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3rd place on Tuesday and 4th place today, I’ll win this thing eventually...#poker #onlinepoker #njpoker #wsop

First place in The NJCOOP PLO 6 max ! #pokerstars #njpoker

Getting some love from the #njpoker community #pocketfives #partypoker #clickbuttons #winmoney

Pretty awesome set up #PCA2016 #NJPoker

Current situation #NJOnline #NJPoker #NJSCOOP

This just happened, LFG #BorgataOnline #NJOnline #NJPoker


3rd place on Tuesday and 4th place today, I’ll win this thing eventually...#poker #onlinepoker #njpoker #wsop

Poker Pals 1 & 2 at the table @panzamonium and Dave Campbell #poker #pokerlife #pokernight #chipporn #nj #njpoker

Hand 1: villain flats both the button's 3b and a 4b from me. The board isnt necessary the best for me vs a 4 bet calling range. Hand 2: got stacked by a gut shot. I'm looking to value target smaller over pairs with my small bet sizing. Ax hands may float from the smaller sizing. Hands like gut shut w/ backdoors only have correct odds with 2 cards to come and I can deny equity with a turn jam (unless villain flopped 10s full or the gutter hits... fuck)

First place in The NJCOOP PLO 6 max ! #pokerstars #njpoker

Day off from responsibilities! Crazy hand 1 from 1-2nl: set vs. set vs. gut shot straight draw and flush draw. I hit the flush on the turn with 1 player all in. Cool hand 2: MP w/ AK raises to 15. I'm in the button and 3b w/ 8d9d to 45. BB shows AK to the person on his left and fold. EP 4 bets all in to 115. MP considers for a while before laying down AK because im still left to act and we're 800+ dollars deep. I call for 65 more and I flop a pair to beat AK and have 2 other players lay down their Ace kings :))

Ran good. Picked up AA > KK :)

New Lottery Games this week

I 3bet KK. Villain min 4 bets. Villain has 3b% of 4 and 4b% of 0 amid a small sample of 187 hands, so I try not to peg him for Aces (but that's  what it looks like). I need 24% equity to call pf - I have the 2nd best hand so... I'm not going anywhere. The flop is 946 rainbow. One of the best boards to continue on; I'm praying that Villain is over-playing JJ QQ or bluffing w/ AK. He bets flop, I consider either getting it in or calling. I elect to call hoping he has some bluffs or will continue to overplay big pairs. Against AA i'm toast. Turn doesn't improve anyone's range; I block AhKh. He shoves, I begrudgingly call. He turns over AJ for a bluff and the river card doesn't improve and I scoop.

What hands do you put villain on when he overbets river? Pretty much bluffcatching

Ayeeee a hand from the later stages of a tournament. Open raised 15% of my stack. Villain 3bet. With antes and the money in the middle I need roughly 35% equity. I don't hate my call. Had I won the pot, id be 2nd in chips and would've collected a bounty. I ended up losing this pot and 2 hands later i finished in 11th place w/ 4 bounties in the $15 tournament w/ 91 entrants.

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