Apparently we get the death stare when we try to take a picture 😂

We love seeing students working hard to make themselves stronger!

When we do anything at Budo, it’s not about just doing the technique or skill. We strive to be able to #execute and be able to crush the drill!

Lil Ninjas leading by EXAMPLE!

Some awesome work from the intermediate and advanced ranks!

Getting deep into the skill set means we get to work more advanced techniques!

Hands up ready to go 👊


Eyes, mind, and body on target is one of the biggest lessons we teach at Budo. Being able to focus with our eyes watching what we’re focusing on, actively thinking about the target, and keeping our body controlled is a skill that will set anyone up for success!

Sophia and Aaron get one step closer to gold. #theedge #teamedge #siljundo #teamMoreira #saddlebrook #newjersey #njmartialarts

Going to take some getting used to. A lot to learn.

I never wanted to learn for what ever reason but ive been inspired to try. More fun then id ever previously given credit. #nunchucks

Squats on squats on squats!

New student learning about respect and shaking hands!

As we get deeper into the skill set, the students are able to demo the techniques in their own!

More stuff from this morning with the sword,

We’re only a month into our new skill set and these Lil Ninjas are kickin butt!⠀

#voorheesmartialarts #kidsmartialarts #njmartialarts #southjerseymartialarts #kidsmartialarts #budostrong

Big classes are the best classes!⠀

We love having a packed house because it means more kids getting #stronger !!!⠀

#strongkidz #packedhouse #voorheesmartialarts #kidsmartialarts #njmartialarts #southjerseymartialarts #kidsmartialarts #budostrong

At Budo, respect is one of the most important values we strive for the students to show. It’s also the first lesson they apply to their own lives outside of Budo.

In order to EARN their white belts, students must complete their “Respectful Deeds and Actions” Sheet, doing 10 actions that show respect (cleaning up toys, holding the door, etc.), before they get their white belt.

#whitebelt #respect #respectfuldeedsandactions #earn #voorheesmartialarts #kidsmartialarts #njmartialarts #southjerseymartialarts #kidsmartialarts #budostrong

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