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Thank you my love @hakaanyildirim @iamhakaanyildirim 😚❤️ #nofilterneeded

#latepost my make up for yesterday event #net4goodpeople thankyou so much @vaniathufaila @workcaine #nofilterneeded

Eine Pose aus meiner Kür. Heute wird Brust geballt mit meinem Teamkollegen und Gymbuddy @dennis.ahl 😇 Was steht bei euch heute an? Guten Start in die Woche 😇💯

I have literally had over a hundred messages today about my instastories I made showing my sister teaching me how to use the commercial heat press! So I decided to make a post to show how they turned out😍❤️! #nofilterneeded bc these shirts ARE JUST THAT CUTE ❤️😍🙌🏻!!! Fun fact about me- I'm southern so I slap a monogram on errrrrrthang! I have a monogramming/appliqué machine but I NEVER have time to use it anymore bc let's keep it real- I have 2 small kids that keep me on my toes 😂 & it can be time consuming (esp bc I work full time). For Christmas, our parents bought me and my sister @malloryo1256 EACH commercial heat presses so we could make our own stuff!!! If you are new to following me, let me just say, I'm completely, utterly OBSESSED with my little sister. We are 6 years apart but I call her my twin👯👯‍♂️. I haven't tried mine yet BUT since ⚾️ season is finally over, I now have some free time! She showed me how to work that bad boy today while I was at her house and I'm in lurrrve💕💞💖!!! We are going to start an Etsy shop and I'm so excited!! Now I just need help finding a cute name 🤔🤔. Give us some cute ideas 😘😘😘! I can't wait to make a bunch of stuff to wear on the cruise 🙌🏻. Plus, DUH- alllllll the baseball mama gear 🙌🏻! My brother in law said I needed to make me a workout tank that says "Where's the buffet?" 😂 #heknowsmetowell #ilovebuffets 🙋🏼. I can't wait to make some fun weight loss ones!! Also, #nsv but last summer you wouldn't catch me dead wearing a sleeveless shirt or a cap sleeve. This year, I'm going to be rocking allll the tanks #cuzican 😂🙌🏻. It's not even about my size, it's just because I'm determined to be confident in my own skin.... flaws and all 🙌🏻🙌🏻! So the fact that I'm rocking a sleeveless racer back tank top, have on shorts AND this pic is unedited is a BIG #nsv for me 💃🏼! #ww #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #becauseitworks #beyondthescale #wwlifetime #wwsisterhood #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #goals #determination #extremeweightloss #extremeweightlossjourney #extremeweightlossmotivation #weightloss #exercise #fitgirl #healthylifestyle #wwfamily #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlossgoals

Last day in paradise 🌴 @lilybellelondon #nofilterneeded ps don't diss my attempt at the heart 😂


#brauchtkeinenfilter #nofilterneeded
Nach fast drei Tagen Manchester ging es heute mit dem Leihwagen zum Lake District. .
Das Bild entstand in Keswick, einem süßen kleinen Städtchen, welches ebenfalls an einem der Seen liegt.
Nach der Stadt ist es hier hingegen Natur pur, mal ein wenig entschläunigen. 😉
Wir sitzen nun auf unserem Balkon, genießen die Abendsonne, schauen auf den See und geniessen einfach mal den Moment. #alteleute #enjoythelittlethings #enjoythemoment .
Habt einen schönen Abend. ☺️
#holidays #england #lakedistrict #uk #beautiful #lake #urlaub

The Sea Of Galilee #nofilterneeded #israel

Love summertime in London!
#londonlife #lovesummer #nofilterneeded

#nofilterneeded 👊🏻

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