Got my convenient ningxia packet ready for post workout energy & all the goods my body needs! 🍷 💦 🤸🏽‍♂️

I am doing a 30 day challenge called Love Your Gut in one of my oily groups. The challenge started yesterday.
So many of us either don’t get enough water intake or we think we are getting enough! It so important to get water in your system.
On top of the water we are adding in the following:

Water: we need water for good circulation and over all health and wellness. If you wake up achy, foggy, get tired easily, you probably are dehydrated and aren’t drinking enough water. Connective tissues get sticky and blood gets thick, which doesn’t allow mitochondria to work effectively which leads to oxidative stress. This leads to inflammation and chronic issues. Hydration helps to maintain healthy joints, circulation, muscles, etc.

Ningxia Red: is a Puree filled with water soluble antioxidants plus essential oils, which has fat soluble antioxidants.It’s the only antioxidants drink on the market that contains water soluble and fat soluble antitoxins.

Lime Vitality Essential Oil is 100% pure bioflavonoids which helps support the immune system, stimulate the detox pathways, helps with absorption of vitamin C, extra microcirculation, and limonene. 3 drops has 150 ML of bioflavonoids

Sulfurzyme Powder contains a pre-biotic which helps with gut help. It helps detox the body. It feeds into the methylation process with the MSM. MSM is nutritional sulfur. Every single protein start with a sulfur-containing amino acid so we need to maintain a healthy supply of it so it doesn’t steal it from another source within our body. Sulfur is a major detox or for heavy metals. We are exposed to heavy metals every day so sulfur is important to take every day.

Sulfurzyme powder help support healthy weight management, supports clear skin, supports healthy joints supports fast recovery times (fitness/sports)brain health and healthy digestion, detoxification plus elimination!

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Sup party people!! Remember when I started talking about these a little over 3 years ago? Welp - These are STILL my jammy jam, over 3 years later! 🙌
This kit that I started out with is $160, plus tax (and shipping). However, until 10pm (PST), tonight July 16, you can grab this Premium Starter Kit + an Xtra diffuser (g’bye kitchen stank) + 2 Xtra oils for just 13 buckaroos more! This is for new members ONLY y’all!
Lemon 🍋 detox yo bod, delish H20
Digize 🤢 tummy yuckies
Lavender 💜 SLEEP 😴 and skin
Copaiba 🍁inflammation and teething
Thieves 🙌 all the magic for health
Citrus Fresh 😁freshness; mood lifter
Panaway 💪muscle & joint happiness
Frankincense 🙏healthy brain & skin
Raven 💨 because breathing is good
Stress Away 🌴 Calgon whut?
Peppermint x2🌿 breathe, stay alert, headaches
Tangerine 🍊happy, yummy goodness, chocolate 🍫 +2 Dewdrop diffusers +Oily resources + Thieves Cleaner sample
+ Ningxia red 🍷 packets
+ AMAZING community + education
+ ME! You will never be alone in this. We got you!! 🙌🙌
Retail: $416.00
Until Monday night at 10pm PST:
I will give you $25 back - then it’s $173.25, plus tax + shipping! 🙌🎉💯 13 Oils + 2 diffusers + extra goodies at OVER HALF OFF!! 🙌🙌🙌
Ends tonight people! .
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Ningxia is kid approved!! Henry and Ellie love their yummy drinks!! This wolfberry drink is packed full of antioxidants, and essential oils to support health and wellness!

Best part?! Ningxia is on sale...15%off!! Today is the last day on the sale! Message me to find out how to get yours!

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Playing catch up from a long weekend at the lake, catch up on sleep that is! Popping my ningxia red open, give me all the antioxidants and energy! Soooooo good for yo body and your kiddos and your furr babies too❤️#youngliving #ningxiared #antioxidants #wholebodywellness #treatyoself #loveyoself #delicious #happyoiler #fearlesshustler #essentialoils #wolfberries

just 1 ounce of this contains the antioxidant power of:
-4 pounds of carrots -2 quarts of carrot juice -8 oranges -1 pint of orange juice -2 pounds of beets -2 cups of beet juice
-3 cups of raspberries -2 cups of blueberries •
ONE ounce, nutso. we start our day with this (even baby Row gets some!) seriously amazing for the whole fam. i have a few friends that are drinking this during their pregnancy right now and have combatted morning sickness completely and it’s helping their energy levels too! man, i wish i would have had this when i was pregnant with R. so many health benefits from this red drink! who else on my team is taking advantage of the sale on this?! (it ends today! and i’m getting ready to stock up—grab yours through a quick order to get it discounted!)🌿✨

TWO Diffusers, 13 oils. Incredible way to jump into a Membership with Young Living!! Today is the last day for this promotion! www.myyl.com/mimidavette

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The best post workout nutrition EVER 🙌🏻 Ningxia Red aids in ✅muscle recovery ✅hydration
✅restoring energy levels
Anddd (my favorite) helps protect your body from the free radicals that inevitably are released during extreme exercise by replacing high levels of antioxidants 💪🏻 If you’re not drinking Ningxia, why bro, why?! .
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It's Prime Day 💜💜💜
...and last day of our amazing sale for the Dewdrop diffuser bundle + 15% off Ningxia Red products 👊🏼 I am offering a sweet deal, better than Amazon.
Amazon does not help keep my family healthy, sane, It doesn't help keep my home smelling amazing, animals and kids calm, focused and awake and MORE.... Amazon does not offer education and a community to help with any product after purchase!
For Prime Day: I am offering a Starter Kit that takes care of your body, emotions and home!
This comes with 2 beautiful diffusers, 13 Oils, a community of support and education, 24% off of all products for life and $25.00 back from me as a gift.
Say what?

Let me break this down for you: .
🍋 lemon: detox. Yummy water.
🤢digize: anything tummy. Kids or grownups 🛌lavender: relax. skin. .
🍂Copaiba: baby teeth. Skin. Muscles. Anything .
⚔️Thieves: magic health keeper. .
👃 citrus fresh: fresh water. No more stinky stuff.
💪 panaway: muscles + joints .
⚱️frankincense: skin. Calm. Wellness. All the things. 💨 raven: respiratory care .
🛀stress away: so i don’t loose my sanity A Momma's BFF .
🌱peppermint x2: tummy. Workout. Breathing. BEST BROWNIES EVER!!!! .
🍊Tangerine: happy. Energy. Delicious. +2 Dewdrop diffusers +a whoooole bunch of oily info
. +ningxia samples
+thieves cleaner sample
+cute little bottles +roller top
+support community to help the whole way
+me. yes I will hold your hand every step of the way! 😘

retails for well over $300...BUT... PRIME DAY!
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Last day is today! Ningxia Red Up your step! 3 wonderful Vitality oils at 15% off too!
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Votes are in and Purification was the overwhelming favorite!
Rules are simple!
1) Tag two friends
2) Tell me your FAVORITE summer activity (Mine is Swimming!🏊🏻‍♂️)
Entries will be accepted through Wednesday night and I’ll do the drawing sometime between Thursday and Friday!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! 🙌🏻
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You guys 15% off all these goodies through today! I’m adding them to my quick order RIGHT NOW!
Ningxia Red is an antioxidant powerhouse! It’s full of immune boosting fruits and veggies and tastes AMAZING! Add some Nitro to that for a little more pep in your step and add some natural energy!
I normally add Nitro, Ningxia, a drop of lime, a drop of lemon to some sparkling water and VIOLA..you have an immune boosting, antioxidant rich, natural energy drink.
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We are simply amazed. Crying happy tears. His A1C is down to 5.7 from 11.5 (6 months ago) Daily insulin usage is down from 110mg to 25mg per day in just 10 days. Rather than 1 injection at night the pure insulin is released as needed. Waking blood sugar has averaged 86. The average high was 115 but the average CGM (glucose) was 111 but with the monitor adjustment it was actually 102. Triglycerides were over 1000 a year ago, 600 just six months and now 300. Glimeperide will be cut in half, and in 3 months may be eliminated. Within a year Sam estimates he will be down at least 50 pounds (conservatively) and almost non-diabetic. We were hoping for 2 years but one year is even better. Blood pressure was normal. Major change in lifestyle and diet, insulin pump, and some supplements and we are absolutely beside ourselves. If you haven’t found the right doctors we have. Please, honestly reach out because we love to share about his journey with others who struggle with diabetes.

Homemade cherry#kombucha mixed with #ningxiared is a crazy good afternoon pick me up 👊🏻 Tastes like fruit punch! #guthealth #youngliving #drinkup #afternoonpickmeup #thatcrunchychica

I need all the this. You know that feeling when you eat right and work out everyday, and you just have everything put together in a neat little box, and you just feel good??

Me either...

But Ningxia helps and its 15% off today so I'm stocking up on some feel good juice.

CHEERS! to the best mess life. 🥂

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