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Nosso bonde é pesadão ☆ #superfunk #nobasiczone

“Du musst das tun, was die Anderen nicht tun, um zu schaffen, was die Anderen nicht schaffen.” #nobasiczone

So fresh and so clean clean

a serenidade no olhar ao saber que a 1º festa da @nadabasicoprod deu CASA CHEIA ATÉ 6h DA MANHÃ🔥🔈 #noitedorabetao #nadabásicoproduções #nobasiczone

This 3in 1 set is on a whole new level best believe it, it can be worn and a shirt and pant, as a jacket and pant and alas as a shirt and pant with a jacket over the shirt.
Sizes 10 to 16.

Cause We Don't Mess Around, You See Me With My Crew // You Love How We Get Down, You Want to Do It Too #muffintopholidayparty #nobasiczone

Him: "my mum needs a pair"
Me: What does she like?
Him: i trust you, do your magic like the way you've always done! Me: sketches, cuts, sews, applys glue, hammer, files & polishes
Him: Damnnnnn! I'm paying premium for this!
@casivino your mama is about to shine & outshinee the Dé Chayil way! I go hard, or i don't do nothing at all. #nobasiczone #walkingstar


Because who wants a basic bitch 🤷🏽‍♀️ #pretendingigotanass #nobasiczone

When he ask me am I the only one you’re talking to..... my face reaction. #NoBasicZone 💁🏽‍♂️

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