Have you done your push ups? This was Zali and I two years ago and it’s amazing how some things don’t change.
We do our push ups on bench tops in our kitchen when our pasta is cooking, at the park when playing if we see any benches or steps we love doing our 10-20 push ups.
Daily movement and consistency is what keeps our bodies functioning, feeling happy and healthy. 👫👭👬 @nomadz6 @danistevens365

“May this marriage be full of laughter, our everyday in paradise.” - Rumi

Happy 12th wedding anniversary 💍 my love. Thanks for giving me your smile everyday 😄 and our beautiful 👫👬👭 @nomadz6 family.
I love you endlessly @adrianjstevens 💋💋💋

We love SYDNEY especially catching up with friends. Thank you so much @charleston_poet for allowing our boys Dash and Oscar to spend a memorable weekend together.
This is what life is all about.
We love you 😘 who else loves Sydney? 👫👬👭 @Nomadz6

When we travel with our children we give them something that can never be taken away from them....memories, experience and a way of living.
Where’s your next travel adventure? 👬👫👭 @nomadz6

Being a stay at home mum of 4 I’ve had my fair share of “fight or flight” moments. I’m slowly starting to realise not to “sweat the small stuff”. Life is all about life-ing, things happen for a reason.
To either teach us something we haven’t learnt or to remind us not to make the same mistakes again.
I find slowing down and being still is one of the main steps in keeping myself calm and focused especially keeping our family healthy and happy. Here are my fave top 3 deep breathing facts I read;
Deep Breaths = Less Stress and Better Digestion. Slow deep breaths help to activate parasympathetic nervous system, which is when the body gets the chance to recuperate, regenerate, and heal. Very important to help keep a healthy immune system and get out of our “fight or flight state”. Those of you suffering from poor #digestion, bloating, or #constipation will benefit from learning how to put your body into “rest and #heal” state and activate parasympathetic nervous system. This is the only state when your body can digest food efficiently.
Deep breath = More Awareness. The more #awareness you have in the present moment, the more likely you are to connect with your intuition or internal teacher. Your body knows how and what to feed itself to be healthy, how much and how often to move, and how much to rest. It is a matter of learning to listen to that voice aind understand it. The slower you breathe, the more likely you are to hear that internal teacher.
Slower Breaths = Better Relationships. Most relationships would be better if people were less reactive. Can you imagine if instead of saying something mean, you were able to mentally step back and chill before talking? Wouldn’t that be nice? The state of your mind affects the breath, the reverse is true as well. When you are angry are breath is fast and shortened. When you are relaxed, your breath is slow and complete (hopefully!). The next time you are arguing with someone try taking longer deeper breaths. Notice how that can quickly reduces anger and allows you to look at the situation from a new perspective.

The power of #pranayama 🙏🏼#ds365yoga

XxDani @danistevens365 365 Lifestyle Motivator 👫👬👭 #nomadz6

Thank you to my beautiful #Serbian Mother for giving me the gift of being a mother 👫👬👭@Nomadz6
Happy Mother’s Day to all past, present and future Mamas. 💐

365 Lifestyle Motivator

That’s right. I sleep and yawn whenever I can. Long walks with @danistevens365 do you realise she makes me do her 10,000 steps everyday 🤣🤣🤣

My girlfriends forever 👭I love their smiling faces everyday 😁my tongue just got in the way with my pearly white teeth 😉

For more fun check out my @nomadz6 👫👬👭@danistevens365 family fun!!!!

Some things in life simply fill your heart without even trying ♥️ @nina_red_miss_frenchie 🐶
We are truly blessed to have Nina in our life.
Are you a cat or dog lover?

365 Lifestyle Motivator

Kids waffles @home.eat.drink.love $8 all day everyday. Next time you’re in between Byron Bay and Gold Coast stop by at our new cafe in Pottsville, NSW
We can’t wait to welcome you at home. 👫👬👭

Nothing beats quick and easy to prepare roasted vegetable wraps with our hero @australiansweetpotatoes vegetable.
Sweet potatoes 🍠 are so good for our growing children and their little tummies. They are high in fibre which promote a healthy digestive system and help keep kids regular. Our @nomadz6 👫👬👭 love them 😋 *One serve for children is 75g.

365 Lifestyle Motivator

What a privilege I have to hold these precious little hands. To guide them, to help them, to believe in them, to support them and most of all hold them with unconditional love.
I will miss my beautiful @nomadz6 👫👬👭 children as they go back to school this week. Such happy memories and priceless treasures I will forever hold dear in my heart.
This is one of the many reasons I decided to give up my corporate life and 6 figure salary to be paid the best job in the world as a stay at home mum and 365 Lifestyle Motivator.
I’m truly blessed 🙏🏼 to live such a happy and fulfilled life #dreamjob #dreamlife #dreambig
Click to read more on why we should hold hands in my profile or visit DaniStevens.com.
Happy Monday 💋💋💋 XxDani
365 Lifestyle Motivator

Truly blessed my parents chose to migrate to Australia 🇦🇺 so I can teach our kids about #AnzacDay and how lucky we are to live in such an amazing country #LestWeForget 🌹

#Repost @danistevens365 with @get_repost
You are the 🍍pineapple of my eye. Cold press juices have never tasted so good. Come visit our new @home.eat.drink.love cafe over the school holidays for your favourite juices.
What’s your fave combo? Mine is 🍍🍏🍋 HAPPY MONDAY! #homeeatdrinklove

365 Lifestyle Motivator

You are the 🍍pineapple of my eye. Cold press juices have never tasted so good. Come visit our new @home.eat.drink.love cafe over the school holidays for your favourite juices.
What’s your fave combo? Mine is 🍍🍏🍋 HAPPY MONDAY!

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I love it when I flick my auto office reply to; “If you need me I’ll be down on the beach building sandcastles 🏰” Gosh I love #schoolholidays with my @nomadz6 👫👬👭it’s the real reason why I had kids 😉 #familyfirst #oneonone #notechnology #nomadz6
Happy Thursday!

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The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep..... Rumi

I absolutely adore getting up that extra hour earlier and taking time to gather my thoughts and ponder on the intentions I set the night before.
How about you? Do you set your daily intentions?
365 Lifestyle Motivator

We have our 12 year 🌴☀️🌊🌺🐚 💍 Wedding Anniversary coming soon. Help us choose our next love getaway;

A. Sri Lanka
B. Maui Hawaii
C. Cabarita Beach Australia
Xx👫👬👭 🐶 #familytravel #nomadz #weddinganniversary #loveisintheair #successhabits #familyfirst #nomadz6 #happyfamily #danistevens #lifestyle

My little chef assistant angels. Gosh I love teaching my kids how to prepare and cook healthy meals without waiting in supermarket queues.
Use my DANISTEV40 40% discount at checkout when your order your next @hellofreshau box.
Who else loves home delivered fresh goodness? #hellofresh #ad #vegetarianbox
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I love sleeping next to my Mama @danistevens365 she provides great shade while I still get some vitamin D ☀️ winning 🐶

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