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You don’t need a conversation to get closure. Leaving is closure. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE 1-800-799-7233 THEY will believe you‼️

No more "Boys will be Boys" talk in 2018! #repost @refinery29

“Boys will be...good humans” because isn’t that really what we are all here to be...😃🙏🏼#nomoreboyswillbeboys #boyswillbegoodhumans💙 #goodhumans

Bravo 👏🏻 👏🏻 What a powerful speech by Oprah tonight at the #goldenglobes2018 For far too long women have been silenced. Enough is enough #timesup #metoo #cecillebdemille #oprahspeech #riseofthefeminine #riseofthefemale #goddessrising #speakyourtruth #nomeansno #nomoreboyswillbeboys #crushthepatriarchy

You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice and the way I look at myself. You took that all away from me when you did what you did I take extra precautions now because you took so much from me, but as of today you will no longer have that hold on me you may have taken all that from me but I will be more than the pain you caused me.
#itsnotyourfault #nomoreboyswillbeboys #nomorevictimblaming

Cropped repost from @visionsandvibez ! I used to say this to my friend who had a boy a lot, also about her husband, but she always told me that I am too sensitive about everything. I couldnt handle the dynamic eventually.. But I am so gald I see this written on here!!! .
On the other note, if people accept that phrase to be real, then its admitting that boys are fucking stupid. And they are moron to be proud of that phrase, like in Korean saying, "its spitting on your own face." They should be proud when they are viewed as someone who can think critically and be responsible for their actions, not when they are seen as people who can only act on their urges and be unable to understand the human interaction/emotion/basic human rights. .
#heldaccountable #fortheiractions #nomoreboyswillbeboys #equality

Keep laughing-- it's the best act of resistance we got. -@glennondoyle

One of the most important things I do as a parent is to have continual, "Don't be that guy" dialogue with my sons on consent, harassment, complacency, etc. #metoo #beyondthehashtag #nomoreboyswillbeboys

#metoo I was very hesitant to post this because a lot of family follows my account and not many of them now but after seeing so many people in my life speak up its important as women we stand together and put an end to this #stopchildsexualabuse #nomoreboyswillbeboys #iwasonly8 #staystrong #youarenotalone

No I will not stay silent anymore and give rapists and predators that power. I am a woman. I am valuable. I am a human being. I am not an object. You do not get to catcall me or grab me as if you own me. You do not get to hold me down and force yourself on me or in me. What gives you that right? I'm breaking my silence. When I was 12, a close friend of mine violated me in a way I could've never imagined he would do. I trusted him. I did not ask for it. I never said yes. It changed my outlook on men, relationships, sex... I thought all men were out to get me. But it's a shame that women are told always be cautious, always be on alert especially at night. How about we teach boys and men, hey perhaps you keep your hands to yourself. Perhaps you don't objectify women and you treat them with respect. And maybe you don't force yourself on a woman who you see as "easy prey." And also when a woman says NO, she means it. You stop. My attacker did not have to hunt me down on the street. I was in a place I thought I was safe. Another man attempted to assault me when I was 16 in my own home. Unfortunately I've seen too many "me too" posts. It's a bigger issue than some people like to believe. End it now. "Most rapists don't hunt on the streets, they hunt where they're trusted." - Olivia Benson. Please know that I stand with other survivors. I see you, I believe you. I am always here for you. DM me if you would like to talk about anything 💚💙 #MeToo #NoMoreSilence #NoMoreBoysWillBeBoys #WeAreWomen #WeMatter #EndSexualViolence

Not that long ago, I had a group of 8-10 year old boys who made a game out of touching my butt and the other girls around me. The men who were in charge of them didn’t do a thing about it. And the boys thought it was okay. It’s time to hold men accountable for their actions. No more #boyswillbeboys. It’s time to stop harassing women and saying it’s a “compliment,” learn to accept no as an answer. Stop blaming women for what happened to them, start blaming the men who think that what they did was justified by the type of clothes she was wearing. It’s time for change. #metoo #nomoreboyswillbeboys #change

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