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Even though we would have gotten in and out of the car quicker, maneuvered through the store faster, and I wouldn't have pinched my finger {twice} in the baby stroller while folding it to put the in the trunk, I am glad I say yes to requests like these. My natural inclination is to say no, to be quick about it, to just get things done, but where is the fun in that?! ✅Walmart
✅Target ✅Trader Joe's ✅Costco
✅King Soopers
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Habibas ❣️ #ajierro #nodramamama

Lived together for three years and still don't hate each other 🤘🏼 #nodramamama

I N T H E J U N G L E BY @cialamata (solo son pezones #nodramamama )

fake flowers over fake friends 🌼🌺🌸 #nodramamama

When the airplane meds are working....for BOTH of us #SuchAGoodLittleTraveler #NoDramaMama #KilledIt

И полгода прошло, Юля приехала. Я рад. И, надеюсь, у меня теперь новый девиз по жизни из #dramaqueen в #nodramamama а т.к. тату бить я пока не планирую, пусть у меня будет такой хэштег :)

I adore this group of women, each bringing a unique skill and personality to our team! Watching them grow their business, make new friendships, support one another and become financially secure makes me so freakin happy 😃😃😍 I haven't always had an easy time relating to girls, I just don't like drama #nodramamama. But we women do need to stick together and know that none of us have our 💩 completely together. Gain confidence in knowing you are making other women feel pretty.... Makeup isn't for us to impress men! It's about taking care of our skin, highlighting our favorite features and there is #noshame in wanting to feel feminine and pretty 💋if you want that confidence back, I'm here for you! I'd love to help you feel even more beautiful in your skin. Being a chick is tough, but SO ARE WE! 😍💪🏼


Muito blá-blá-blá gourmetizado sobre #highmileage ....
Aspresentho-les os mais de 2.500km instalados por eu merma na motoquinha nova. Em sete dias rodando.
Por enquanto só me custou uns três dias de dor no pulso hehehehe
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Marque aquele seu amiguinho RPM (roda pelo município) kkkk
O melhor acessório para instalar na sua moto é QUILOMETRAGEM. Não precisa de "garage" nem "mecânicos especializados com treinamento em Milwaukee", nem de "mestre do design" nem "cobra da customização". Não precisa barba hipster e nem gumex no cabelo golden era hahaha.
#mestredodesign #customizacaogourmetizante #kustomkulture #womenwhoride #riderstrong #bikersofinstagram

Hard to ignore right? But opinions/comments/gossip, are like gifts.... you can choose whether or not to accept it. Accept it, it becomes yours ...Refuse it? They get to keep it. Those who tell you personally, with love.. something that you need to know/address within yourself are the true gifters, as their love for you is greater than the fear of your response. Those who make negative comments behind your back for whatever reason... (and some don't even need a reason!) Actually need more love. For how they speak of others says more about their own values than yours. Stay kind, stay understanding, stay compassionate. But NEVER base your value on the "gifts" of those who give them to others to pass to you❤️ Never let compliments go to your head and negative comments go to your heart. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, you are perfect. Lead with your heart and you will always be on your path. #loveisall #BeKind #DontbethatPerson #weareallinthostogether #supporteachother #Bemorethanhuman #egoisnotyouramigo💯✔️ #HappyFriday #judgementisforgod #NoDramaMama

Do you just LOVE workplace DRAMA ??? If so keep scrolling 'cause this post ain't for ya babes💋 .... Do you just loathe your commute to and from your J-O-B and the rush hour traffic and the drama around the water cooler??!!!🙀 Would you rather work for a company that celebrates ALL of your little victories with free swag or gifts or gear or trips??? 💎

What if you could work with a group of people who genuinely want to see you SUCCEED and help you to do just that day in and day out?😍 And how'd you like to set your own HOURS and your own SCHEDULE all from HOME or the BEACH or virtually ANYWHERE with wifi or a signal 😵

Yeah I thought it was all too good to be true too and then I said PEACE to my fear and insecurities and started succeeding and getting PAID while at home with my babies and in my pjs ✌🏼 There's no stopping my squad and I'm going with them🙌🏻. Want to join me????

"Take it seriously Mama" 🤣🤣🤣 #never

I've been CRAZY but loving every BIT of THIS crazy!!!!! My crazy NOW, is running trying to get this house 🏡 cleaned, helping MY team grow their OWN GINORMOUS businesses, and getting my NEW challengers set up for our NEXT group.
Um, it's NOTTTT working on my feet ALLL day/night for other people anymore 🤚🏼. Oh yea and if you're interested in my online fitness challenge, I have 5 spots available 😏. If you don't know this, a challenge group is how and WHY I lost 52 pounds, 4 pant sizes, created strong relationships, and made it my job to help Mamas like me 😳. Hah!
Looooong Ps🙄- Remember this challenge is ONLINE. You can live anywhere in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico(😍🌴) to join, so THAT'S not an excuse NO MO.
You'll be doing 20-30 minute workouts at home (I'll help you choose the RIGHT program for YOUR goals), you'll drink a superfood frappe (equivalent to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables and all of your daily vitamins😂👌🏼), follow portion control (EASY AF), and check in with us DAILY for 3 weeks.
We have small weekly challenges with small prizes, and a first and second place winner at the end of the 3 weeks but if you're trying to lose 5-15 pounds this month (or tone/gain muscle like me right now), reach out asap to save your spot k, byeeee 👱🏼‍♀️📲💪🏼💋😂✌🏼

Awww. Heck. Yeah. 🥗
I'm normally NOT a salad person but after almost a MONTH of travel imma need some more veggies 🥕🌽🥒🥗🤣 I was a little nervous to start a brand new nutrition plan to go along with my challengers but I am AMAZED! This salad 🥗 is soooo good and the crazy part?? I didn't even feel hungry after breakfast til like 2:30 today ⏱ whaaaat??? Nailed my workout too (creep 👀 my IG story for proof!) Healthy habits are how I've been able to lose over 50 lbs and keep it off through my pregnancies. It starts with a decision to change & the support to make it fun and doable! 🌱🤸🏼‍♂️ If you're ready to lose 5-15 in the next 3 weeks, I got you. 👭📲💌

И полгода прошло, Юля приехала. Я рад. И, надеюсь, у меня теперь новый девиз по жизни из #dramaqueen в #nodramamama а т.к. тату бить я пока не планирую, пусть у меня будет такой хэштег :)

K so I signed a pretty hardcore contract to come back here. Finally starting to understand the 'trauma' and that in forgiving others, I forgive myself. If I become whole, I am one with all. Become an alchemist and transmute those lower energies of hate and anger into love and understanding. After all, aren't we all just a reflection of eachother? Once we decide to love ourselves completely, we love others completely, there is no them and me, we are all one, from the same light. Heal with love. In the words of Tom Jones 'fighting fire with fire...gonna burst into flames' or something-or-other...basically, dont burst into fucking flames k. If we all live by the concept of 'an eye for an eye' we will all become blind. The 5th world is upon us, which frequency do you choose to ride? 😏 #soulcontract#soulretrieval#alchemy#highervibration#chooselove#weareone#nodramamama#lovethyself#knowledgeisthenewblack#5thdimension#newtimeline#frequency#vibration#breakthematrix

TOOOOOONS of notes 📝 taken on the plane ✈️ as I brainstorm new 🌟BIG 🌟 and crazy good goals for myself this year!! Top of that list?
Showing more gratitude for things in my life that may go unappreciated (👨‍👦‍👦 work, 💰 , 🏡 , etc)
Finding new 🌈 and fun 🦄 ways to get YOU results faster & easier! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Taking time ⏱ to push myself in a new program!
I also may have a few fun things in store for you!! Stay tuned!

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