It's always good to be reminded that we will exit here to the great beyond. Looking at the numbers of grey hairs in their tens at the wake-keep of grand mama make me think forward that no matter how old we all become here we will exit one day one day. #dogood #noJesusnolife

Shine every morning, it makes people wonder what you did at night.
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That Why I Put In Overtime Making Sure To Bring U The Gospel Of Salvation And Sanctification Through Faith In The Lord Jesus Christ, All Day, Everyday. Only In Christ Can Any Man Or Woman Have A Thorough Grasp Of Life.
Only In Christ Will The Chains Of Ignorance About Rhe Realities Of Life Be Broken And The Captives Set Free To Know The Will And Purpose Of God For Their Lives.
Only Through Adequate Knowledge Of Christ Will Men Understand The Real Meaning Of Love And Truth. Anything Short Of Those Is Just Behavior Modification... No Matter How Resolute It May Be, It Never Really Works.

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I'm ready to PREACH on April 28th, 2018! "IT IS YOUR TURN TO SHINE" 19800 S. Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA. 6pm #NoJesusNoLife #GodFirst #TooAnointedTooBeWasted #ClassyInHoliness #OmoClassy #MadeInHeaven #JesusIsMyLover

What a love What a love Died upon the cross so this world might not be lost. Even though you already knew, you knew, that most of us would reject you

Its strange to think how one completely random moment can shape your entire life. Its the common cliche in which we say " You will regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did do. Over the past few months being back in Cape Town I rediscovered what I'm truly passionate about. Three years ago when I first moved to Jo'burg I got the opportunity to travel to Greece on a business trip through the travel agency I was working for at the time. From that day I had fell in love with travel, nature, people and taking risks. Today I go back to my roots and focus in my new life in Dubai on this beauty of a Ship. This time with God my Lord and Saviour by my side all the way. Because His the only WAY! His my source to life both Spiritually and Naturally. #onewithchrist #nojesusnolife #believeit

Happy Easter fam...so glad Christ came, died, was buried, and rose for me!!! Hallelujah! Its my birth month and am so excited! #noJesusnolife #@dscentofwaterseason4loading #ojukokoroontvc #boombox

#iRememberTheCross Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends #NoJesusNoLife #KnowJesusKnowLife #HisAlive #HeWaitedForMeJustForMe

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends. King James Bible Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." #NoJesusNoLife, #KnowJesusKnowLife

He wined and dined with the lost. He dipped his hands in the same bowl as sinners. He left nine safe sheep and went after one lost sheep. Beaten for our transgression. Yet He’s not a condemning Father, that’s why He demonstrates his love to us even whilst in sin (Romans 5:8). He’s a reasoning God and he wants you to reason along so life can be good for you (Isaiah 1:18). That’s why he won’t force you but give room for you to make your choice (Deuteronomy 30:19). Come and taste my God if you don’t enjoy the experience, you can turn back. But first, come taste and see.


Thank JESUS for you love💖💖
You are may Savior , my Father and my God.....💖💖
#nojesusnolife 😇

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