Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️ #moresnow #playingoutside #winter #winterwonderland #nomorecamping

Road trip down the south west coast starting in Margaret river for wine and chocolate tasting. On to Albany jewel cave tour, field of Lights, Valley of the Giants treetop walk and crazy waves at the coast. Slept in the car and ended up giving up with camping having a Chinese at a hostel #swcoast #margaretriver #albany #nomorecamping #valleyofthegiants

Here’s to our furniture arriving tomorrow, a week earlier than we were expecting!! 💃🕺 #nomorecamping #cantwaittosleepinarealbed #movinginterstate #hopetounWA

Bye bye RTT see you next season 😩#winterlooks #nomorecamping #jeep #wrangler #jku #tiny

Introducing the newest member of our neighborhood watch. 🐈 😄
#nomorecamping #thankyouJesus

On and we’re back in Fitzroy. We first got a vegan brownie , we then bought beer, we then walked a bit more and then we passed out in a proper bed. Ah bliss. #fitzroy #melbourne #civilisation #return #backstreetsback #canibourneontour #nomorecamping #soulfoodchaibar

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the same body I saw this time last year!!! But the numbers on the scales and the size of the clothes tell a different story !!! I love spending €11 on these jeans compared to €40 on a pair that looked like a tent for camping!!!! And that never looked flattering but I wore them regardless cos “they fitted” 4st 31/2 lbs gone only 101/2 lbs to my first target !!!! #slimmingworld #pennyshun #nomorecamping #livingmybestlife

Late dinner and a western for my first night in my new home. ❤

#nomorecamping #theLordismystrength #thankyouJesus

Least private loo experience of the last month. #nomorecamping

Cute 1 bed apartment in the gorgeous Vejer de la Frontera. Who gets the double room all to themselves and who shares the sofa bed in the living space? #parentscomesecond #imstillhappy #nomorecamping

The camping is over! Our stuff is here. Now it will finally feel like a home! #wearenotinfloridaanymore #atlasvanlines #billthedriver #home #movingin #nomorecamping

Sixteen months #postTBI and we now have a rental whare for tiki & me 🌱 Grateful to those who helped me move in 🙏🏽
#nomorecamping #holisticwellness

Almost done.... ❤

#nomorecamping #thankyouJesus

Khaki is the new black 💚 for anyone wondering how my camping trip went I don’t think I’ll be going again anytime soon. I got attacked by mosquitos so badly on my legs I’ll be wearing pants for awhile. It was so windy I thought my tent was going to blow away and it was scary walking to the toilet at night. 😂😂 #nomorecamping #khaki #greeneyes #makeuplooks #glam #makeupinspo

I wish we could go again soon but omfg we would freeze our nips off... no joke!! It gets way to cold at night now!! #freezing #nomorecamping #nomoresummerfun #getyourbootson #pinkhairdontcare #spunky #lol #sharethelove #vancouverisland

🚴‍♂️ Day 172: Toksun ➡️ Turpan 🇨🇳 54km 🚴‍♂️: "Today was my last day riding as part of The Long Way Home team. We have ridden along lush landscapes, beautiful coastlines, scorching deserts + freezing mountain passes; camped in derelict houses, drains, bus shelters + wedding halls; stood tall against scary dogs + ignored noises of hungry rats; eaten at least one hundred snickers bars each and very questionable looking meat; been constantly surprised (and humbled) by the kindness of strangers + the ability to communicate well without speaking the same language - memories I will take away with me on this trip of a lifetime!
I remember Becs buying bike touring books long before we started and I thought she was ridiculous. She dreamed of biking across the world and didn't think it would be that hard. Before I knew it I had quit my job and left behind my very supportive boyfriend + friends for 6 months. I'll be forever grateful that she let me tag along for the ride!
Additionally to Becs successfully navigating us to the middle of the Chinese desert, she's planned our visas to perfection, fixed all my punctures (without complaint), rewired my solar panel, unbent my wonky tyres, mastered our cooking stoves, eaten 'interesting' food offered to both of us so we didn't appear rude, patiently waited for me to pack my bags every morning + calmed my fears when I heard noises outside of our tent (everytime we camped).
She's been so kind and encouraged me when I have struggled and been brave + strong when one of us needed to be!
As I tag out, another equally brave + strong kiwi cyclist tags in. Kat Phillips is traversing China with Becs to raise money for much-needed bikes in support of @worldbicyclerelief. Kat is a total legend to undertake this challenge during winter.
Big love also to our original windblocker ET who is working hard to smash her 4th Olympics, and Char who looked after us so well post-crash in Iran. Thanks girls!
So.. it's been a total privilege riding halfway home with my bestie Becs supporting the Forward Foundation. For anyone contemplating a trip like this I couldn't recommend it more (just make sure you have your own Becs to show you the way)."

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