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Bila viral load kamu tidak terdeteksi, bisa membuat kamu sehat dan aman bagi pasangan kamu.

undetectable = uninfectious
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You can’t blame anyone for your lack of trying. Your failings are completely yours, until you fix what you have had no success at. You’ve got to be open to correction and reproof, after you’ve done the damage to your own self. That’s where trying again, presents the opportunity of fixing your stupidity 🤞🏽
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Taking care of yourself isn’t just about what you eat and what you put on your skin. I actually believe that what you put and don’t put in your mind is the most important thing to taking care of YOU. It should be first priority in your life. I promise you, if you do that, everything else just falls into place. You Got This! Love ❤️ Becca
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GREAT Sex is Healthy Sex......
Waktunya untuk tes HIV dan IMS.

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I get asked how long our products really, truly last quite frequently. Well, here you go! Our products are MEANT to last. One $6 bar of Scentsy wax usually lasts the full 80 hours. That’s pure scent with no soot, smoke or nastiness for WAY longer than one of those giant candles you can purchase at the mall for $30+
I’m so proud to stand behind fragrances that smell utterly amazing and are made to LAST. Scentsy always has my crib smelling amazing- even when it *should technically* be reeking of wet dog, stank kids feet and a chinchilla cage... NOPE! Right now my entire house smells of calming, soothing French Lavender. Aaaaaah. I love it!

What can I get you this month? Please let me know or check out my link in my bio (https://erindeicas.scentsy.us/) to browse all your Spring smell good needs!
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Be the Captain of your Ship.
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Looks like a hard winter while I was away. My miracle flower finally succumbed. #beforeandafter #inthewrongorder

Our second jersey Inshaa Allah ⚽️MZ Legasi⚽️
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Some days you just don’t wanna do ANYTHING! Maybe you don’t wanna get out of bed, or go to work, or exercise...you just don’t wanna face the day. .
Days like these are an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about your needs. Do you need to rest? Do you need to exercise but take it a bit more gently? Or do you need a kick in the ass? Do you need to get out of your head and JUST DO? Having you been saying yes to others and no to yourself? Are holding resentment towards people you’ve over-given your time to? Taking responsibility for where you are at is one of the first steps to knowing what you need. .
Self-care can come in many forms and sometimes it’s being willing to admit to yourself when you’re making excuses for your situation. i.e. “I’m mad because I’ve been giving my children/my partner/my friends EVERYTHING and I’m not getting anything in return”. This is your problem, not there’s! Nobody can do the hard work for you or be responsible for making you feel better but YOU! Learning how to navigate that relationship is essential to your health and wellbeing. Make you a TOP priority! If you don’t you’ll just keep spinning your wheels. #healthgoals

What makes us mad 😡
It is really frustrating for us when we constantly see people who blame the authorities when they didn’t receive an SMS 🤳 advising them of a bushfire risk, knowing that they have poor phone reception in the area ❌📵❓ Placing blame on the fire 🔥 agencies instead of preparing your property 🏡 knowing your risks and having a plan isn’t going to change the outcome 🙅‍♂️ Here’s a thought 🤔......Be responsible for you❗️be prepared for you❗️know the risk for you❗️At the end of the day saving your home is up to YOU 🙌

Contact us and let us show you how 📞

Days 3 to 5. A jump in mood, or lack of good mood. Feelings of emptiness and confusion and sadness. Shame for being behind in school and feeling too awful anxiety wise to get myself to classes. I let these things bring me down sometimes. I want to believe it’s okay, but when I affect others with how I am feeling, I can’t help but feel responsible and ashamed. And with those goes all my self confidence. Today I see an ugly human with too many problems to function. So I just don’t. Maybe then I won’t cause damage, imagined or not. Maybe there’s more to my disorder than I realize, or more disorders to be discovered within me. .
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Even you know something it going to be bad later but some time you just feel happy to build it bigger.....​So you should be ready to see it fail without disappointment or blame your self!!
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