We just spent a week away in Beautiful Bright & Dinner Plain. If you need a get away, I highly recommend these 2 amazing holiday accommodations. Blue Haven @bluehavenbright is an upscale gorgeous place to stay and just 5 minute stroll to local shops and cafes, the Rail Trail and Ovens River. Not to mention blue haven boasts breathtaking views of Apex Hill, Bright and surrounds. ❄️❄️❄️❄️ Then a drive up the mountain, we stayed at the glorious Altitude 1570 @altitude1570 in the pleasant Dinner Plain Village, just 14km from Mt Hotham. This warm and cozy chalet boasts all that you would expect from a contemporary home located in inner city Melbourne. The loft style high ceilings, modern furnishings, full array of appliances make for an extremely comfortable stay. The pubs and restaurants are within walking distance and let me tell you, the food is delicious- Check out the photos ➡️➡️ MY TWO FAVOURITE PLACES TO STAY #holidays #dinnerplain #bright #getaways #snapandshare #winterstyle #mycloset #wearingmywardrobe #nobuyjuly #winterstylefile #bargainshopper #fashioninsta #instafashion #outfitoftheday #todayslook #everydaystyle #stylish #styletips #lookbook #fashionblog #styleblog #styleinspiration #everydaystyle #spotmystyle #outfitinspo #instastyle #fashionismypassion #styleinspiration #styleinspo #realoutfitgram #casualstyle #ootd

When you sell more in a day than you have all summer 😂🤗 But really tho... 😳 #nobuyjuly
4 orders and 11 items out to their new homes this morning! Watch my #instastory for all the deets 🎉 #poshmarkseller #resellerlife

After my successful #nobuyjuly I decided It was ok to buy a couple of things 😊😊
I saw @sachajuan shampoos while I was in Norway and decided to try their thickening shampoo and their leave in conditioner ✨✨
Have been seeing @farmacybeauty Green Clean everywhere recently, so when it got back in stock at Cult Beauty, I immediately ordered it, together with a sample kit by @alliesofskin ✨✨ I'm really looking forward to trying these two brands, probably will wait until September at least to try the overnight mask though 😁😁 ☀️☀️ ✨✨ Have you tried any of these? ✨✨

I completely failed at no buy July. I made several Sephora purchases, but those were with a gift card. Wet n wild had 25% off site wide so I bought some stuff for me & my sister. Then I found a tony moly store near my apartment. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I need to stop spending and focus on saving money for the holidays. I really don't need anymore makeup even though I do have a couple of things on my wishlist. I'm going to focus on one day at a time this month. #instahaul #haul #nobuyjuly #nobuy


Now that I'm 40, I decided it was time to grow up just a little bit more and try to reel things in when it came to $$$. So, since the beginning of June, I put myself on a weekly "allowance" for fun and frivolous things and entertainment.
This whole "budget" thing is relatively new to me - it's something I never really cared much about, to be honest. I would get paid, cover the bills, save some for retirement, and piss the rest away in the wind.
The bulk of my cash flow was being spent on things that I ultimately didn't NEED. I don't need to go out to eat as often as I do, I have enough hair care to last probably 4-6 months, nail polish to last a decade, and more make-up than most women would use in their whole lives.
After a month of abiding to my allowance, I declared a NO BUY JULY........and I did it!
I went the whole month of July without buying any hair care, nail polish, or make-up that was outside of my weekly spending allowance. And dinner/movie dates were kept to a minimum, too! The two beauty products I bought in July were within my weekly budget.

I avoided Shoppers Drug Mart altogether. Like, I didn't go there even once. This is a RECORD for me!
I would look at my emails from Sephora, and then delete them.
I didn't place a single order on Amazon.
I didn't buy any presents or special treats for anyone.
I emptied some bottles of product and had back-ups on hand in my surplus of excess shit. I also cleared out some overstock of Younique, donated some stuff to a local shelter, and I STILL have plenty leftover to last me for quite a while.
We started a major de-clutter at our house - some donated, some sold. More to come!
And I managed to save a few more shekels to add to my piggy bank, maybe I'll splurge a little in New Orleans...maybe I won't. But I have spending money saved and ready to use, and a budget for each day.
WHO AM I?!?! This whole thing was oddly satisfying. Is this how savers feel all the time? Organized, budget conscious people? Minimalists? (I am hardly a minimalist, I know)

#nobuyjuly #money #save #spending #grownup

August is here which means #nobuyjuly is officially over! I learned a lot and am taking lots of new thoughts with me into the next season. I'm sharing some of those along with what I do deem worthy of your design dollars in a blog post that will be up on the blog tomorrow. Hint hint one of my favorite money-worthy things is captured in this home office (if only there was a basket emoji 😉) Photo: @laurasumrak

Pm routine for (02/08/2017). I came home from a horrendously long day at uni to some brand new skincare. Naobay is a brand I discovered in a @bellaboxaust subscription around a year ago. I've been using their handcream pretty regularly since. So I though I would give their hydrating toner a go. This is the one item I broke #nobuyjuly over. I needed a hydrating toner, and so wasn't adding something to my collection that I already had. $15.75 for 200ml.
▫Double cleanse with JSS - Plié Treatment Cleanser
▫Naobay - Calming Toner. This is quite nice. It has a super short ingredient list, and absolutely no scent. First impression is a positive one.
▫JSS - Hydrate (5 drops pressed into skin and left for 10 minutes)
▫JSS - EtOILé with retinol (6 drops, warmed between palms and pressed into face and neck). I might add another layer of moisture before bed - some @stratia Liquid Gold probably.

Since #nobuyjuly was certainly a fail, I'm being faithful to #nobuyaugust 😐. And since I'm making the rules I'm also outlining conditions where I can break them, am I right???

1. Anything travel-sized for an upcoming holiday (but will make reasonable efforts to first decant into smaller containers)
2. Purchase of @morphebrushes and/or other interesting products at the upcoming @imatsofficial in #toronto
3. Anything I may run out of that is essential due to personal hygiene
4. Food, obvi
I've lasted 21 hours, I think I'm doing great so far 😜
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