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Kolby getting extra comfy in her new digs on the road • It's been encouraging to see how quickly she's taken to such a drastic life change, coming from nearly six years of living in the same city with all the amenities and daily routines which we all grow so accustom to. Random Monday cheers 🍻 to the most flexible and supportive lady nomad I know!

The best way to explore Kenya 🚁🙌 Stay tuned for my next video adventure with @fourpointsnbo exploring this beautiful country and culture


La mejor manera de explorar Kenia 🚁🙌 No se pierdan pronto mi próximo video dónde les estaré compartiendo más de esta linda experiencia explorando este lindo país y cultura junto a @fourpointsnbo

Counting down the days! 📸 : @vincentvanes
❤️: #CamperLifestyle

From the top of the Mountain you get a different view on things :) #roamersunite

Our last stop in the Netherlands didn't disappoint 🇳🇱 can you believe we only found out about this stunning place with 19 windmills (!) because the lady at the car rental place suggested? Do you often ask locals for recommendations? Next stop: Provence.

Some b-roll from a shoot with @visitnapavalley | I'm blitzing out of SF & down the coast with for a three day shoot in Paso Robles with @sederlikeatree Here's to hoping I get to drop in at @saxumvineyards #mobilephotostudiolife #barbthebarbarian

"There is no straight line to a dream."—Jack Welch (📷 @eskimo)


After an awesome day dropping down into Pleiades canyon and getting super wet 💦 with @thehomiehome and @callenhearne, homer and I set up this line and got some fun practice in with longline flows! Here's a little edit for viewing pleasure 😜

"Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity."
📷 @ameliasidwell
📍 Mangakuri Beach, Hawkes Bay, 🇳🇿 #ChicasAroundTheWorld

"You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."
📷 @themvmtblog
📍El Salvador

Sorry I couldn't go shopping with you. Had a #board meeting today 🏄🏾

Day 2 #vanlifeeurope. Today was a LONG day of driving--nearly the whole length of #England. We are totally knackered now. Thanks Luke & Flick for putting a halt in your daily life for some crazy vanlifers! #crossingourfingersforeuropetomorrow #vantrails #arboursabroad @sgtperm @flickflop89

Dishes of various bottom-dwellers, the catch and cuisine of island life, sliced and fried in myriad ways, left to the hungry and those drawn to color. Phuket, whatever the reputation that people have chosen to ascribe to it, has a texture to it that is marked and indelible; a grain that seems to pervade each surface, like a film-stock left in a freezer ten years after its use-by date. There is color here; it is not the obstinate whites of the Grecian islands or the pea cocking of Italy’s fishing villages. The color, once the sun goes down, feels like a place that you’ve known but you’ve never seen. A nostalgia for the blind, between fluorescents and incandescents and the billowing white smoke of one too-many midnight streetcarts.

✖️Quiet days = relaxing with a book✖️

Лошадь очень значима в монгольской культуре, особенно среди кочевников потому что лошади очень полезны для них в повседневной жизни и являются средством к существованию. Конный спорт в Монголииявляется вторым по популярности после традиционной борьбы. Монгольская лошадь была основным «оружием», что позволило монголам завоевать полмира в XIII веке и создать Монгольскую империю; поставка монгольских лошадей была из основных видов помощи Монгольской народной республики СССР в ходе 2-й мировой войны. Фото: asiarussia.ru "Монгольские лошади". #лошадь #конь #коневодство #породы #седло #кочевники #кочевникиобъединяйтесь #nomad #nomads #фото #история #wild #wildwild #foto #photo #photographs #photography #photographer #photooftheday #repost #welcome #nomadlife #nomadstories #nomadslife #nomadculture #horsehistory #horsesofinstagram #horsep

Our winters are long and brutal with a lot of -40c days but summers ....🙌🏽🤙🏽😎

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