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'Me too' means starting to stop apologizing for men; too often women can't call out abuse and harassment for fear of greater consequences. We enforce their silencing the less we acknowledge that, me too.
#WomenWhoRoar ✊️ #MeToo @badasscrossstitch #NoMoreExcuses

Günaydın ❤️ mutlu hafta sonları...
Haftanın son partner videosu, partnerim @didembicerrr
Tulum için : @lisyana_com


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In the morning, the lower berth of the 2nd class overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Clearing some stuff off of my phone and came across some of my old #shamelessgymselfies 😄 Spent this past year learning how to take care of my mind and spirit and now it's time to get back on track with taking care of my body! No more half ass work outs and crap food... well, except tacos. I'm keeping my tacos. 🌮 #nomoreexcuses #findingbalance

Nouvelle option : LE SHOW ÉTINCELANT avec des fontaines qui NE BRÛLE PAS, NE FUME PAS. On peut désormais les mettres dans toutes les salles de réceptions !! Www.randydj.com #NoMoreExcuses #TheBestOrNothing

When your kids motivate you to be a better you. #nomoreexcuses #notalwaysfun

Así literalmente, sé tu propio héroe, tu propia motivación. Instagram está muy bien para buscar motivación, seguir el día a día de gente que se supera, que compite no solo en un tarima, gente que compite contra sus propios miedos, sus inseguridades, luchas internas que se libran día a día. Cuando no tienes ganas, cuando crees que no puedes más, cuando tus amigos o compañeros te dicen va por comer un poco de esto no te va a pasar nada y tú sabes decir que no, cuando tú yo interior te dice: Para qué? Por qué lo haces? Por qué cenar brócoli y no un pizza... pues simple! Porque quieres ser tu mejor versión, luchar contra la gula, la pereza y la ansiedad. A mi personalmente me ha servido de mucho, me ha hecho comprometerme conmigo misma de manera pública y ayudarme en los días que nada tenía sentido. Aquí estoy hoy aún con mucho trabajo por delante, pero feliz y motivada, con 20kg menos, feliz de hacer dieta, tener agujetas y sobretodo haber aprendido tanto de mi, de mis límites, de mi constancia y de mi voluntad que mueve montañas si es necesario. Esto ya no solo es una dieta, es un estilo de vida, unas ganas de superación constante, un saber que QUERER es PODER.
Gracias a @diegorm91 que está ahí día a día apoyándome y recordándome que yo puedo.
A mi mitad, @training.around.the.world que no sólo me ha enseñado a hacer sentadillas, sino que ha creído en mi y me ha apoyado siempre en todo.
Son los pilares de mi vida y saben que sin ustedes, yo no.
Y por supuesto gracias a @hector_defez que me ha guiado en este camino. Aún nos queda mucho por hacer, pero cuando busco en la galería a la Fanny de antes pienso que yo sin competir aún, ya he ganado.
Gracias! ❤️
Pd: Si he subido 2 fotos sin filtros y una en ropa interior, a lo loco! 😂
#gymtime #gymmotivation #fitnessgirl #gogogo #estavezsiquierespuedes #nomoreexcuses #healthylife #vegetarian #happiness #progreso #empiezanlosjuegosdelhambre #atopedepawer #fearless #superaciónyprogreso #newlife #voluntadinfinita #trabajoduro #todollega #pocoapoco #mischicos #graciasportanto #nomefaltennunca #miapoyo #mifuerza💪 #bemorestrong #sinmiedo #a30.000w #throwback #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #eatclean


So I struggle with a night time eating disorder, I've decided to go back to cognitive behavioural therapy to work on strategies to overcome this ... I trian hard, I don't want to jeopardize that!
#trainhard #eatbetterfeelbetter #nomoreexcuses

Just incase that business meeting at Nakatomi Plaza goes bad... here is a great option to carry medical gear WITH YOU!!!
Bag: @vertx_official 15” Laptop Sleeve w/ Tacti-gami inserts.
TQ: SOFTTWIDE from @tacmed_solutions
Hemostatic: Combat Gauze from QuickClot
TQ holster: Flatpack tq carrier from @phlster
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REGISTER AT VAUGHNFIT.COM#vaughnfit #wardancetrainingcenter #mindsoulfitoc #hillcrestparkfullerton #lionsfieldfullerton #nomoreexcuses #loseweighnow #transformation #personaltrainer #grouptrainer #fit #fitness

Pics from my morning walk. 🌧, hail or shine #nomoreexcuses

Success besties! @antheajanebiggs
On the way home after a good evening of talks and some great meet and greets for our new business venture.

We may be starting an online health and fitness business but hey we are human too. Both of us were starving and McDonalds was the call we wanted to make tonight!

It’s totally ok to relax, enjoy yourself, and then get back on it as soon as you can.

This evening was fab with lots of chatter with my new found friend, both working this business and both learning as we go!

p.s the McDonald’s was gone in under 10 minutes 🙈 .
#nomoreexcuses #sayyestoadventure #workingonme #workingonmyfitness #workingonmygoals #outofyourcomfortzone #challengeyourself #aspiretobebetter #gettingfit #essexgirl #busylife #shortgirlsdoitbetter #shortgirl #exerciselover #fromfattofit #mystory #myjourneyneverstops #weightlossjourneyuk #ukgirl #believeinyou #believeinyourdream #workoutdone #workoutathome #fitnessinspo #healthjourney #gettinghealthy

A lot of people find that they live their world in defense. It's because most of us have been hurt. So we make choices trying our best to prevent ever "losing" the game of life again. For most this fear causes them to shut the outside world out. They keep their true, emotions, feelings, dreams and desires inside. They never take risks. They live life small on purpose. It's as though their inner world is their house and the outside world is the enemy. So they become emotional homebodies. Refusing to leave the safety of their comfort zone.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
I am the opposite of this. The scariest place for me has been my inner world. So I spend my days living boldly on the outside. I take risks and chances. I throw myself into the things that scare me as long as those scary things won't take place in the four walls of my soul. And although I truly am bold, outgoing and a risk taker by nature, I am starting to realize how I have used these gifts as a crutch to try and mask the limp. Not from the world but from myself. I'm not scared of being honest and vulnerable. But I am terrified of feeling pain. And in the hallways of my heart are memories that haunt me. There are deep seated lies that are carved into the foundation. It's as though I've been trying to cover them with happier memories. Like a picture strategically placed over a hole on the wall. But the hole, lies and pain are still there. Waiting. Festering.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I'm acknowledging the limp. I have opened the door of my heart and accessed the damage. I take a deep breath, remove the picture and stare at the hole. Waves of pain hit me. And it hurts just as bad as I thought it would, but it didn't take me out like I expected. So here's to repairing holes instead of hiding them. Here's to addressing the very lies I have built my whole life on. Here's to no longer being a stranger in my own home. Instafam, especially my creative, hustle and conquer the world type friends. Keep creating, inspiring and changing the world. Just make sure that while you are out there not to forget about the condition of your soul. It's your home. ❤️

Do not let your love for someone excuse or except their behavior! You can love someone and let them know they being a fuck ass person. IN FACT, that IS love!!! Being honest and not allowing them to be a toxic person in your life, is love in it's highest form... not just love of them, but love of YOURSELF!!! Love them enough to be REAL. Love YOURSELF enough to be FREE!!!! It is OKAY!!!!! Family and friendship should NOT determine the space you allow someone to fill in your life! If they are a GOOD energy, keep them around, if not..... ✂✂✂✂🤷🏽
#FoodForThoughtFriday #FoodForThought #CutEmOff #CutThemOff #NoMoreExcuses #ItsOkay #Toxic #Toxicity #ToxicPeople #Friend #Friends #Family #ThinkAboutIt #FuckEm #Fuckit #LoveYourself #SelfLove #NoExcuses #NoExcuse #Enabler #FreeYourself

When your kids motivate you to be a better you. #nomoreexcuses #notalwaysfun

TrueSapiens embrace struggle.
The mediocre avoid it.
The mediocre attempt to avoid struggle at all costs. Their aims and objectives are nothing more than wishes because of it. Some will cross their fingers and hope their wish just happens to come true. Others will become bitter that life isn't going their way, blaming anything and everyone that it isn't, because they believe they are 'entitled' to reward. They are just not willing to do what is necessary to succeed.

TrueSapiens accept the struggle. They know what it is that they want and CHOOSE to STRUGGLE to ACHIEVE it. They understand that there is a price to pay to achieve something of value and willingly accept to pay it.
Be TrueSapien. Reject Mediocrity.
#TrueSapien #BeTrueSapien #challenge #TeamTrueSapien #ukrunchat #ocr #challengelife #triathlontraining #rejectmediocrity #functionalfitness #teamenertor #beyourbest #roadcycling #trailrun #instarunner #swimbikerun #roadbike #ukfitfam #functionalfitness #instafit #outdoorfitness #fitnessadvice #parkrun #openwaterswim #lifestyleadvice #calisthenics #nomoreexcuses #spartanraceuk #activeliving #getoutdoors

I’ve been struggling some in the food 🍩department. SO! To help me stay accountable, I’m going to keep better track of meals 🥗and be more aware of what I’m putting in this body💃🏼. Started the day off right with some bracos 🌮! I’ll take that as a win so far 😉.

I'm so excited about this week's menu! I will try to take pics of every meal/snack if I can remember before devouring it. #healthyonabudget
First up, poached eggs with asparagus toast and a side of fruit 💚 I've got BIG goals for the next 10 months and they can't wait until after the holidays.😎💪 If you wanna get a head start on the new year, hit me up 😘✌

Gettin ready to go deliver for my second time now a prize to my winner last month!!! Who will win next month? YOU? Did you even know I gave away brand new Nikes to challengers? The way I see it we all work a little harder when there’s a prize at the end of the rainbow! And since I’m all about giving back I’m giving away Nike pair number 3 in the November “Hope Hustlers” group!!! Let me help you get in a healthy stare to enter those holiday festivities! When you enroll with me you don’t just get my insane coaching and daily motivation! You also get a complete 21 day meal plan 🍴 30 minute a day workouts 🏋🏼‍♀️ 30 days of super dense nutrition in a desert that tastes like cake 🍰 and above all else most importantly an accountability group that’s there FOR YOU! And of course a new pair of shiny Nikes! 👟So who’s in? Drop me an “I’m in” in the comments and let’s do this together 👭👯💃🏼 ✨ sorry this only applies to new challengers not currently a coach or working with a coach ✨

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