OMG you guys!
My hubby ❤️ ice cream 🍨 ( as do I). It’s something I can’t have in the house because I have NO CONTROL over how much I eat. 😂😂 I mean, I seriously do not know how someone has one bowl of it and then stops ?
So, last night when everyone went to 🛏, I got up in the middle of the night and finished off the entire container of ice cream 🍨 myself!!! Once I started eating, I just couldn’t 🛑!! This is something that does happen fairly often too 😡

I woke up feeling guilty and ashamed 😂. My hubby wasn’t too pleased with me either lol
Can anyone else relate?

I am so PSYCHED about the new nutritional program i am starting that’s finally going to help me with this type of behaviour! I can’t wait to learn how to HAVE CONTROL over my 🥘 once and for all!! ❤️❤️❤️✅ Who is coming with me??#
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My liberal friends...I'm not saying it WILL happen in America. I'm saying you never can be sure it won't. I'm saying there is always the possibility. I'm saying the 2A of the constitution is in place to give us a fighting chance in case. I'm saying imposing stricter gun laws is unconstitutional. I'm saying gun control doesn't work anyway and we have proof it doesn't. I am ultimately saying the 2A secures our 1A rights and every other right AND privilege we have.
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When water is life 💦 #nocontrol

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