Werner Cox is another former Amazon worker who seriously fell sick on the job. There’s a culture of pushing workers to the limit with less pay and they are put through immense pressure working long hours without proper breaks. And these cases of poor treatment of workers is not an uncommon practice. These are not isolated cases. Not only do workers have to work long hours but they are under immense pressure to work longer hours for less pay. In contrast CEOs like Jeff Bezos make millions of dollars yet workers’ rights are ignored and indeed trampled on knowing that they suffer due to the long hours they are told to work. This is very wrong and Senator Sanders will speak on this issue. And the issue of not giving workers a living wage. The fact that the wealthy in this country are getting richer and workers are facing food insecurity and have to choose between feeding their families and paying the rent is just unacceptable. Please tune into this town hall meeting called CEOs vs. Workers where Senator Sanders will address this problem live on Monday, July 16 (tomorrow) at 7 pm EST on Senator Sanders’s Facebook page. You can also watch the replay later on.
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Please watch the CEOs vs. Workers town hall meeting live on July 16 at 7 pm EST on Senator Sanders Facebook page live. This is how workers at Amazon are treated on a regular basis where their basic rights as human beings and workers are ignored so Jeff Bezos can make more than $200,000 per minute yet when workers like Jordan are injured on the job they are not given time off. Instead Jordan was told to take ibuprofen and finish her shift. It’s time to boycott Amazon. Their treatment of workers like Jordan is shameful and unacceptable. As workers we all have rights.
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Please tune in to watch workers of Amazon, Disney, McDonald’s, Walmart and American Airlines confront the wealthy CEOs of these corporations as to why can’t they have a living wage while these CEOs make millions of dollars every year with golden parachutes while these workers barely make enough to survive from day to day. Join Senator Bernie Sanders for this historic town hall meeting called CEOs vs. Workers tomorrow Monday, July 16 at 7 pm EST on Senator Sanders Facebook page.
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One way to defeat the nomination of Appellate Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh is to keep calling your Senators both democrats and republicans at 1-844-266-4612. Trump has said he will appoint only pro-life nominees to the Supreme Court. Trump has also said during his campaign that women who have abortions should serve in prison time which is an extremist point of view shared by many conservatives and republicans. We can’t depend on Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to defeat this nomination or to block it. Please keep calling this way we can help Bernie defeat this nomination.
Photos courtesy of @ourrevolution Facebook page.
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Do you live in Rhode Island? Please vote for the following three progressive candidates endorsed by Our Revolution on September 12th in Rhode Island.
1. Please vote for progressive candidate Aaron Regunberg for Lieutenant Governor of Rhode Island on September 12th.
2. Please vote for progressive candidate Jeanine Calkin for Rhode Island State Senate District 30 on September 12th.
3. Please vote for progressive candidate Sam Bell for Rhode Island State Senate District 5 on September 12th.
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Please vote for the following two progressive candidates endorsed by Our Revolution on August 7th.
1. Do you live in Michigan? Please vote for progressive candidate Mark Bignell for Michigan State Senate District 33 on August 7th.
2. Do you live in Missouri? Please vote for progressive candidate Curtis Wylde for Missouri State Representative District 107 on August 7th.
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Please vote for the following two progressive candidates endorsed by Our Revolution.
1. Do you live in Indiana? Please vote for progressive candidate James Ford for Indiana State Senate District 29 on November 6th.
2. Do you live in New Mexico? Please vote for progressive candidate Stephanie Garica Richard for New Mexico State Land Commissioner on November 6th.
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Please join Senator Bernie Sanders live on his Facebook page as he sits down with the CEOs and workers of big corporations who refuse to pay their workers a living wage and benefits namely Amazon, Disney, McDonald’s, Walmart and American Airlines. This town hall will take place live on Monday, July 16 at 7 pm EST. You can watch it on Facebook.com/SenatorSanders. So many Disney and Amazon workers suffer from food insecurity. Many work long hours for far less pay. The argument that paying workers a living wage will hurt the company is inaccurate considering how much more the CEOs make. Many Disney workers don’t make enough to afford a place to live. Many workers are homeless and live in their cars. Many Amazon workers are afraid to take breaks for fear of losing their jobs while Jeff Bezos makes more than $200,000 per minute. McDonald’s does not pay its workers a living wage of $15 per hour while the CEO makes millions of dollars every year. Many Walmart workers work long hours but don’t make enough to support their families. Many families have to deal with food insecurity and have to rely on food banks and SNAP to survive. With the tax cuts these corporations received under the Trump tax law workers were not given the bonuses they were promised instead workers were laid off. While McDonald’s workers here make only minimum wage their counterparts in places like Denmark make $8 per hour. Airline workers don’t receive proper wages or benefits unlike their CEOs who make millions of dollars every year. This unethical practice must stop.
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Judge Brett Kavanaugh is the wrong choice for the Supreme Court. His confirmation will tilt the Court to the right for many decades. During his confirmation hearings for the appellate court he refused to give an answer on a question about Roe v. Wade. Trump has said he would only appoint judges to the Supreme Court if they would overturn Roe v. Wade. In his dissenting opinions he has favored gun owners rights instead of gun control laws. He has defended the right of conservative Christian groups to deny contraception to their female employees. If confirmed he will be further to the right of Justice Roberts, Alito and Gorsuch and closer to Justice Clarence Thomas in his conservative views according to fivethirtyeight.com. Bernie Sanders plans to travel to several states of the Senators likely to vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the highest Court. If Senator Sanders comes to your state or city please come to see him speak and join him his efforts to defeat this nomination. Billionaires and corporations will benefit from his confirmation and women’s reproductive rights and civil rights with be greatly compromised in his confirmation to the Supreme Court. In his dissenting opinions Kavanaugh has often criticized the EPA as having too much power. He has also written that agencies independent of the executive branch have too much power which suggests that he would rule against agencies that work for consumers rights or environmental rights in favor of billionaires and big corporations. He is the wrong choice for the Supreme Court and as this will be a lifetime appointment please call your democratic and republican Senators and tell them not to vote for this nomination. Progressive voters must stand with Senator Sanders and make their voices heard.
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Trump has announced his pick for the Supreme Court. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most conservative and extremist right wing nominees. During the presidential campaign as Senator Sanders has said Trump said he would pick someone who would overturn Roe v. Wade. This nominee will rule in favor of corporations and against workers rights. If confirmed conservatives will have a majority on the Supreme Court for decades. We will have more disastrous decisions like Citizens United which has been more harmful than originally thought. A conservative nominee like Kavanaugh will not only overturn Roe v. Wade but will attack women’s reproductive rights like never before. Corporations will have an ally in him, widening the gap between billionaires and working and middle class workers. In addition to women’s reproductive rights, civil rights will also suffer. Most recently the Supreme Court decision in favor of Trump’s Muslim ban dealt a severe blow to civil rights and human rights of Muslims who are fleeing wars where America has played a big role in decimating the very countries the refugees are fleeing from. Confirming someone like Kavanaugh is something the Koch Brothers have worked towards for many years. Legal precedents will be ignored in favor of meeting the conservative agenda of targeting civil rights of workers, unions, ruling in favor of MNCs, gay rights will not be safe from a Supreme Court that has become increasingly conservative and political in its decisions. Kavanaugh is a strong advocate gun rights. Bernie Sanders plans to fight for workers and women’s rights by traveling across the country to increase support against this nomination. Kavanaugh is a big supporter Christian conservative groups who fight to deny contraception to women based on their religious beliefs. We already have more than 40 million people living in poverty. While Wall Street gets richer the middle class continues to shrink working 2-3 jobs just to survive. Senate must defeat this nomination.
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In the 2016 general election only 49.5% of registered voters voted. Principally because both Trump and Clinton were highly disliked. Democrats tend to win with heavy voter turnout and republicans tend to win with a low voter turnout. But this midterm election is very different. So many progressive candidates are running this year. We have many progressive groups like Our Revolution, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats who are working hard to get progressive candidates elected at all levels of government. Many progressive candidates are adopting many of Bernie Sanders’s progressive ideas. Local races are now more important than ever as are state House and Senate races. Progressive candidates at all levels of government can bring progressive change to our communities. It is important as well to vote for progressive candidates for Congress. As these candidates will play a very big role in making sure Senator Sanders ideas get an up or down vote and eventual passage. State legislatures have for a very long time been controlled by Republicans. By electing progressive candidates we can bring fresh honest voices to legislatures dominated by corporations. For years now republicans have dominated and controlled governorships and consequently controlled the office of the Secretary of State which deals with voter registration and voter turnout. As Bernie says so succinctly, “Democracy is not a spectator sport.” Please make sure you vote for progressive candidates.
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Once again Sen. Sanders tops the list among this poll for potential candidates for president. At 15 is Oprah Winfrey who has indicated she has no plans to run yet the Washington Post has included her in this poll. If she were to run she would be seen as an establishment democrat. At 14 is conservative Democrat Mayor Mitch Landrieu. At 13 is Sen. Sherrod Brown who is considered a progressive by the Washington Post. At 12 is Gov. Andrew Cuomo a corporate democrat who is being challenged in the primary by progressive candidate Cynthia Nixon. She has been endorsed by Our Revolution. At 11 is Sen. Chris Murphy who many consider a corporate democrat endorsed by the DNC. At 10 is former NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg who might run as a democrat. He has said he will spend $80 million to elect democratic candidates but not progressive candidates. At 9 is former AG Eric Holder his close ties to President Obama will make him a favorite with the DNC crowd. At 8 is former VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe a corporate democrat and part of Clintons’s inner circle. A critic of Bernie Sanders’s during the 2016 primaries. At 7 is former MA Gov. Deval Patrick a close ally of President Obama. He has yet to decide whether he will run. At 6 is Sen. Kristen Gillibrand who has moved to the left recently adopting many of Bernie Sanders’s positions like co-sponsoring the Medicare for All. Sen. Cory Booker is at 5 and has moved to the left to appear progressive like Bernie. He is a co-sponsor for Medicare for All bill and has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana which Sen. Sanders has co-sponsored and has advocated for many years. At 4 is Joe Biden due to his name recognition and his ties to President Obama. However Biden is an establishment democrat. At 3 is Sen. Kamala Harris who has also moved to the left to appear more progressive than she used to be. At 2 is Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA who is considered a progressive and has supported many of Senator Sanders’s progressive ideas. At 1 is Bernie Sanders holding onto the top position.
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Due to the hard work of Our Revolution Texas the Texas Democratic Party has a truly progressive platform. By including healthcare for everyone which Bernie Sanders believes is a right not a privilege, criminal justice reform which is a key part of the People’s Platform, expanding education where Bernie supports free college tuition for all, these are progressive ideas which Bernie Sanders has championed for years as the second New Deal building on the first New Deal from FDR, whom he greatly admires. Our Revolution Texas has pushed the Texas Democrats to the left and this would not have been possible without their due diligence and immense hard work. Now every Texas Democratic candidate will have to abide by the new progressive platform. According to the Texas Tribune legalizing marijuana and reducing the sales of assault weapons both of which are issues Senator Sanders strongly supports are now part of the Texas Democratic Party’s platform. All this would not be possible without the hard work and excellent leadership of Our Revolution President Nina Turner. If the most conservative state Democratic Party can adopt a progressive platform so can other state parties and indeed @thedemocrats
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Please vote for the following two progressive candidates in Florida on November 6th in the general election. Both have been endorsed by Our Revolution.
1. Please vote for progressive candidate Sanjay Patel for the US House of Representatives in Florida District 8.
2. Please vote for progressive candidate Alex Heeren for State Representative in Florida District 66.
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Congratulations to progressive candidate Jamie Raskin for winning his primary for the US House of Representatives for Maryland District 8. Please vote for him in November.
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Congratulations to progressive candidate Dana Balter for winning her primary for the US House of Representatives New York District 24. Please vote for her in November.
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Congratulations to progressive candidate Ben Jealous for winning his primary for Governor of Maryland. Bernie Sanders had endorsed him and also campaigned for him as did Our Revolution President, Senator Nina Turner. The MSM had written off his candidacy yet he proved them wrong. He strongly supports Bernie Sanders’s progressive agenda. If you live in Maryland please vote for him in November. Please consider volunteering for his progressive campaign together we can all help him defeat his republican opponent.
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Congratulations to progressive candidate Robbie Leonard for winning his primary for Maryland State Senate District 42. Please vote for him in November.
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Congratulations to progressive candidate Liuba Grechen Shirley for winning her primary for the US House of Representatives New York District 2. Please vote for her in November.
#progressive #berniesanders #bernie2020 #ourrevolution #ninaturnerohio #liubagrechenshirleyforcongress #liubagrechenshirley #newyork #houseofrepresentatives #gotv #generalelection #vote #progressivecandidates

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