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Written in sand with the quills of the gulls, shells and nondescript things we find along the way.

Vanishing point

Sunday I was hoping for snow, loads of time and opportunity to go out and take photos, unfortunately no snow at all in Groningen! Meanwhile a lot of very nice snow photos showed up in my timeline. Yesterday finally we had snow! No longer loads of time, just half an hour before sunset and it was snowing heavy at the time. Hope to see loads and loads more snow this year! 🌨️❄️
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I really enjoyed the sunsets in Granada. Cities surrounded by mountains are my favourite.

What the fog!

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Peephole, San Francisco.


BXL → MCR today 🇬🇧 • 35mm

Diamo un'occhiata! Lucca. #lucca #spy

soapy clouds, desert car wash

Victory is sweet even deep in the cheap seats

Havana, 2017

⬜️ #35mm #canonae1

The Year in Review II

Balconies 16
Ow. My head.

If you don't know your formless self.. then forms will oppress you.

A quiet hike back to the campsite as the last light sets over Mt Cook. The glacial ice breaking off of the side of the mountains echoed through the night. A wrenchingly beautiful, transformative evening.

belonging to a former time.

Volunteers of @indahouse.hungary teaching kids in remote Eastern Hungarian Encs district, where public education doesn’t really work and the mostly Roma families can’t find a way out of poverty and unemployment. He is Tamás, one of the kids taking part in the afterschool program. Some more pictures coming up soon. December, 2017., Hernádszentandrás. .
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The holy city

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