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Another shot from our overnighter with the @ugmvancouver expedition team. A perfect night with good company.

A night well spent watching sunset over the three kings 🏞

warm coffee in a rustic cafe - got pretty sick these last few days. Been taking time to take care of myself so I can get this trip rolling, looking forward to feeling better.

A small campsite, only accessible by canoe. Seems like a nice place to escape for a while

Unsure whether we'd get a sunset, we stuck to our decision to head to the North Cascades and hoped for the best. As we got closer and closer, the cloud coverage started moving quickly. Suddenly the sky caught on fire like I've never seen before and just left us speechless. Couldn't have asked for a better sunset before my first adventure begins - see you soon Utah🤘🏻

Spieglein Spieglein an der Wand📸🗻


Happy Friday! Who's ready to explore?! 🙋🏻‍♂️ © @itsbigben // #wondermore

The ultimate camping spot? ⛺️ ☕️
Photo by: @nattesferd
#venturelist @venturelist

Right after Saxony the next journey started - this time to Carinthia and the Slovenian Alps 🏔
Went for a sunset mission towards Lake Bled and did not got disappointed 🌅🔥
All my travels are tracked in the 'Polarsteps' app so if you are in the area looking for inspiration on what to do be sure to have a look 👀


Someday isn't a real day | @alexsmith_

The Desert always reveals Treasures, Sources, Wells, Life, Magic of the Soul of the place. The Human is like the Desert, always, no doubt, I have experienced and observed it with other people ... still it is necessary to accept to go in its interior desert, to explore its Being Authentic ... This Way of awakening, awakening goes far beyond what you can imagine.
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When a third of the city's population is killed by plague what you do? Build a white marble column and put a gilded Virgin Mary on top of it, of course 💁. Just Maribor things, I guess 🇸🇮

To anyone planning to visit Morocco, put Chefchaouen first on your list. I've been here less than 24 hours, and I've already fallen in love with the atmosphere and of course, blue city. It's been an emotional past few days, so I'm thankful for being in such a beautiful place with even more beautiful people.

Drooling all over the place 🐶😂

Somewhere along the Devil's Staircase enroute to Queenstown. Evening sunlight starting much earlier and bathing everything in golden light for a longer period of time 👌🏽

"It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

Midsummer bonfire.

Love ❤

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Who here loves Mt. Shasta?? I know a lot of you do. That pretty lady, standing so patient and tall, has a lot of special connection with me. Many late night and early morning drives around her, exploring around her and enjoying the stars in her presence stick with me.
Hey guys, its @hezawrad again with my second image for today's Instagram take over of the Hike and Shoot account. This spring I upgraded my camera to a full frame Canon 6D, and I instantly had to plan trips to all my favorite places. Shasta was a no brainer for me. The skies around Siskiyou County are amazing for viewing the stars. I had spent some nights here and there the past couple years actually exploring around the mountain for night photography, but I hadn't done much shooting around Shasta at all. Thankfully, a good photog friend and I planned a meet-up trip there this May, and we had an absolute blast exploring and shooting under pristine skies. I was happy to have found new and exciting locations to shoot; some that are off the beaten path and the popular grid- like this one. This little, probably seasonal, lake is really no more than a pond, and when we found it we couldn't believe how calm the water was. I am a sucker for star reflections on glassy water, so even though the core of the milky way didn't line up over the mountain, this still made for an incredible shot of the mountain, the lake, and the ethereal mood of the night. Where have you explored and shot around Mt Shasta? Have you done any night photography there? I'd love to hear your favorite Shasta stories and locations!
Also, I really hope you are coming to the Nite Hike adventure with the Hike and Shoot team and I. We will be taking you to an secluded little northern California lake lined with pine trees, and hopefully calm waters with amazing reflections. If you come you can witness me fully geek out helping everyone nail an amazing shot of the Milky Way over water. Which is my favorite if you didn't already pick that up :) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this image!


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