Current view from the balcony. #amreading #beachhouse #nisquallyreach

I sure do wish I had a good zoom lens these days. A throwback from three years ago at #nisquallyreach. #olympicmtns #pugetsoundviews

Mini-regatta send off this morning. #thegreatpacificnorthwest #nisquallyreach #beachhouse

CalPortland’s sand and gravel barge transshipment facility at Tatsolo Point in DuPont, Washington.

We spent the afternoon doing forage fish surveys with Nisqually Reach Nature Center today. It started out snowing and ended up being crystal clear and freezing cold with frigid winds. But with views like these, how can one complain? #foragefish #nisquallyreach #nisquallyreachnaturecenter #nrnc #tolmiestatepark #getoutside #explorewashington #pnw #pnwonderland #lovewhereilive

Every time I transit this land I can feel thousands of years of migration coursing through it. Megafauna thundering, huge swaths of prehistoric animals swarming through the ages, murmurations across tidal pools, floods and droughts, years layered upon years into a frenzy of activity, coursing through the mud and air, only partly visible, entirely everpresent. The Nisqually delta is a portal, a liminal entry point, an Area X of its own. Step by step, wind gust by frozen wind gust, if you open up to it, this estuary obliterates your shard of humanity and reveals the immensity of life before and after you, you merge your mortal pixel with the prehuman, nonhuman, posthuman indwelling here, forming you into something beyond what you were before taking your first step here, cracking open your shell of mundane concerns and sealing it back shut with a reverence for this land that spans time before recorded time and all knowable and unknowable things that have taken place here, every pulse, every single drop, every time

Doing forage fish surveys in DuPont and Anderson Island on Winter Solstice with Nisqually Reach Nature Center - we found surf smelt eggs! It was such a beautiful day and we got to spend it in a boat on the water, and collecting samples on the shores of these beautiful places. Looking forward to doing it again. #foragefish #nisquallyreach #nrnc #wintersolstice

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