2 years ago, I was so fortunate to meet these three idiots and gain the brothers that I always wish I had. I would always take sneaky pictures whenever I was with them because I wanted to remember those exact moments when I was filled with so much happiness and warmth. There were many pictures to choose from, and I’m grateful to have had so many memories with them. Congratulations on graduating & don’t forget me when you’re off doing bigger and better things!! #nocryingintheclub

When your level of extra can’t be contained by no backdrop. #extradorian #nocryingintheclub
📸: @robertoa.davalos

I’m getting tired of everything.. is it too much for my boss to turn around and be like “slow down you’re doing a good job” instead she keeps going on about how i need to work harder and be more quicker and I’m really sick of it. Like i work hard enough as it is, i can only go so fast.. I’m currently wearing myself down and I’m really tired. I’m over pushing myself and i feel like I’m going to break and snap at her.. i can’t do this anymore.. someone help me. And this photo is just a throw back to when my sister did my makeup and i was feeling pretty.. #nocryingintheclub #myfavouritepart #bread #ʎɹɔoʇʇɟǝlsɹɐǝʇou

#throwback to my first time being in a #Laos club with Laos food, somewhere in #seattle with my #cousins, #circa early 2000’s. I don’t recommend eating #spicy #papayasalad and then trying to dance. It benefits no one.............🐒💨🔥😂
@van.phane.green @nith74 #nocryingintheclub #tbt #freshfaced #betches #asiansneverage #cousinlove

I’m tired of trying and sick of not having things go my way. I’m completely over it. Lord have mercy and give me the strength to not stab a bitch please. Seems like you can’t rely on anyone these days. But i do know that you can always rely on @teamiblends to have your back and always be there for you no matter what. This is lame and cheesy i know, but i gotta post the things i love, including @logantocontinue ‘s puppy Theo❤️ use my code “paigeSUN15” for 20% off all purchases $49.99 and above. Expires on the 19th of June so get cracking! Also many have asked and my 10% off all purchases code doesn’t expire and can be used at any time❤️ have any questions please message me and i will respond. Love u all❤️ @teamiloyalty #teamiloyalty #thankyouteami #teamiblends #bread #myfavouritepart #nocryingintheclub #ʎɹɔoʇʇɟǝlsɹɐǝʇou

Can't wait for some mayhem with my big sis😘💗 noooo boys allowed! #nocryingintheclub

🏛 we came, we saw, i cried only once
#nocryingintheclub #wheninrome

Already missing our gucci gang ❤️#nocryingintheclub

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