360 warped wall grab by Jonah. Great job man! #capitolwarriors #ninjachallenge #anw #360warpedwall

This was an awesome challenge @fightorflightacademy 💪 If you can get a hold of the white 2x4 you get to sign your name on it. It took me many tries but I wasn't going to leave without doing it. .
📸@yanceyquezada and @justincredible_ninja

Did u know there is an alley full of bubble gum in SLO?! 🤷‍♂️🍬
I have heard of the saying you can’t even walk and chew gum but have ever heard you can’t even back flip and blow a bubble?! 😂🤸‍♂️#inspiration #movement #ninjachallenge .
#positiveinspiration #pimovementninja #ninjapants .
👖 @pimovementninja 📸 @austin_and_ma_ 🙏

If you saw my last post, you know that I like attempting to roll on weird logs. When I said those attempts don't always work out well, this is the log I was referring to, and today I finally figured out how to roll it.

This is so much fun that I'm going to present it as a #ninjachallenge

The rules are simple:
1. Find a weird shaped log.
2. Figure out how to roll that log (at least one full revolution, more if you can) while balanced on top of it.
3. Post the video with the tag #weirdlogrollchallenge and tag me so I can see it.
4. Challenge other ninjas to do it too.

WARNING: This is a dangerous challenge. You'll probably fall multiple times before you succeed, and a bad fall could result in serious injury. DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you've mastered easier balance obstacles and you're positive that when you fall you'll land on your feet.

I'm challenging @kevin_the_bull @lancepekus @crazy_craver @papalninja @reallifeninja @adamrayl @kingdom_ninja @ninja_natalie @allyssabeird @sparklyninja and @flexlabreck

#americanninjawarrior #ninjatraining #ninjafarm

Mad props @ninjagator_ for taking on the #NinjaChallenge 🏆💪 She is the 1st ninja I have seen take on my challenge, and she did AWESOME!! Come on #NINJAS It's #ALLSTAR night - Let's make EXTRAORDINARY things look ORDINARY!

#SmallMindsDontUnderstandBigSpirits #AmericanNinjaWarrior #AmericanNinjaWarriorAllStars #ANW #ANWX #ANW10 #ANW11 #Balance #Strength #Fitness #Health #2Pipes1Board #StrongGirl #NinjaGirl #NinjaGator

Our 21 ft wall has only been conquered by 6 ninjas. Ever. If you can be the next ninja to conquer it, we’ll pay you $1,000. No joke. Link in bio. #ConquertheBeast

I challenge you. The #rules are #simple. Move both rows of pegs from bottom to top moving only one peg at a time. #camprhinonw #camprhino #ninjachallenge #pegboard #ninjadad

I call it the “THINK ON YOUR HANDS” challenge. Henry made it look easy but he makes everything look easy. Got to move the colored pegs above the color printed below the peg hole. Shout out to Peter who also completed this challenge. #capitolwarriors #ninjachallenge

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