Having a #largefamily means having lots of helping hands! Eva (7) asks to hold and "take care of" Lincoln many times each day. 👶
Some of our #haters have accused us of having lots of kiddos so that we have our own child labor force. 😂 AHEM! What other moms and dads reading this can tell me what a walk in the park raising children is? IT'S CONTINUAL WORK! Right? 😜
Don't get me wrong. While teaching our children #chores, #responsibilities, #respect and #obedience is TOUGH, the fruit of training them in those areas is so rewarding.💖 Our children are a tremendous #blessing and are a great help to their #parents and #siblings. Our children know what's expected of them, as well as the consequences, should they choose to not obey. They fulfill the expectations and then, because they know that they are a needed part of this family unit, they also learn to serve and help out joyfully and many times, without being asked. 💕
The Metzger Kids are not slaves at all, but rather they are an integral part of our family who serve each other together, in many different ways. 👪
#teammates #choretraining #nogreaterjoy #momofmany

Went to check my ‘mailbox’ in the teachers lounge and see this...#healthiermechicadee #tearsofjoy #blessedchaoticlife #nogreaterjoy #teacherlife #lemonpoundcake #hereicome

All that thrills my soul is Jesus
No greater joy can be
He bore all my sins and sorrows
His perfect love
Is all that I need
(All That Thrills My Soul - Sovereign Grace Music)

There's nothing more extraordinary than knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and sharing in His astonishing salvation by faith. The ways of sin and this world may be able to offer us fleeting thrills and satisfaction but will always lead to pain and eternal death. But knowing and believing in Jesus guarantees us everlasting and true joy. We rejoice in the fact that not only does He wash away our sins once and for all, but He clothes us with His perfect righteousness, which allows us to stand before the presence of God as holy and blameless. And even through the struggles and trials of this life, the believer is still able to rejoice in the Lord, for He remains with us and strengthens us in our walk with Him.

Philippians 4:4) Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!
#NoGreaterJoy #KnowingJesus #RejoiceInTheLord #GodIsGood #Philippians #Philippians4 #Philippians4v4 #Bible #BibleVerse #TrueJoy #JustifiedByFaith #SavedByGrace #AllThatThrillsMySoul #Rejoice #Joy #ChristIsKing #JesusSaves #TeamJesus

It’s little guy’s half-birthday ❤️ This guy keeps growing and growing.... why 😫 why can’t I have a baby forever! He also keeps getting cuter and can do a bunch of stuff like sitting by himself #6months #iwillmovemountains #nogreaterjoy

Supporting @tylersreelfishing by buying one of every style! #nogreaterjoy

While on a walk this morning, this sweet little boy got a little to far away from me on his bike, which you can barely make out in the background. I whistled for him, he immediately abandoned his bike in the middle of the road and sprinted back to me as fast as he could with 3 year old legs and flip flops on the wrong feet. May we be as obedient when God calls on us to come to Him.😁. #repentance #repent #fromthemouthsofbabes #ihavenogreaterjoy #nogreaterjoy #childlikefaith #homediscipleship #discipleship #homeschool #family #trainthemup #arrowsinthehandofawarrior #teachthemdiligently #teachthemyoung #teachthem #obey #cometohim #familyman

There's no greater joy than knowing that you're right where God wants you to be, doing exactly what He had in mind for you. It doesn't mean you'll be famous, wealthy or never encounter struggles, challenges, and heartache. But you can experience peace and contentment because God is right there guiding you every step of the way. -Cheryl Martin
#theloveofgod #thepeaceofgod #nogreaterjoy #contentment #stepbystep👣 #trustgodsplan

Top 5 things I’ve learned my first month of teaching: 1)everyday is a new day no matter what you think, 2) I love saying The Pledge of Allegiance to the US and TX flags each morning, 3) saying a prayer to kick off the day and end it is something that truly centers the students, 4) paper and pencils multiply like rabbits, 5) I’ve never slept so hard each night like I do as a teacher!!! #healthiermechicadee #teacherlife #rookieteacher #nogreaterjoy #mondaymusings #texas #paperandpencils

Someone special became a mom this evening ✨and we are THRILLED for her! I met @samstonely18 when she was a kid and her parents had just opened their own assisted living. They became my friends and as life would have it that little girl grew up and just by chance (more like the stars ⭐️ aligned) a year ago our paths crossed again. It feels more like forever than a year. We’ve had the most incredible journey together these past 12 months at #covingtonseniorliving ❤️ we have laughed and cried, felt sacred things together and been at the bedside of some pretty amazing seniors as they left this world. If work had a soul mate then she’s mine and I’m hers. I’m grateful to have had her by my side through the ups and downs and happy and sad stuff. I’m excited to be by her side to support her on her journey of motherhood! I know she’s going to be the best at it just like she is at everything else she does ❤️ #happybirthdaybabya 🎂 #gonnabethebestmomma #motherhood #nogreaterjoy

This is my son deciding to put his magnets back on the board that he threw all over and wanted his sister to pick up for him. I almost took a picture of him pitching a fit so you don’t get the impression it’s all sunshine and roses over here.
The reality is we are a work in progress, hopefully growing and learning a little everyday.
In the middle of the struggle I rubbed some Frankincense on his back and prayed for him to calm down and do the right thing and left him to work things out in his time.
Stay strong parents. This is the toughest job you’ll ever love.
Pray for wisdom and train up your children in the way they should go. As my mentor continuously assures me, the extra time taken now to train them will pay off in the long run.

If your in the South welcome to Flummer!😉🤣 I am a lover of all seasons and I so enjoy seeing the handiwork of God each unique one brings. Though sometimes, I am not so keen on certain elements of the seasons.

Just like in life, I do not always like what God may be using in certain seasons of my life, I do not always love the plan, but I do trust there is a purpose for all God allows in each season so the fruit to His glory can come forth.

Each season has necessary “elements” that help produce what is needed for the fruit that is to come forth. For it His desire and to His glory we bear much fruit. We can trust the Master Gardener’s hand; He knows exactly what we need.
What “season” of life do you feel you are in currently? How can you see God working in your life during this time? I feel like God has me in a season of faith stretching, humbly pressing into Him and reminding myself of His promises sometimes minute by minute. And the more I press into and cling to Him in complete trust, the greater my peace…deeper intimacy with Him is what I want. That is what I want for you also, deeper intimacy with the God of the Universe, the Creator and Lover of your soul, the One who goes out of His way to get to you, to have all your heart. I want you to want more than anything the One who delights in you and who wants to transform your life from glory to glory as you behold Him in His beauty and holiness. I want you to be overwhelmed by His goodness and grace and filled with His fullness no matter what season you are in.💜

New horizons: whether they be temporary or otherwise, are at the very basic core of my being. 🙌🏼
The joy of life comes from our encounters and new experiences, which give us the courage to continue on, one foot in front of the other.... no matter how daunting, or frightening the road ahead.💪🏼

#nogreaterjoy #endlesslychanginghorizon #foreachnewday #differentsun #onelife #liveit #newnormal #nocompromise #excited #becomingme #selflesslyselfish

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