nashville for a much needed girls weekend and normally,
I'd feel guilty for spending the money on a trip for myself versus one for our family.
I'd feel guilty for leaving my family.
I'd feel guilty for taking time off from work. Not this time, because my side business has made it possible for me take unpaid time off to spend with my family AND go on vacation. In fact, my paycheck for selling premium skincare paid for my upcoming trip, paid some bills 🙄 and I still have some extra cash to bring with me! It feels so good to be able to do something for myself because I know I've still put my family first! 💗 #nomoremomguilt #allaboutbalance #nashvillehereicome

For many moms getting back to their pre baby weight is an uphill climbs that seems almost impossible. I've climbed that hill 3 times now and it was harder each time. We tell ourselves it's too hard, I don't have enough time, I feel guilty leaving my kids. As mothers, wife's, sisters and friends we give of ourselves with out hesitation. I'm asking moms to give to themselves. You must feel full yourself before you can help fill others up. Fitness is one of the very few things in my life that is just for me. That I can call my own. A wonderful by-product of this is the opportunity it has given me to be a strong, healthy and active role model to my kids. Filling them with dedication, motivation and inspiration. Thank you to @resilience_fitness for keeping me in the game of health and for allowing me to share my story with other moms in your amazing community. #nomoremomguilt #loveyourselffirst #encouragement #resiliencefitness

It's ok Moms!
Sure we just celebrated 'our'day on Sunday...But please don't feel guilty when you want to take time for you!

Honest to goodness when I exercise daily, even for just 30 minutes, I am a better mom! I have a clearer head, I have more patience, I have more energy and I am healthy!
Your kids pick up on ALL of that!

Try it for just a week. Take some time every day to get in a quick workout - walk, run, cycle, press play like I do, find a workout online or on YouTube. JUST MOVE!
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4 days off with my girls! ☺️💖#nomoremomguilt

Yes, I deserve this. Working hard to hardly work. Catching up on some emails after a day at the beach, surfing and playing with the kids. Now, sitting on our balcony, watching the whales go by. You too deserve this. What's your next adventure? #elevatewellnesscenter #southlaketahoeacupuncture #nomoremomguilt

It's happy hour!! Baby is napping, hubs is at the gym, and mommy is squeezing in some me time. I used to have a hard time justifying me time after becoming a mom and felt guilty bc there is always so much to do. But I have found I am way more productive and a whole lot happier when this happens. After a quick kettlebell sesh, some quiet cool down is fabulous! #nomoremomguilt #releasethestress #healthyandhappyfamilies #peaceandquiettimeout

To all the #mom out there... this is what you should be doing, making an impact, having purpose besides hovering over your children, teaching them how to think, to be confident! #nomoremomguilt #noguilt it is an energy suck!


Truth: some days I hurt, badly. The doctors do not know exactly what is "wrong" with me. BUT, even if I'm on the couch covered in ice packs and a blanket, I'm working. In fact, I'm typing this from my chiropractor's office. It's monsoon season here in Vegas and it's tough on me. I don't give up even when my hands won't cooperate. Don't give up, Beauties, walk forward even if it is slowly. Much love, y'all!!!! 💋💄👸🏻

Yup. 🙌 Here's some "Monday motivation" for ya. Let's make an effort to stop with the mom guilt, caring what other people think, and the ridiculous expectations we put on ourselves. 🙋 Easier said than done I know but definitely worth trying. Let's cut ourselves some slack. We are doing a great job. 👊
#mondaymotivation #mondaymantra #nomoremomguilt #stopcaringwhatothersthink #stopunrealisticexpectations #youareenough #youareagreatmom
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Walk lightly.

We all feel frustrated at times. We all think we aren't doing as well as the person next to us. The truth is we only truly fail when we stop! A snail's pace is still a pace! So keep going however fast or slow life is moving at that moment! The only thing for certain is change.

So here we are, first challenge from my blog accomplished... I managed to have a bath this week! Let me tell you, it was bliss. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but there's something about a long, hot soak that really hits the spot for me. Tell me, what do you do to relax and when was the last time you did it?
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It's officially the first day of summer... and if you're anything like me, this might come with some mixed feelings. Why? Because it's the perfect time of year for that mom-guilt to rear it's ugly head.
Click below to read all about how I'm conquering my mom guilt this year #firstdayofsummer #nomoremomguilt #15minofawesome

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Listen up all you beautiful mamas! Yeah you!
Can we just stop mom guilting ourselves?
There are mornings where it is a mental struggle  to workout for me because all Bruce wants to do is snuggle in the morning. Since I work outside the home, I feel guilty when I don't spend as much time as I possible can with him. Taking 30 mins of my morning to workout instead of hanging with him if he is awake. I may even stuck him watching Paw Patrol which makes me feel even worse. .
I've had to let go of that guilt because Mamas we HAVE to take care of ourselves in order to be at our best for our families. .
What are you mom guilting yourself about? Is it causing you to not take care of yourself? .
Being a mom is hard work. It's hard for all of us no matter what our specific journey happens to be. I love that I have an amazing community of mamas that are committed to getting rid of the mom guilt, supporting each other and taking care of ourselves. .
Wanna join us? Comment below or send me a PM.

Do you have a family intolerant to dairy, and have been wondering how to get more calcium in their diet? I used to be one of those parents. With a husband and children who are lactose intolerant, dairy isn't usually on the menu, however I recently found out that I have products in my home that contains just as much calcium as dairy. Read all about it on the blog, it just might surprise you.
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New blog post up! 4 tips to get you through those long, tiring days in the newborn stage. Feel free to share what helps you! Link in bio. .
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You guys, I've been seeing so many mom's saying "I'm a bad mom" lately and I totally get it. I feel it too. But today I wanna talk about why there are no bad moms. The link is in my profile or type in tangledupinjoy.com to check it out! #momlife #momblogger #findingjoyinthejourney #selflove #momguilt #nomoremomguilt

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

This holographic nail wrap is called Shining Personality. Ain't it perfect??? Link in bio ☝🏻for more designs.

#spreadsomesparkle #holographicnails #treatyoself #sparklenails

Being tired completely sucks when you're a parent, but just know you don't need to feel like that. My favorite thing about sharing Thrive is the results people have and how much better they feel and how it changes their lives for the better! I love making people feel their absolute best http://thrivingcerena.le-vel.com #LifeChanging #MomLife #DadLife #ParentLife #NoMoreMomGuilt #WorthItsWeightInGold #Thrive #Thriving #BeTheMomYouWantThemToRemember #BeInvolved #KeepUpWithTheKidos @thrive_global

🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 preach!! #nomoremomguilt #stopthemomguilt #csectionmommy #proud #csectionsarerealbirths #momoftwins
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Skip the guilt. Go straight to the weird. [@skidmarking]

Why blend in when you can stand out?⠀

Today's colour pop is summery and feminine: Turquoise.⠀

What a perfect outfit for a Summer party. Monochromatic. Neutral except for the colour pop.⠀

Which mani would you pair with this outfit? 1-2-or 3?⠀

Nail Wraps featured: (1) Mystic Blue with Diamond Dust Sparkle; (2) Fountain Of Youth with Masterpiece; (3) Fly Away with Metallic Chrome Silver. Link in bio for more nail designs.⠀

#colorpop #turquoiseaddict #fashionlove #expressyourself

He said "Send me a nude".⠀
So, I did.⠀

Manicures don't need to be crazy (or on the other end of the spectrum, boring). You can add just a hint of personality by layering a clear wrap over your Lacquer or gel mani. Love it? Or Leave it?⠀

#layeredmani #expressyourself #maniperfection #simplemani #classicmani

Boho. Festival style. I'm totally digging this look for the Summer!⠀

Which mani do you vote for to wear with this look? 1-2- or 3?⠀

Featured Nail Wraps: (1) Mai Tai with Hippie Chic; (2) Shining Personality; (3) Juicy paired with Caribbean Coral. Link in bio☝🏻for more possibilities.⠀

#festivalstyle #bohochic #hippiestyle #expressyourstyle #trendymom

Yay for the kiddo having a day off!! Yay for cellular service areas!! So thankful for phone calls and texting today...and for this blessing of a kid we have.

Mamas, trust this - God has His hand in the midst of your parenting. Every day, every minute. Let go of guilt brought on from agonizing over perceived or real missteps. There were plenty of times that I had to apologize to my child, seek his forgiveness. Guess what? There isn't a single thing he has held onto...well, maybe destroying his belief in Santa Clause in the middle of Walgreens... Sorry bud.

We spend a few years running the race with our kiddos alongside of us...then they start running their own...My race is changing right now, it does that when our kids start running their own. Oh, and all the emotions run too, so there's that. But in all of it...ALL of it...there has always been #joyinthejourney .

#runyourrace #momguilt #nomoremomguilt #goridehorses #thankful #apologizetoyourchildren #forgiveness #sorrythiswassolong

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