Continuing my recovery/fun/volume week between my strongman competition and prep for record breakers with the CSA crew, I opted a lot more for fun and a lot less for recovery today, doing 4 sets of 5 with 325 and 335. ............................
Did the whole leg workout with @matt.hackett who is a few inches taller than me, so I had to get myself a makeshift stool to unrack my squats. Felt like a little kid trying to get to the cookies. Haha. ............................
The camera angle makes my depth look high, but it was right where it needed to be and these felt good considering I haven't done any back squatting or heavy squatting period (cause my front squat is garbage) in over 2 months. But I'll be doing a LOT of squatting of all kinds in the next 3 months.

@gymfailnation just posted what is possibly the funniest video of all time.

That moment when @mrwebb78 solidified his win as Northern Nevada's Strongest Man. I couldn't be more proud of you. All of the hard work and dedication you put in is amazing. I couldn't be more proud. I love you ❤ #mcm #untamedstrength #trainuntamed #strongman #strongissexy #nnsm6 #winner #atlasstone #mylove #mybffisbetterthanyours #hessostrong #luckylady

When you have to pick up a car, but it's too heavy so you have to power up first. I've been watching too much Dragon Ball Z lately.

Got this bad boy for competing yesterday.
Makes me think of the scene in crocodile dundee when the bad guy pulls a knife on him. "That's not a knife. THIS is a knife"

And my favorite event of the day, the fingal finger flip. Killer on the shoulders. But such a cool event. I'd like to try a series of progressively heavier fingers in the future, but this event is very uncommon (part of why it was so cool for me to do)

What ended up, unfortunately, being yesterday's max log. This is something I'm going to continue working on through all training cycles.

Picking up and putting down a car yesterday (got 11 reps in 60 seconds)

So I zeroed the 250 pound stone over 54" bar. But in a weird way I'm really happy with it, so thanks to @ginger_lifter916 for recording my final event of the day.
I'm happy with this because in training at this body weight, I haven't even been able to break a 240 pound stone of the ground, but here's 250 (using tacky, which is VERY helpful) for 3 attempts in my one minute allotment. .........................
On the first two attempts is like I completely forgot how to stone. Then a couple people, including some of my new friends from Untamed Strength, ran over and reminded me to put my arms OVER the stone rather than around it. I think of I remembered to do that on the first one I'd have gotten it, but by try number 3 I was so exhausted that I couldn't QUITE get it over. Which is frustrating cause I was really REALLY close to getting it. ...........................
So for the final event of the day and how hard stones have been for me at this body weight, I'm actually very pleased with this despite that heartbreaking third attempt. And I'm really glad CK ( @letkallelift ) had me use tacky cause that was a game changer.

This event was FUN. It was absolutely killer on the shoulders and very exhausting, but I'd never done this before and I REALLY enjoyed it. The helpful tips and how-to from Travis before-hand was a big help as well. ......................
The guy I was competing with, who recorded my first 3 events, was busy when I was up for this, and the other people I know who were there were about to do the event themselves, so I almost didn't record this one, but @freeyourself83 was competing today too, who I recognized from the USPA coaching certification while I was still in the navy, and she was nice enough to record this event for me.

The medley. 520 pound farmer carry (260 per hand) and then 600 pound tie flip. I kept forgetting CK's instructions on the tire from last weekend (feet together, arms wide, everything contacting the tire, etc...) and only ended up following it twice when I would think in the middle of a flip "you idiot, this isn't what CK told you to do". But even despite that I'm happy with how this went. The tire wasn't bad and I got the 520 pounds of farmer carry well over the finish line with no drops.

Car deadlift was awesome. It was a lot of fun, but this particular one was a lot easier than I was expecting. Everyone says it's really hard to predict how car deadlift is going to go. Even the same car can have wildly different results based on handle height, lever length, etc.... so this isn't something you can ask "hey am I gonna be able to do this?" Cause no one can know that until you try it. I got 11 reps though, so it turned out to be very manageable.

Jumped the gun a little bit on my first event. As I was getting "athlete ready" I just picked up the log. 😂
I'm not unhappy with how log went. It was 3 attempts at max press, and I failed my second at 200. 180 isn't bad. I just think I'm strong enough for 200 at this body weight now. But that's OK. You win some you lose some.

Obviously not much thought was put into the angle of this picture vs the sun, but I was a little tipsy by this point from the beer and the whiskey. Met @travis_ortmayer today, and he gave me a lot of good advice during my events and instructed me on how to do the fingal finger before we got into that one. Really cool. I don't think a first competition could have gone any better than it did. I had a fantastic time and I'm even more a fan of this sport now having finally gotten that first competition under my bet.
The other guy was the only other guy in my weight class today and the one who beat me on every event. Haha. Can't tag him yet cause I don't have him on here, but I'll tag him later. He's a strong strong dude. Look forward to the next time we compete against each other. Probably in a heavier weight class, though.

It's game day. Time to put up or shut up and see what my efforts and CK's programming have in store for these 5 events. There may be pictures and videos from the contest, but I can't guarantee anything as of yet. But I'll let everyone know how I did after it's over.
Event 1: Max Log Clean and Press, 3 attempts, 20# increase after each attempt.
Event 2: Farmer's Carry/Tire Flip Medley. Farmers carry 260# in each hand (520# total) for 50' and then flip 600# tire 50' back. Score is the time it takes or the distance covered in 75 seconds time cap.
Event 3: Car Deadlift. Max number of reps in 60 seconds.
Event 4: Fingal Finger Flip. Max number of reps in 60 seconds.
Event 5: Stone Over Bar. Max number of reps in 60 seconds. Stone is 250#. Bar is 54" high.
Goal 1: Have fun
Goal 2: Don't zero any events.

Chronological picture story of my dinner the night before competition. Can't take me anywhere. Note to self, when you've starved and dehydrated yourself for over 30 hours, maybe don't get started with alcohol. @xoshan17 @inspiredwithkate this must be karma for how amused I was with your guys' alcohol tolerance after your show. Although I had thought all this timev the karma for that was what the 16 shots of Jameson did to me that night and those two cougars that dance raped me. Maybe it wasn't enough.
Oh. Right. The rest of it. My appetizer, entree (baked manicotti) and then the dessert. I couldn't decide between those two so I got both.

Man. Reno is beautiful. Everywhere I look I get a similar feeling to when I pass by a mirror. Just breath taking. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. And before I came down into Reno from the mountains it was even more amazing, but I was driving fast on winding roads and my car windows are too dirty anyway so I didn't get s picture of anyv of that, but damn.

The random jittery things I think/post about right before a competition and driving 3 and a half hours while chewing the same piece of gum and spitting in a bottle to make weight. I have a headache and my mouth feels like sand paper, but I made weight. Now where the pedialite at?

Using my rest day for some important log care with some helpful care instructions from the Slater Hardware family. @steve_slater_

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