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When you’re cleaning out the basement and you find shoes you’ve forgotten about! 😂 #nofaceselfie for @outlander_36

💚💕💖💕💜💕💚💖💕💜💚😍😍😍😍👌🔥💨💨💨💨💨💨💨💨.... YUMMY! Hey my BUDdies, friends, and fellow ganja goddesses! Tagged by my awesome BUDdy @spendillio21 💚😘✌️for a #nofaceselfie. Sorry guys had like the worst headache conjestion and haven't been on much. Scroll to see Lilly, my beautiful bowl. She's probably one of my favorite glass pieces cuz I love the ❤️color and also the gorgeous flowers that are etched perfectly into the glass. Also super simple to clean and hits 💣! The 💜 color change is pretty. I just had to blaze some to feel a little better and also why not? Lol. Tagged? Go for it, or not lol I'm not the instapolice lmfao. Post notifications not working properly either. Have an issue with shadow blocking so have to unfollow some ppl but that's really time consuming and too lit haha. Gettin 2 tags no problemo and some other stuff asap! Gotta be careful liking or instajail for me again and dude it sucks lol. But I still see ur pics! Virtually liking them or if liking, slowly haha. I'll be back! I hope you all have a great evening✌️and stay warm and lit stoners🔥#nofaceselfie #cannabis #greencrack #weedporn #legal #maryjane #bowls #lilly #pieceporn #glass #stickyicky #njgreens #mybudbreak #lilmissmaryjane #thcgoddesses #cannacommunity #stonerfam #ganjagoddesses #420 #positivevibes #inhalethegoodshit #exhalethebullshit

Tagged by the handsome @curryjamesw for #nofaceselfie Here you go, thanks for the tag! 😊

Tagged by @curryjamesw for a #nofaceselfie Had I known that I would have wore a better cleavage shirt 😂😂😂

#nofaceselfie for @the_tourist26 and @rafa_e_toe
Because, some days, getting dressed is a big deal! #eds #ehlersdanlossyndrome #zebra

So I was tagged by @mud_and_trails for the #nofaceselfie & 10 facts about me” thing. Thank you. 😊 @sneaky_half and @that_gal_runs if you fancy doing it next, go for it! 1. Londoner by birth, I spent 13 years working/having a crazy time in the City as an adult. 2. I was lucky enough to spend some time living in Boulder, Colorado as a child. The open air, active lifestyle there really influenced my parents at the time & I think that rubbed off on me! 3. I’m also lucky enough to now live in the same village as @that_gal_runs 😊 4. I have 3 boys 6, 4, & 8 months. I would maybe have had more kids but I’m RUBBISH during pregnancy. 5. I have a border collie x dog called Tag who I love to run with. 6. I’ve run 18 marathons so far - to run one in the USA is on my bucket list - but which one?! 😀 suggestions please! 7. I have eaten a plant based diet for the last two years. No major reasons why - I just like it. 8. I’m a Christian & attend a church locally. 9. I can’t sing. But I wish I could. I have an AWFUL singing voice. 10. Um.........what else?! Ok my next holiday is a trip to Texas! #runhappy #tenfacts #runningwithmydog #runningwithfriends #runnersofinsta #motherrunner #hokaoneone

Taking a shot then we both decided our nails are more important to show than anyone in the picture 😆 #fulltimelaughter #laughwithfriends #nofaceselfie #nailsdid #shesgotmyback #friendsforlife

Tagged for a ...crap...forgot what it was called. 😂😂😂 #nofaceselfie hope it's hash tagged correctly 😕 . Enjoying a coffee with my feet kicked up. Not often does this happen. Taking advantage of it while I can.
If you feel inclined to play along throw up a faceless selfie 😉 and tag me in it.

Ещё долго не нарадуюсь на свои волосишки, которые нравятся мне теперь и в виде метелки, и в виде ирокеза. Всему виной @nyusya_lipa – к ней меня почти за ручку отвела мама, сказав что-то типа ‘НЕТ, ТЫ ДОЛЖНА СХОДИТЬ К ИННЕ!!!’ ☝️
Инна – правда классный мастер и отличный собеседник, а ещё она уговорила мою маму покрасить брови, чего я сама два года не могла сделать. Короче, если вы в Влг или будете в Влг, и вам нужен будет мастер с ровными руками, вы знайте, к кому идти, мы с мамой прямо строго рекомменд. А пока – модное инстаграм фото и второе, о буднях друзей (и их кошек) инстаграм-фоткающихся ❤️ #instapics #шатуш #nofaceselfie #лохматая #катька

Hope you all had a great day!!
Still not feeling very photogenic so here's a #nofaceselfie on this Super Saturday!! #myhairsucks #crazymorninhair #lovemynatural #itstoocrazytho

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