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Je nani una mfahamu anachangamoto ya kupata choo (constipation)?
Ni wewe au Ndugu yako?

Kwa kutumia virutubisho vya asili juice ya Aloe vera gel na Fields of Greens mchanganyiko wa mboga za majani zitakusaidia kupata choo kilaini, kuongeza kinga ya mwili, kuondoa sumu mwilini na kuongeza damu.

+255 766 205 606

I just got my "Regular" supplement in the mail Friday and I can't wait to get started.
Regular does so much to support your colon health:
✅ balance and cleanse your intestine
✅ cleanse toxins from your body
✅ restore normal colon function
✅ gentle and safe
✅ balance colon PH
✅ alleviate bloating
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I never knew this was such an issue💩 with so many peie of you need help message me I would love to help you😊

I used to have very poor digestive system leading to acne outbreaks cus my body can't detox properly by going to toilet everyday.
But with a healthy diet paired with my 2 favourite now; Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics, I can go 💩 even twice a day on most days! Which is supposed to be a healthy number btw.
These are definitely a MUST-FOLLOW-ME when I travel cus I always constipate when I go overseas!
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UNAJUA KUA tatizo la kutokupata choo mara kwa mara au kupata choo kigumu ndio sababu ya tatizo la BAWASILI?(vimbe sehemu ya haja kubwa)
Inawezekana kabisa kuzuia chanzo icho na kuzuia BAWASILI kabisa

Je nani unamfahamu anachangamoto ya kupata choo(constipation)? Je ni wewe, rafiki au ndugu yako mwenye tatizo hili ungependa kumsaidia?

Watu wengi tunakula jumatatu hadi jumapili lakini kuna watu hawapati choo kilaini siku3-5 ndani ya wiki. Jambo ambalo ni hatari kwa afya yako.

Kwa kutumia ALOE VERA GEL(Juice iliyotengenezwa kutokana na mmea wa ALOE VERA) na FIELDS OF GREEN( mchanganyiko wa mboga mboga za majani) ni lishe na virutubisho vya asili zitakusaidia kuboresha mmengenyo wako wa chakula kufanya kazi vizuri na hatimae kupata choo kilaini.
FAIDA ZA BIDHAA HIZI *Husaidia kuondoa sumu mwilini ambazo tunazipata kutoka kwenye vyakula, vinywaji, moshi wa magari n.k.
*Husaidia kuongeza damu mwilini na kuruhusu mzunguko wako wa damu kufanya kazi vizuri.
*kudhibiti kiwango cha sukari mwilini( ni nzuri sana kwa wenye matatizo ya kisukari)
*Husaidia kuongeza kinga ya mwili na kuongeza nguvu mwilini.
*Husaidia kuondoa mafuta sehemu mbalimbali mwilini
*husaidia kuondoa vimbe mbalimbali mwilini na kuwasaidia hata wenye vidonda vya tumbo.

Kwa maelezo na msaada zaidi juu ya hili wasiliana nasi kwa +255718373761 Whatssap/tuma msg au piga tukusaidie.
#Kumbuka bidhaa hizi si dawa ni virutubisho lishe tu na hazina kemikali yenye madhara kwa afya yako.

Whole grain, low gluten pasta. High in iron and fiber. I am making Italian sauce so this will be the spaghetti of choice today.

Plant fiber increases transit time in your intestines and feeds your good gut bacteria. Eating more of a plant-based diet will provide you with more minerals and vitamins.

When you wake up to your oldest boy crying and saying he has to go to the bathroom but nothing is coming out and he is scared he will miss school......GREENS to the rescue! Seriously helps with 💩💩 and keeping you and the kids regular!! He even loves the taste of it!! #nomoreconstipation #greensareamazing #poorkiddo #greensreallydohelp

Don't usually eat healthy but this is worth trying 🍌 #nomoreconstipation


NO MORE KIDDIE CONSTIPATION FOR THIS LITTLE DUDE!! 🙌🙌💃🕺💃🕺😊 Never in my life BC (before children) did I think I'd get so excited about poops 💩... Anyone who can relate knows just how crappy kiddie pooping issues can be right? Like seriously awful!! Seeing my little man in pain day in, day out, going just once or twice each week, tears every time and excruciating to the point where he'd rather hold on to avoid the whole process (making the next attempt even worse)... it was super distressing for everyone!! 😥

Well... woop woop 🙌 we found our long-term solution hallelujah!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 All natural and full of wholefood goodness for little bodies - these super chews have had our little guy's bowels moving errrrry single day for months now!! Excitement is a total understatement!!!!! 😀😀😀💃🕺💃🕺 No more poop pain and no more nasty short-term medicated fixes for us. We'll be using these babies forever 💩💩💩😉. With these results 'right under my nose' I reckon it's my duty to share right? If you're at the point where you'd try ANYTHING to help your kiddies go then I def wouldn't hesitate to give these a try!! If they can do for anyone else what they've done for us then I have no doubt we'll all be stoked! Very happy to pass on deets 💋X

Desayuno de mi hijo mayor.
Un huevo de pato frito bien tostadito y fresas. El pequeño pidió huevo revuelto con jamón... Más sencillo imposible. Nutritivo y saludable.
Y de almuerzo un sándwich de jamón hecho con panquecas paleo. Hay días con más vegetales, hay días con menos, no importa... Y durante todo el día la bebida es agua...
En la semana mis hijos comen con muy poca azúcar y sin granos ni cereales, pero cuando comemos fuera de casa tienen mucha más libertad, por ej pueden tomarse un jugo o una Sprite, o comerse un trozo de torta (pastel) o un poco de helado.
Como dice el dicho "el veneno está en la dosis"...
Yo no creo en comer de todo "en moderación", yo creo en comer una dieta muy saludable y hacer alguna que otra excepción...

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Tummy massage combined with leg yoga works wonders for windy babies #relieveswind #relievescolic #nomoreconstipation #trumpybabies

This jam packed pill changed my life! It's full of natural plant-based goodness waiting to change yours too! 💊Probio5 - (our probiotic)
- This is our probiotic with an anti-fungal, digestive enzymes & 5 varied strands of "good" bacteria; and it specifically helps with sugar cravings, fatigue, anxiety, depression and "brain fog." - It helps restore proper intestinal balance. If you have ever been on a lot of meds then this one would be very important - it helps level out the yeast/bacteria balance in your system. When we take antibiotics they kill all the good AND bad bacteria at the same time. This throws the yeast/good bacteria ratio out of balance ... and results in yeast overgrowth (known as Candida). - ProBio5 also has added enzymes specifically targeted to break down the candida wall. It's incredible in eliminating allergies!

If you pair this with any two other items this month, I will pay for shipping! Better yet if join my team I will take $15 off! 👊🏻👊🏻
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Do you suffer from......Vacation Constipation?! 🤢😳💩
Of course, you would NEVER talk about it if you were. 🤐

Guess what, you are NOT ALONE! I’m here to help raise 💩 awareness. Lol! 😂
If you’re not eliminating EVERY DAY, that’s not normal. And all of those toxins are just building up in your intestines. YUK! No wonder you feel crappy. 😷

When you are ready to talk about your 💩 problem, call me 📲, message me 📩... I have the solution. 🙋🏻 #bloating #gas #constipated #ibsrelief #naturalremedy #happytummy #digestivehealth #probiotics #healthygut #feelbetter #vacationtummy #holidaybloatbegone #nomoreconstipation #plantbased #fitmom #highprotein

This was my Story!! Because of Iaso Tea, I said yes!!!! Because of Iaso Tea, I am now a REGULAR. Releasing hasnt been a problem in 3 yrs. Not Only did I lose 5lbs. In 5 days, But no longer use over the counter meds. Every other day to force waste out of my body.

Coconut oil aids problematic constipations, pass faeces freely when you use coconut oil to cook your meal, drink your tea or coffee. It can be consumed raw.
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🗣Our 2 for 1 special has been EXTENDED! Buy 1 cleanse get 1 FREE! A 2-month DETOX and REBOOT supply for only $36.00 😧 You can finally kiss STOMACH BLOATING 🤰and CONSTIPATION goodbye, remove toxins 💩 and improve digestion! 😋🍛 Click the link in my BIO or comment "DETOX" 👇right away to order. PROMO ends 7/27 @ 11.59 PM CT 🗣

It's time to clean your guts! The It Works! 2-day Cleanse (Detox) is on sale BOGO FREE!!! until Tuesday, July 25th at 11:59 EST. Order yours today on: www.keepmovin.myitworks. com or message me. #getthepoopout, #nomoreconstipation, #getthesludgeouttahere

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Getwithtara.vidadivina.com @ order

So Matthew has had constipation issues since he was a baby 😥😥😥 his poop 💩 was so big it would clog the toilet, some one of you are saying that's TMI, no it's not because there's other parents or people dealing with this same issue & I want to tell you I've found something natural that has helped him!!!! It's so nice when your sons poops 💩 & says mommy it doesn't hurt anymore!!!! Thank you Plexus we will NEVER be without Plexus it's changed my life & now it's changed Matthews life.
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This tea has been a life saver. The good news is I've lost 9lbs. In 10 days on #keto but the bad news is my digestive pipes have not been moving very well 😕. I remembered I had this cleansing tea and oh my word, yes. 😁!
#ketogenicdiet #zija #thankyou #nomoreconstipation #losingweightjourney #sheddingpounds

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