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Rollin' in to this fresh week like ain't no excuses gonna hold me back.✋️✋️✋️
It would have been easier to just take another rest day and chock it up as well...
✖️We are moving.
✖️We are in a hotel.
✖️Maybe I can fit my workout in later while the movers unload our stuff (yeah right🙄😂).
✖️Moving is a workout itself right, so I can skip my actual workout.
✖️I'll make up for it later this week (procrastination at its finest🙈).
✖️I slept like crap because of my crazy cats.😼😂
✖️I mean really, the list of things I COULD turn into excuses is never ending...
But that's not serving myself or my goals.🙅 And I decided a long time ago, I'm no longer an excuse making kind of gal.☝️ So, I set my alarm and got my workout in this morning! Perks of having a virtual gym - you can get it done anywhere, anytime!👌 ✖️Excuses WON'T get you results.✖️ If you won't move forward, the excuses must go. #ByeFelicia 👋 #MyGoalsMatterMoreToMeThanMyLameAssExcuses 🤘
#NoExcusesHere ✋️
#FitBlissTribe 🦄

When you use your BF's computer as a mirror! 😌
Anyone can relate? Lol

🎶I got two choices when I do this: Make MOVES or make EXCUSES👊🏼#FlexFriday #NoExcusesHere 🚫

All set to start the 3 Day Refresh tomorrow!! I can't thank #shipt enough for allowing me to nap after my 13 hour work day while they shop for me!! This gal has goals and sometimes I need help to stay in track!!! #noexcuseshere

#gymgirls #gymjunkie #momofboys always with me this little mr. 😂 #noexcuseshere , thank god for gyms with Daycare's

Posted up 2nd in practice with @_christiancraig and @fchonda. Time to put in 2 solid motos.... #noexcuseshere #wanttopopbottles #word


#lunchtime #sweatshesh complete ✔️. Now my evenings free to go learn all about this world of competitive dance I'm getting myself into 😆#momlife #fitmom #noexcuseshere #puttinginthework

Never. Ever. #repost🙏 @mysimplereminders 💫👌🏽

LOVE CONQUERS ALL! #repost🙏 @therealarbernard

It sure isn't!!!! Do you agree? #repost🙏 This one is "omg yes!" @mysimplereminders 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

360... I Am! #sherratruth #repost🙏 @sherrapierre This original poem created by Sherra is so me; especially after she quoted "There's something 360 about you" (she said this to moi😘😍😘).

When your web designer thinks of you. Like really, really thinks of you and is so inspired by you that she says, "THERE'S SOMETHING 360 ABOUT YOU." Well @sherrapierre your words about me inspired this post that shows some of me... 360😉
#sherratruth #shesaidthat #herwordsexactly #ABOUTME #dontstealit #iam360 #swipelefttoseemore
1. Sherra 360 quote & me😁
2. Fitness "Plank Around the World"
3. Dancer Turns and Curls
4. Silly Curls
5. Spinning Lip Sync Curls
6. Hips in 360 motion😉
7. Dancer "Front T Promenade"
8. Boomerang Turn
9. Ball Taps "Around the World"
💫Mind•Body•Soul💫 Return to Center💫

Wow! Totally exhausted and totally proud at the same time. The culmination of hard work, i.e., Horton Technique September-March and Choreography January-May, was shown on stage! My Tuesday 3A1 Horton, Friday 3B Horton, Saturday 3A3 and 3A4 Horton students danced and had fun at the same time. While totally exhausted, (It ain't fun trekking back and forth to Hostos six days straight.), I'm proud of my students and I loved working with my student assistants. ❤️ @lyricdanae @jessicason and Shantelle❤️
Love my flowers, cards, and gifts! A wonderful summer to all!!!!

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