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Добрый бодрый вечер! 😘 Сегодня репост от @urmat_che, а пост называется "Пиво ЗЛО" 😈🍺 О ПИВЕ:
Некоторые неакадемические исследователи и популяризаторы трезвого образа жизни настаивают на опасности потребления пива. В частности, в качестве рисков указывается высокая калорийность продукта и предполагаемый гормональный эфект эстрогеноподобных веществ, содержащихся в хмеле. По мнению сторонников гипотезы, именно эти факторы приводят к специфической форме ожирения. Корочем, если хотите выглядеть как большинство наших депутатов или работников ГАИ.. 😴 бог их храни 😂 Пейте пиво! А мы бегать будем! 🏃🏁

Sundowner without beer! 🤤🌇🤣#sunset #sundowner #beach #city #noalcoholallowed

My meds from Mexico with Jesus on them #jesussaves #medsfrommexico #makemebetter #noalcoholallowed guess I'm not getting turnt for new years lol

Cape Town high school yenza kakhulu mos #NoAlcoholAllowed !!! #fundraisingevent !! March 4th!! 🔊🔊🔊

Ever wonder why a new paragraph is marked by an indention? I believe it's says it a new portion, a moving forward, a sign of separation from the previous lines that were written in your life. Yes they are there for review, retrospect and even a reminder but they don't compare to what is coming next. It's time to begin with a bang! Grab your capital letter and declare this new paragraph is your best yet. It cannot happen without the previous but it is not limited to it either. It's Time to celebrate!!! We signed our loan today and will break ground before the end of year. Our church is beginning a new paragraph and we are so grateful for all of the years of sacrifice and service everyone has given to the kingdom and to the house of God. He is faithful who has promised and will not forget your labor of love. Let's write this new chapter together. After all, that's how we got here in the first place!! Thanks to all wotfc members, our ministry friends and family for your continued support. #sunday #noalcoholallowed #surelookslikeit #aimfamily #championsnetwork

Sunday Brunch! #noalcoholallowed 😹😸🖖🏽


I do rules the same way I do diets: I don't follow them
Romper: @targetstyle
Boots: @forever21

Drinking at Barton Springs is strictly prohibited 🚫 #bartonsprings #atx #noalcoholallowed #keepaustinweird @e_burris90 @gpollock1978

Sunday Brunch! #noalcoholallowed 😹😸🖖🏽

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